Top 10 Best Hairstyles For Round Faces


You know how they keep saying, ‘be yourself’? That is exactly the way to be. And to be able to be that way, you need to be well aware of what suits you best. Sometimes, we try different styles, designs and fashion that are very popular at that time without giving much thought to the face that they just might not do it for us or suit us well. By the end of the day, following trends blindly will get you nowhere and rather than looking gorgeous, you’ll end up looking out of place. But when there is a will, there is a way.

Coming to hairstyles, there seem to be infinite. And hairstyles is just not about the way you carry your hair, it is the whole deal from your hair color to haircut to different do’s. Us girls sometimes have to put so much time and effort slimming down our bodies and moreover slimming down our faces. Just like you wear certain colors to make yourself appear sleeker and leaner, you could do the same with your hair and face. Now let me tell you how these top 10 best and most elegant hairstyles for round faces for female may help you in styling your hair the way that optimizes your look.

1- Bangs

Firstly, instead of bangs on straight hair or the heavier bangs style, you might want to try layered bangs. What this does is covers up the roundness of your face from the sides and above and makes it appear thinner.


2- Short Haircuts / Hairstyles

You also may be delighted to know that short haircuts slim down the face by giving some height. There are a couple of ways of giving height when it comes to round faces and one of those ways is to have your hair cut shorter. It makes a difference bigger than you’d think.


3- High Buns

You might also want to try styles that add length to your face along with haircuts that facilitate this. And you’d be happy to know that there are various styles out there that are capable of giving you this look! Try wearing high buns and see the difference for yourself!


4- Side Cover Styles

You can also go to the styles that keep the borders of your hair closer to your face.

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5- Curls

When talking heights, remember to curl your hair to slim down your face. You can even curl a shorter length along with longer ones.


6- Long Length StylingÂ

If you want to keep the length of your hair long, you should add lots of layering when you get your haircut and styled. Layering can make a huge difference when it comes to sleeking down chubby round faces!


7- Highlights

Adding natural highlights is another way of balancing the attention between your face and hair to give a leaner appearance.


8- Asymmetric Bobs

There are so many short hairstyles that can help you in make your face slender and the asymmetrical bob is one of them. This type of bob hairstyles are so chic and stylish that you’d fall in love with it at first sight!


9- Change Your Parting

You also might want to consider changing your parting, doing it the way that you think will slim down your face. For example, going for the side parting instead of the center.


10- Messy Side Braids

Lastly, try wearing a messy side braid. It will compliment your round face and look fabulous and funky all the while!


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