Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands

Lipsticks hold a great importance in the personality of both men and women. They both are sensitive about their lips and try to make them beautiful and attractive by using various lip glosses, lipsticks and makeup stain. Cosmetics play an important role in grooming the personalities of women and the lipsticks have a profound role in enhancing the beauty of women. There are a number of international brands who are offering lipsticks with different shades. The Top 10 Best Lipstick Brands  are given below:

1- MAC

It is the most expensive brand which offers lipsticks. It comes up with different shades every year. This is used mostly by celebrities and therefore it is famous Worldwide. These are available easily in different colors. Due to its number of shades available, it is famous among the people.

MAC lipsticks

2- Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent is a famous designer and have brand on his own name. These lipsticks are popular all across the World. They are made of different food extracts and nutritional substances. They also have antioxidants in its composition which are good for healthy and beautiful lips. It protects the lips from dry and bad weather. It is available in different color ranges and their prices vary according to their shade.

yves saint laurent lipsticks


NARS is an expensive brand and produces lipsticks which contain fruit extract of berry radish. Eating and drinking does not affect the lipstick and it stays long on your lips. The brand is known for its quality and its lipsticks are known as “orgasm”.

nars lipsticks


This brand is known as stylish brand as it produces its products for celebrities, artists and doe general society. Its products are designed for ladies who are crazy about the current fashion trends. It has three categories that are Dior addict, Dior rough and Dior rific.

dior lipsticks

5- Bobbi Brown

These lipsticks contain Vitamin E, C and wax. These ingredients are used to keep lips clean and beautiful. This is opened on the name of beauty expert Bobby Brown who has a strong beauty belief.

bobbi brown lipsticks

6- Guerlain

The lipsticks of this brand give an impressive and gentle look. These are available in different colors. This brand produces all other beauty and hair care products.

guerlain lipsticks

7- Estee Lauder

This brand is famous for producing quality beauty products. It makes lipsticks containing natural and nutritional elements that give lips a shinny and beautiful outlook. This brand was started by a couple of a New York Joseph Lauder and his wife Estee Lauder.

estee lauder lipsticks

8- Chanel

This is also known as coco channel brand and it is mostly famous for red color lipsticks. Their products are light weight and stay for a whole day on lips. These give a hydrating reflex to lips and develop aesthetic sense of a personality.

chanel lipsticks

9- Lancome

Lancome is famous among fashion experts, models and artists. It offers a variety of shades and is available at affordable prices. Lancome is a French luminous brand that has been working since 1946.

lancome lipsticks

10- Makeup Forever

This brand was started by a painter Danny Sanz and it is supplying makeup products all over the World. It produces lipsticks which are highly pigmented and give attractive looks to lips.

makeup forever lipsticks

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