Foundations are one of the best selling products across the World that give you beautiful outlook and aesthetic appearance. There are a number of brands that are making and selling these foundation creams. The 10 best foundations are given below:

1- Revlon Colorstay Foundation:

Revlon is one of the famous makeup brand that make foundations which give flawless finish and give your skin an even tone. It glides smoothly on the face. This is available in two combinations. One for oily and other for dry skin. It also offers various shades to select which is according to your texture.

Revlon color stay foundation

2- Estee Lauder Foundation:

This is one of the most selling product in the World. It comes in three different groups; Cool, neutral and warm to help you to identify the shade that suits you. This smoothly glides on the skin and dry fast to get this on. Once stay, it remains there for a whole day without spreading or smudging. It is also a water resistant, heat proof and give your skin an even finish.

Estee Lauder Foundation

3- Cover FX Natural Finish:

This liquid foundation gives a medium coverage that can develop into a full coverage and leaves a soft finish to skin. This is water resistant which is especially made for warm and humid climates. This contains vitamin E and C which soothes inflammation and redness.

Cover FX Natural Finish foundation

4- Makeup Forever HD:

It is an oil free foundation that help you to look best even in the harshest light. This gives a soft focus to skin without budging and it is light to wear. It stays for a long time. It does not appear oily and gives a shiny appearance.

Makeup Forever HD foundation

5- Laura Mercier Silk Creme:

This full coverage foundation gives luminous appearance and has a gel like consistency. This comprises of tea extracts and silk proteins that make your face smoother and softer. It also contains silicones which helps to reduce large pores.

Laura Mercier Silk creme foundation

6- Burberry Velvet:

The gel like consistency of this foundation gives a flawless skin. It has wild rose extracts to hydrate the face and make them look great and soft. It is available in number of shades. it works best for mature and dry skin.

Burberry Velvet foundation

7- Dior Skin Forever Foundation:

It is one of the Top 10 Best Liquid Foundations  which gives a flawless finish to skin. It comes in number of shades with expensive price tags. It gives you a desired amount of coverage and soft appearance.

Dior Skin Forever Foundation

8- Neutrogena Healthy Foundation:

This works best when there is summer and your skin is dry out. This gives an even tone to your skin and glides softly and completely. It is similar to NARS foundation and has SPF of 20.

Neutrogena Healthy foundation

9- NARS Sheer Glow:

This is a light weight foundation that gives a medium coverage. It does not feel heavy or get cake like feeling. It works best for sensitive skin and gives you a fresh finish.

NARS Sheer glow foundation

10- Lancome Ultra:

This velvety foundation gives you a full coverage and glides smoothly on the skin. It is quite expensive but its packaging and quality definitely worth it.

Lancome Ultra foundation


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