Having oily skin can be a real problem for women. And this is not only because of the fact that it is bad for your skin and it leads to problems like acne, blocked pores and dullness of skin. It also poses a threat when you go on to apply makeup on your face. Your makeup is not likely to stay on the same as the clock ticks by and it will become runny, sticky and smudged. Your face would look uneven and toneless. So, to save your makeup from melting or fading off, the Top 10 Best Makeup Ideas And Tips For Oily Skin Face  will tell you what to do!

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1- Start Off With Priming Your Skin


Apply the primer by starting off with the oiliest areas of your face like the T-Zone of your chin, nose and forehead. Be sure to use a salicylic acid infused, oil-free, anti-shine and non-silicon primer. This will result in better application of makeup that will last longer and it will also prevent your pores from clogging.

2- Foundation That Sets Well


It is preferable to use a powder based foundation because other foundations melt off easily and require a constant touch up. So, go for a foundation that is non-comedogenic and has a matte finish. You may also consider using a stick foundation since it sets well on oily skin and does not get all shiny. Avoid using a liquid foundation if you have choice.

3- Powder Is Your Best  Friend


Powder not only helps in getting rid of that oily shine from your face, it also helps on setting and keeping your foundation on for longer.  It helps in getting rid of the shine and sets your foundation to help to last longer. The best kind of powder you can opt for is a matte translucent formula. By going for loose powder, you’ll have a weapon ready to use in case your skin produces excess oil.

4- Use Matte Blushes


Blush is a very important part of our makeup. When it comes to oily skin, you simply cannot risk using any other but a powdered blush. A powdered blush will last longer where as using a cream blush will create a high possibility of having it melt off. And it is best to go for a matte blush rather than a shimmery one. You do not want your face to shine like Christmas decorations.

5- Mineral Makeup Is The Way To Go


Since mineral make up is made out of antioxidant, inorganic minerals and oil-free contents, it is a blessing for oily skin. It prevents bacteria growth and ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide act as sun protection, thus eliminating the need to put on an extra layer of sunscreen.

6- Less Is More


Make sure you apply the least layers of make up possible. Less is more. You do not want to load your already oily skin with more layers of heavy makeup and cake it up. Try to keep the application minimal. You can do this by using a tinted moisturizer with an SPF like a BB cream.

7- Cleanse And Tone7

Make sure your face is entirely and thoroughly clean before applying anything on your face, let alone make up. So, after washing your face properly, make sure to cleanse it with an oil-free cleanser. Then apply a glycolic acid infused skin toner, this kind of toner is said to cut down oil. It is always easier to put on make up on clean skin.

8- Always Carry Blotting Papers


Blot your skin with oil-blotting papers before the application of make up to get rid of any extra oil from your face. You can keep using these to freshen your make up throughout the day, whenever needed. Blotting sheets not only lift oil from your skin, some even dust off a little powder to do the trick! Remember never to rub it on your face, simple press and lift.

9- Use  ‘Long Wear’ Makeup Products

This refers to the make up that is designed to last longer and thus, it is well suited for oily skin. This kind of make up includes waterproof, water-resistant, or long-lasting products. An example of this could be using an eyes primer before applying waterproof eyeliner and cream eye shadow.

10- Get Rid of Excess Oil


Make sure you get rid of extra oil from your face by going for a treatment mask once or twice a week. One of the masks you can go for is one made with kaolin or bentonite clay. These prove to be the best for oily skin since they are natural absorbents for oil and impurities. Apply a 1/4 size of it with your fingers and rinse it off with warm water after 15 minutes.


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