Asian skin is comparatively quite different from other skin types and for that reason it requires different makeup products, different makeup applications and different advise. May it be the eyes, the color of skin, the features or the shape of your face, its very important that you consider what suits you best before applying any makeup or getting groomed up. And the Top 10 Best Makeup Ideas & Tips For Asian Women  is going to do just that by offering the right advise and tips so you can look your best on any day!

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1- Foundation


The famous Bobbi Brown says that the best suited foundations for Asian skin are the ones that are yellow-based rather than the ones with pink undertones. Yellow-toned foundations look the most natural and blend in well when it comes to Asian women. This is because one should always go for the shades of foundation that compliments your skin tone and complexion the most. There is a tint of pink in majority of the foundations out there but they are not suited for Asian since the application of this would result in an artificial look. You need to highlight your natural skin tone by going for olive or yellow undertones.

2- Primer


One of the most important products used when doing makeup is the primer. It is important because it makes sure your makeup sets well and stays in place even if you wear it for the whole day. A primer also helps in making your skin appear even without having to worry about troublesome undertones.

3- Face Powder


The next item of makeup to apply to your face after the primer is the face powder. And the reason why you should use face powder after the application of primer is to make sure that your makeup sets properly. Mostly, Asian skin doesn’t need a lot of foundation so face powder can become a very useful tool for you.

4- Eye Shadows


Eye makeup is bit different and requires a little extra effort when it comes to Asian women. That is because their eyes are shaped differently, but beautifully all the same. Asian women struggle with what they call ‘single eye lid’ or ‘heavy eyelids’, giving a sleepy, tired look. So, when you’re deciding on which eye shadows to wear, it’s best to go with colors that bring out the beauty of your eyes. You can start by adding layers of different shades and blending them well together, starting with a lighter shade and going to deeper darker color as you approach the lid.  The colors that you should go for are grays, navy and various hues of blue, green, brown and even purple! The common puffy/tired look can be fixed by using apricot shades.

5- Eyeliner


Black eyeliner is the way to go. It defines your eyes beautifully whether you are Asian or not, but especially when you are Asian. And use as much as you like, because it is only going to add more definition to your eyes. You should start by enhancing your natural eye shape with the help of the eyeliner. Try not to line your lower lid though, if you do, smudge it to make it lighter and totally refrain from lining inside the rim of your eyes. You can make your eyes stand out by applying a thick liner to make sure it’s visible when your eyes are open.

6- Eyelashes


All women want thicker and longer lashes regardless of where you come from. And if there’s one thing that looks absolutely stunning on Asian women, it is longer and fuller lashes. Make sure you curl your eyelashes properly before applying mascara. Another thing you could do is try fake lashes; they are convenient, inexpensive and simple. You could also try professional eyelash extensions to enhance your lashes. Lastly, you could use products like Latisse.

7- Eyebrows


Filling the gaps between your eyebrows is just as important as other tips, especially for Asian women to create a balance on their face. To do this, you may use an eye pencil. It is best to use darker shades of brown to do this job, never black. Most importantly, make sure your eyebrows are neat at all times. Use an eyebrow brush to groom your eyebrows and put in place any stray eyebrow hair.

8- Mineral Makeup


Mineral makeup is best suited makeup when it comes to Asian skin. This is the best option to go for because it will not only give you a far more natural finish by getting soaked and set on your skin better but will also get rid of extra shine and hide away any blemishes that you might have on your skin. Mineral makeup is also essentially better for your skin as compared to other products.

9- Blush


Asian women should go for soft pink shades when applying blush. You also might want to consider using coral shades and even purple. Because if any women can pull this color off, it is definitely Asian women! But be careful not to overdo it. Apply some blush on the apples of your cheek when you smile. That would definitely do! Make sure you highlight those beautiful God-gifted cheekbones by using a lighter hue of pink on top of your cheekbones. Also go around your cheekbones with a soft pink by testing which application compliments your face shape most. You can also try contouring with a darker shade to slim down your face around areas like your nose and cheeks.

10- Use Of BB Creams For Even, Spotless Skin


BB Cream is actually used specifically for blemished skin since the letters BB stands for Blemish Balm. Bobbi Brown says that Asian women are greatly affected by sunspots resulting in blemishes on their face because of exposure to the sun. We may use sunscreen and sunblock with a high SPF level to fight this but we also require the help of something extra to make our skin look clearer. You can also go for peach-based concealers to do the job but BB creams have increasingly become popular as part of our daily makeup to ensure that we can flaunt our spotless, clear skin!


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