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Top 10 Best & Most Popular Eye Shadow Kits | Eye Shadow Brands |

Top 10 Best & Most Popular Eye Shadow Kits

Girls these days know the significance of carrying themselves well and looking groomed and presentable without looking over-done. Knowing what kind of make up suits you is very important. You may have the perfect outfits for any occasion but what completes your look is great makeup, one that is applied well. And most importantly the correct use of eye make up that compliments your appearance. The right choice of eye make up can help accessories your look and take you from looking simple to formal to funky. If you’re too tired to change and you have a party to attend you could just apply a combination of eye shadows, eyeliner and mascara to enhance your look without the need to bulk up on anything else! The Top 10 Best & Most Popular Eye Shadow Kits  are mentioned below:

1- Mac

Mac is considered one of the best beauty brands in the whole world and its products precedes its reputation. There are some permanent shades in their product line like the picture below with four warm hues, while they also offer a wide range of colors that you can make almost any shade you’d ever need by mixing. And the best things is the quality that lasts over eight hours after application so you don’t have to redo your makeup over and over again.

mac eyeshadow kit


2- Maybelline New York

To all the girls out there who want to look trendy yet classy, Maybelline New York Eyeshadow kit is the way to go! It includes hues that go very well together, as you can see below. Along with that, they have their iconic Colossal Kajal that lights up your eyes like stars in the sky. They keep coming up innovative new products and features that keep their customers satisfied and eager for the next edition!

maybelline newyork eyeshadow kit


3- Urban Decay

Urban Decay is surely one of the favorite brands when it comes to eye shadows. Their most popular line is of the Naked colors consisting of warm tones like beige, cream and grays that you can wear to almost any occasion anywhere, may it be a day at work, a fancy dinner or a night out! Then you have stunning tints as shown below that gives your face a very chic appearance to go with any dress you want to wear!

urban decay eye shadow kit


4- Revlon

Revlon is one of the biggest names in the makeup industry internationally and they know how to keep their customers happy! With world class quality products, their eyeshadow range has a very fine finish and feel to it.



5- Oriflame

Oriflame has been beautifying women all over the world since the past 5 decades. It gives women easy choices in the best color combinations when you are seeking a lovey makeover. The texture and quality of their beauty eye range is undoubtedly high end.

oriflame eyeshadow kit


6- Etude

Etude eye grooming line brings life to your eyes! One of the qualities of the glittery ones is that they don’t seem over-done or too shiny. They appear elegant and graceful just like the other matte shades in the collection. Their cluster is however more on the softer side.



7- Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is one of the new favorites now a days. Their palette consists of every color you would need for the makeover you desire! They are long lasting, very chic and stunning!

bobbi brown eyeshadow kit


8- Clinique

One thing you can rely on the is that Clinique offers cosmetic products are made to not harm your skin. For Clinique, its not only about fashion but also about skincare. You can now enjoy their range of soft, warm and classy hues to appear grand, sophisticated and beautiful!



9- L’oreal

Who doesn’t know L’oreal and who doesn’t love L’oreal? We all women do! Its one of our primary choices and we love to enjoy what they have to offer. May it be warm shades or cool ones, shiny ones or matte, L’oreal is the one brand many women prefer and enjoy!



10- Lakmé

Just check out at lovely and trendy colors Lakmé presents to its clientele. Want to look stylish and funky? Lakmé is your brand! The texture and finish of their eye shadows is so amazing! If you try it, you will fall in love with it! There is finesse and great layering which you can feel just by the touch of your fingers!



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