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Top 10 Best Stylish Emo Girl Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair


Everyone has their own personal style. And you find that style by experimenting with different looks and gauging what suits you best out of them all. You should be comfortable with being yourself and not conforming to what others think of you or what they want you to be. But that also does not mean that you should blindly follow what others do just because it has become popular without actually checking if it is the right look for you. The only thing you should be concerned about is the originality of who you are. There are hundreds and hundreds of styles around the globe. Some are quite popular, some overrated while others remain unnoticed or underrated. There are eastern styles and there are western styles. Today we are going to have a look at a particular western hairstyle that has become increasingly popular over the last two decades, especially the 2000s.

And that are Top 10 Best Stylish Emo Girl Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair. Emo hairstyles are typically accompanied by tons of dark eye makeup, various shades of brightly colored hair, sometimes even facial piercing, straight or side swept bangs, shorter layered haircuts on the upper part of the head thinning as it goes down, extensions and accessories most commonly. Popular hairstyles include straightened flat hair, lots of hair on the back of the head and the sides with layers and layers of chopped, spiked and pointy ends. Like any other hairstyle, you will find emo hairstyles in various lengths but we are going to talk about medium length which is the ideal length for most women. Do not confuse emo fashion with goth fashion. These are two different vogues. Similar, however, not the same.

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1- Layered Hairstyles With Bleached Hair

The first one that we have here is a layered hairstyles with bleached hair. You can see the color of the hair is actually white with a slight hint of gray.


2- Heavy Side-Swept Bangs

The next one here is heavy side-swept bangs with a lot of hair on the sides along with the front. They are cut in and styled in steps rather than layers.


3- Messy Braided Emo Hairstyle

This one here is a very pretty braid with a messy emo style and side-swept bangs. It is an emo version of a fish braid.


4- Double Shaded Dyed Locks

Another noticeable thing about emo hairstyles is brightly dyed locks in one or many shades. This is one example of a double shaded one with cutting in steps.


5- Fringes And Bangs

Fringes and bangs are a big part of emo fashion. The one below is an example of a minimalist style if you are trying to keep a lighter look.


6- Flattened Hair With Waves

This style mostly include straight or flattened hair but there are also interesting variation when you wanna mix it up and add waves to your hair like the one below.


7- Ponytail With Curls

If you’re going for a more neat and chic look, this is one style you should definitely try. This is a mix of curls with a pony tail on the side accompanied by emo makeup to finish off the look.


8- Loose Curls With Side-Swept Bangs

This here is another example of the doubled shade dyed locks. The interesting thing about this one is that the locks have been dyed in the basic colors of black and white with loose curls and side-swept bangs.


9- Dyed Locks In Multiple Shades

A signature look of the emo fad is locks dyed in multiple shades and the use of accessories like bands etc. This one includes 4 prominent colors blending into the one after them, complimented by a skull printed band.


10- Straight Hair With Bangs

The last one also greatly signifies what the emo fashion is all about. The hair is dead-straightened, accompanied by a bow matching with the dyed hair. The bangs are covering one eye as seen in most of the emo hairstyles.


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