One of the most important things on the wedding day for the bride is undoubtedly bridal makeup. We spend so much time deciding what kind of makeup we want for ourselves that day and which makeup artist to go for, what would suit our dress well and how to ensure that our makeup stays on and looks stunning. We try various home remedies and products for our skin and hair on many occasions and this is the biggest occasions of all! You’ll be delighted to know that there are many ways you can make sure of that and these Top 10 Best Wedding Bridal Makeup Tips & Tricks  will show you just how to do that!

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1- Decide What To Highlight: Your Mouth Or Your Eyes



One of the fundamental rules of any makeup is to decide whether to embolden your eyes or your mouth. You’ll end up looking like a makeup disaster if you try doing both together! So, if you decide on making your eyes steal the show, make sure your lips are understated and kept light and natural. And the same goes for your lips. If you decide to go for the big bold red lips, tone down on your eye makeup to balance out your look.

2- Take Into Consideration The Prevalent Climatic & Weather Conditions



This goes for especially those brides who plan on getting married in the hot and humid summers, you need to use as many oil-free products as you can get your hands on. For weather suited makeup, you would want to use primers, cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliation washes, masks, foundations, toners etc. And you would also need to keep absorbing wipes and oil free blotting sheets in your purse.

3- Make Use Of A Primer In Your Makeup



Since brides would want their skin to be flawless, cleansed and moisturized. I advise the use of primers. There shouldn’t be any residue left on your skin before applying make up. Your skin needs to be squeaky clean and thoroughly moisturized so that the makeup stays on longer and doesn’t dull down. Prime your skin before applying makeup may it be the base or your eyes, a primer ensures smudge-free makeup! It makes your skin even and smooth so the makeup you apply looks natural, neat and smooth.

4- Use A Brush Or A Sponge Before Applying The Foundation



Do not make the mistake of applying the foundation with your fingers because you might not realize it at that time but using your fingers might leave dirt, bacteria and other residual substances and fingerprint marks on your skin. So its best if you use a sponge or a brush for a smoother, cleaner and better application of foundation.

5- Use A Concealer



We might end up having dark circles or even for women who may have marks on their skin, the use of a concealer makes your base/foundation so much better and adds life to your makeup. It makes you appear fresh and flawless! One more thing you need to give great attention is to apply your concealer after your foundation. Use a combination of concealers that suit the needs of your skin and different areas of your skin.

6- Use A Cream Blush For Natural Looking Makeup



You wouldn’t want your face looking pasty so its best if you use a cream blush instead of a powdered one and then you can dust it off with a little powdered brush if you feel the need when you’re finishing up. A cream blush would make your cheeks appear fresh, healthy and sheer.

7- Definitely Use An Eyebrow Pencil & A Cake Liner Instead Of A Pencil Eyeliner



You just have to use an eyebrow pencil when doing your wedding makeup. It will frame your eyes nicely and give your face a complete look, making it appear as pretty as a picture. It will also define your features. But just make sure that you use the right shade of eyebrow pencil according to your face. Not too light and definitely not too dark. Also go for a cake eyeliner instead of a pencil eyeliner to fill the gap between your eyelashes and the root of your lashes skin completely to give it a smooth look instead of a flaky one.

8- Apply Eye-Enhancing Makeup



Try using make up techniques that make your eyes pop out and look awake. And to be able to do that, use darker shades on the outside or edges of your eyes and lighter ones towards the middle and corner of your eyes. Also, make sure that the inner corner of your eyes are made up with bright shades like off white and different hues of silver or golden. Make use of these eye enhancing tips to make your eyes look beautiful and attention grabbing!

9- Use Fake Eyelashes



Use fake lashes to make your eyes appear awake and defined. You can decide what size and thickness to go for depending on the size and shape of your eyes. And make sure you curl those luscious lashes thoroughly and the right way. Apply mascara at least twice to blend in your natural lashes with the fake ones.

10- Use Waterproof Makeup



What are weddings without happy tears? We all cry at weddings. And to safe ourselves from a waterfall of make up running down our face, we need to use waterproof make up. You don’t want your face looking like a rainbow at the end of the function. So apply waterproof make up and look fabulously stunning even after the function finishes because we all like do a little after party!


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