Nowadays, makeup is the basic necessity of women of all ages. With the advancement in fashion trends, ladies are getting more know-how about the latest makeup products. Here we have a rundown of the ten best makeup brands available in Pakistan you should buy.

Along with getting advance about makeup, ladies are also getting very conscious about the makeup brand they want to use. There is a wide variety of imported brands available in the country, but local makeup brands are also much better.

By keeping ladies’ interest in the makeup, we have gathered a list of the top 10 famous makeup brands available in Pakistan. It will help all ladies who are not aware of the latest makeup brands in the market. Ladies, check these brands and go to the need to shop for your favorite product.

Makeup brands

Top 10 Best Makeup Brands Available in Pakistan

The world of women is incomplete without makeup. So, for this many famous makeup brands have launched lots of incredible makeup products for women of all ages. Here we have gathered a rundown of the top ten best makeup brands that are readily available in Pakistan.

10- Etude

Etude is a South Korean brand, which is very famous and commonly used in Pakistan. It’s been years, Pakistani ladies are using Etude makeup products. Etude is providing ladies with a fantastic range of lipsticks, blush on, foundation, highlighter, eyeshades, and much more. Liquid foundation and blush on by Etude are commonly used and available at affordable prices.

Etude Makeup

9- Maybelline New York

Maybelline is a unique and affordable brand all over the world. Products of this brand are imported as it is a New York brand. Maybelline has got excellent feedbacks from across the globe. All products are genuine and made up of high quality by considering all skin tones to help ladies find out something best for their skin. 

You would love to use them again and again. Lipsticks and glittery-matte highlighters are very famous products from Maybelline. Have you ever tried Maybelline colossal kajal? You wouldn’t get the best kajal product in any other brand. Don’t forget to try sensational lashes, liquid eyeliners, BB cream, foundation, and other products. Maybelline products will always make you shine and give you a standout appearance among all.

Maybelline makeup brand

8- Massarat Misbah

Massarat Misbah is an domestic brand and considered on top of the most utilized makeup brands in Pakistan. All the products by brand are of good quality. You will get a wide range of skincare, makeup, and fragrant products. 

Massarat Misbah has introduced a broad product variety for women makeup products. Get a glow on your face through the best foundation, concealer, moisturizers, and other high-quality products prescribed by the dermatologists. All makeover items are suitable for all the skin types and give the most satisfactory result on every skin tone.

Massarat Misbah best Makeup brands

7- Oriflame

The brand was established in 1967 in Sweden, but now it is sold in Pakistan in high quantity. Cosmetics of this brand are highly recommended, and they are deficient in price with flawless quality. Lip colors and Very-me liquid foundation by Oriflame are the most selling products. Apart from Pakistan, it has won the heart of ladies of other 60 countries.

People opt for their skincare, makeup, fragrances, bath and body, Hair treatment, and other products according to their choice. You will get the best range of beauty tools and brushes to give you the best finish to your makeup.

best Makeup brands

6- Best Makeup Brands, J. Makeup

J. is the Pakistan-based leading makeup brand being used for years. The tagline of the brand focuses on bringing a visible difference in your skin. The products by J.vary from foundations to lip glosses and much more. You would love the wide range of waterproof lipsticks. The brand is the top choice of ladies all over the country. Shop your favorite products according to your skin type at a cost-effective price.

j. best Makeup brands

5- L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris is a French brand, but it has got so much name and fame in Pakistan. You would get the best makeup, hair care, and skincare products. Products can be acquired according to your skin tones, creamy color lipsticks, and pure clay cleansers for oily skin are the most best selling products.

If you have not tried their products, then do try them for a gorgeous finish. Every product, whether you choose for hair or skin, you will get according to a specific concern. You can get these products online or from the L’Oreal outlet.

j. best Makeup brands

4- Best Makeup Brands, Luscious

Luscious is a top-class makeup brand. Luscious is known for its high quality, high texture, and very affordable makeup. From makeup products to brushes and other tools, you will get everything from the luscious platform.

Are you looking for a perfect face contour kit? I assure you will not get this one better than the sensual brand. Keep on trying Luscious dermatologist-approved products for spectacular makeup for every wedding, party, or gathering.

j. best Makeup brands

3- Mac

Mac is called the Macintosh. It is an old French cosmetic brand in the market for years. The makeup products of MAC are considered as beautifier tools. These products have high potential to transform your dull appearance into a gorgeous look through high-quality makeup finishers. There is a vast range of beauty care items by MAC. This is slightly high end brand, but it is worth buying.

MAc Cosmetics

2- Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss is an exceptionally unique and affordable beautifier brand available in Pakistan. It is the most trustworthy brand of clients. Swiss Miss is providing high-quality makeup products at an affordable price. All products add more charm to your beauty. Try Swiss Miss for unique looks. Get the creamy color lipsticks, mascara, and hair colors to give yourself a standout appearance either in daylight or for a night out parties. 

Swiss Miss

1- Best Makeup Brands, Sweet Touch

Sweet Touch is the Pakistani domestic brand since 1996. Since its emergence, it has got much fame in the market, but at the same time, its products are affordable for every lady. Still, this brand has become a priority of several ladies in a short period. Get a wide range of Sweet Touch nail polishes, lipsticks, and other makeup products to give yourself a glamorous finish.

Sweet Touch

These were the top makeup brands that are of the best in quality, and dermatologists approved. Get the best product according to your skin type and give yourself a glorious look. Several manufacturers are offering their products at cost-effective prices because to look beautiful is ever women’s right, and no brand wants to keep them away from the real need of their life. So get the accurate product and enjoy your glamorous look through such products.


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