It looks very trendy and beautiful to decorate your nails with different types of accessories. Accessories of various kinds have always been in fashion and rhinestones nail art are one for the nails. They make your nails appear just incredible by adding some glittery effect to your nails. There are many different designs that you can create using rhinestones, elegant and classy, chic and colorful. Rhinestones Nail art can be used to make your nails look beautiful on any occasion, whether it’s a daily routine, party time or even weddings. We have come up with top 10 best and most attractive rhinestone nail art designs that will guide you about how you can play with rhinestones nail art to make your nails outstanding. Lets have a glance at this astonishing rhinestone nail art gallery.

Style # 1: Animal Print

Animal Print Art has always been in high demand. Whether it is in clothes or anything else, it always look trendy. You can also make it on your nails using different colors of nail polishes. Adding stones to this design will make it look even more fabulous. If you don’t believe us, try yourself.

Animal Print Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Animal Print Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 2: Elegant Design

Some women do not want to have a massive gaze on their nails with a lot of colors as well as stones. They can only use a light shade of nail color, for a plus you can add a little decorative pattern and then accessorize it with some rhinestones but avoid making it crow-die.

Elegant Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Elegant Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02


Style # 3: Solid Color

This style always looks classy and is very easy to make. You can use any solid color like purple, orange, red, etc. and then embellish it by adding rhinestones to it. Believe me they will look super cool for a casual night out.

Solid Color Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Solid Color Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 4: Multi Design

It is one of the most popular nail arts of the current time. Young girls love to give their nails a pinky look with some hearts. If they add rhinestones to it, it will look trendier rhinestones nail art.

Multi Design Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Multi Design Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 5: Decorative

Some functions like weddings allow you to wear a bulky look in makeup, jewelry, dresses and even nails. You can take full advantage of such occasions and could use a lot of rhinestones in the most decorative way to give it more formal look. Just try not to make them look like too much.

Wedding Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01 Wedding Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02


Style # 6: Floral Design

One of the most adopted and most admired nail designs is the floral design. There are many different ways in which you can make flowers on your nails by using your nail paint and then to enhance its beauty; you can decorate it with rhinestones.

Floral Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Floral Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 7: Colorful

Colorful designs always look beautiful. You can use many vibrant colors of rhinestones that are readily available and make your hand nails look outstanding and bold. You can create many fun looks with colorful rhinestones.

Colorful Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01 Colorful Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 8: Sophisticated

When you use light and fresh colors of nail paint like soft pinks and pastel colors and then decorate it with small sized rhinestones, you will get surprising results.

Sophisticated Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Sohisticated Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 9: Patterned

For hand nails to appear unique and perfect on a daily basis, try making some fantastic patterns by using nail paints of different colors and rhinestones with them.

Patterned Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01Patterned Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

Style # 10: French

The soberest and elegant way to utilize rhinestone is to use it with French style. Even though no color added except white, but it still look the best.

French Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 01French Rhinestone Nail Art Designs 02

These are some of the best designs of rhinestones nail art using that you can give a new glance to your nails and make them naturally beautiful and different.


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