Hair is one of the most important things when it comes to our body that require constant care and maintenance. And we can’t possibly go to beauty parlors every single day to do that. We also need to style our hair from time to time on different occasions and that leaves our hair damaged and weak. These Top 10 Most Effective Tips & Treatments For Healthy Hair  will guide you on how to fight and fix the damage hair and give your hair the care and attention they deserve! Its quick, easy and light on the pocket!

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1- Eat Healthy Food

healthy food

Make sure your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals. A nutritious diet stimulates hair growth and makes them healthy. Make use of fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in iron and protein in your regular diet. Iron and protein are really important for hair health. Its also important to cut down on junk food and refined, processed and canned foods including fizzy drinks. There are some spices that you can use in your cooking that provide a lot of nourishment for your locks. These includes cumin, turmeric and black pepper etc.

2- Brush Your Hair Regularly

brush your hair regularly

Brush your locks before and after a shower, this will stimulate the flow of blood to the scalp and will allow the distribution of nutrients to hair to be more even. And to do this, you need to brush your locks every day and every night in all directions using long strokes from the scalp to the tips. Also brush from right to left, left to right, front to back, back to front brushing thoroughly. And don’t attack wet locks with a brush, use a wooden comb instead.

3- Oil Your Hair Regularly

oil your hair regularly

The use of hair oils provide them with the moisture required to keep them healthy. They are considered excellent hair maintenance agents. Make use of oils like olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil etc. Massage your locks with oil at least three times and you can also try the hot oil massage therapy.

4- Use Homemade Conditioners

homemade conditioners

The use of homemade conditioners plays an important role in replenishing locks. Homemade conditioners made from ingredients like honey, olive oil, mayonnaise, eggs, yogurt, avocado, coconut milk and bananas will help to revitalize keratin protein bonds. They will also reverse the damage caused by the sun and UV rays. Use of lemon and apple cider vinegar can give you bouncy and lively locks too!

5- Avoid Stress

do not take stress

Stress really does make your hair fall. The more you stress, the more there are chances that it will negatively affect your locks. Try to make sure that you don’t constantly stay under pressure or stress. Meditate and practice other relaxation techniques to keep yourself from stressing out. Try doing Yoga exercises, they barely take up a few minutes of your time. And make sure you get enough sleep to rejuvenate your body.

6- Proper Vitamin Intake

take proper vitamin

When you are not able to cover your required vitamin intake and fulfill your nutritional needs by your normal diet, you can opt for the use of vitamin supplements. To stay healthy and grow well, your locks needs nutrients like zinc, iron, keratin proteins, silica, fish oil, omega, vitamin B, D, A, C, E and biotin among others.

7- Cleanliness And Hygiene 

shampoo hair after 2-3 days

The biggest and most common reason for hair fall is dandruff. And this is often because of poor personal hygiene and lack of cleanliness. Shower and wash your locks every two to three days. But also remember that shampooing your locks too frequently strips it of its natural oils and messes up the moisture levels on your scalp. So try to keep a balance between the two and stay clean!

8- Avoid Washing Hair With Hot Water

do not use hot water

Do not wash your locks with hot water. Using hot water on your locks will make them dry, frizzy and brittle and take away the shine as the high temperature water will also wash away essential natural oils for your hair. So always go for normal temperature water that doesn’t harm your locks or your scalp.

9- Never Straighten Wet Hair With A Flat Iron

never straighten wet hair with iron

Wet hair is more prone to damage. If you really want to straighten your locks, you should make sure its completely dry first and then go for it. Remember to never use a flat iron on wet locks!

10- Be Careful Not To Leave Hair Products In For Longer Than Advised

do not leave hair products for long time

People sometimes think leaving in the product longer would benefit them more even though its the exact opposite and can cause serious damage if you exceed the time advised on the product.


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