Picking out nail polish shades can be just as daunting as going to shopping for the perfect pair of shoes or an amazing dress. It definitely is no simple task and it requires a lot of insight in fashion and about what looks best on you. Apart from the obvious about matching or contrasting the shade with the dress or shoes you’re wearing, probably the most important factor to consider is the tone of your skin. It can be quite confusing when you go for shopping for your nail colors, especially when there is an overwhelming number of options in front of your eyes. We can also get an idea if we take a look at some celebrities on the red carpet about which trends and fashion to follow. And we can also rely on other sources to see what works best for us in accordance with our skin tone. The Top 10 Most Popular & Best Nail Polish Colors For Dark Skin Beauties  will tell you exactly how to compliment that dark, beautiful skin of yours with just the right shades.

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1- Deep Burgundy



This shade will not only look amazing on your nails, but it would also look ravishing if you choose to apply this shade as a lip color. Dark on dark often does the trick and this shade will surely enhance your skin tone and go well with it.

2- Dark Chocolate



This shade will do wonders for your hands and make them stand out and look absolutely chic and sexy. This color can also serve as an alternative to the classic black. We all agree that darker shades look best on darker skin.

3- Highly Pigmented Poppy Blue



This highly pigmented poppy blue will sure make your nails pop and your skin glow. It is one of the trendy colors that you can go for if you are feeling adventurous and looking to do something a bit more playful with your hands!

4- Light Pastel Blues



Another shade of blue that you can try is the pastel blue. It is a very light, soft color that can transform your look in a matter of seconds. Even subtle shades like this one have the power to give you a new look!

5- Pinks



A mix of different shades of pinks can also give you an amazing new look to your hands. This razzle-dazzle will highlight your nails and make them scream for attention. You never know how a cute little pink hue can change everything!

6- Peach



This sophisticated shade will further sophisticate your entire appearance and give you the classy and trendy vibe that is so in fashion these days. You will fall in love with this color once you try it the first time and there’s no going back!

7- Purples



This playful and pretty color would look great on a darker, tanned skin as you can see right here. If you want your hands to look as lovely as this one, all you have to do is go shopping for this shade of purple and see how well it goes with your skin!

8- Tangerine



This lively and vibrant color is all that you will need to add some glitz and glam to your outfit and your appearance as a whole. Be daring enough to try this scorching hot color and let it surprise you and delight you because you’re in for a treat!

9- Red



Red nail polish can go a long way when it comes to adding some life to your appearance and furthermore, your hands. It will give you that sexy, edgy yet classy look. And this one color that you can carry basically anywhere you go!

10- Nudes



Nude shades can prove to be the best of the best when it comes to dark or tan skin! It is an absolute ‘must do’ for all you tan skinned beauties out there! You definitely need to try this hot and happening color and see how amazing it looks on you!


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