Us girls just love keeping long locks! Why? Because they simply look gorgeous! We’d rather keep them long than chop them off. Nothing beats the grace of well-styled long tresses! And when you have long locks, there is an infinite number of styles you can go for which you wouldn’t be able to enjoy if you had cut them short. And one of those fabulous styles is doing them in buns! They add elegance and sophistication to our appearance while looking absolutely trendy. May it be a casual day out or a formal event, buns will do your appearance justice! And especially in summers when you don’t want your hair hanging low on your back, buns is the way to go. Lets sneak a peak at the snazziest Top 10 Most Popular Bun Hairstyles For Long Hair !!

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1- Voluminous Bun

Most of us lovely ladies have thin hair and what could be better if we found a stunning way to style our naturally fine locks into a voluminous bun! It would not only add volume to your hairstyle but also make your look complete. To get this fab look, use a little bit of product and tease your roots at the starting of your forehead to boost the volume.


2- Loosely Pinned Up’do

Another marvelous bun for thin, long locks is the loosely pinned up’do. And this one goes so well with formal evenings. All you need to do is loosely pin those locks up at the back without having to worry about it going haywire! To make sure your hairpins stay in place, spray them with a little hairspray or dry shampoo.


3- Classic Bun

Here comes the beautifully and all time classic bun. Its chic, its sleek and its sophisticated. You can wish to accessorize this baby for fancier occasions but this is by far the quickest and uncomplicated bun for long tresses! To get this look, just sweep those locks back and tie them in neatly twisted bun!


4- Regal Braided Bun

There are certain hairdos that are up to date, timeless and just plain beautiful. This happens to be one of those everlasting styles. They may be a little hard to execute perfectly but the time and effort is totally worth it when the end result is as fabulous as this one!


5- Puffy Top Bun

Long locks may be hard to handle but why worry when you can magnificently style them into one of these puffy top up-dos! It may look complex but its actually quiet simple. To get this sleek and chic look, smoothly sweep your hair back, use a little product if needed and assemble them into this groovy beaut!


6- Simple Light Side Bun

Simplicity is indeed beautiful. Talking of contemporary hairdos, this one takes the cake for the hot and happening side bun. Part your hair from either of the sides and swipe them onto the other side and work your way to this spiffy hairdo!


7- Messy Boho-Chic Bun

Very chic, very contemporary and very sassy, this messy boho-chic updo looks good on any occasion, may it be casual or formal. You can see layers and layers of texture and loose locks in this style with a puffy bouffant and side bangs to finish off the look!


8- Loose Curls Updo

Another entry in the ‘undone’ look as two styles above, a light bouffant and loosely curled up locks is ever so luscious and wonderful! What you need to do it curl up your tresses from the bottom and secure them in a loosely styled bun. Use a little product to keep them in place and enjoy this flawless look!


9- Classy Low Bun

The classy, sophisticated and elegant up-do has been one of our favorites from a long, long time for long beautiful hair. To beautify this classic style further, sweep your bangs on the side and enjoy this tasteful hairdo!


10- Sleek Low Side Bun

This sleek, well-groomed and graceful low side bun will give you the chic look you are searching for on formal occasions. Your hair would look simply divine if you wear this classy up-do. Let your hair strands stray neatly around the side of your face when you pic them up with a side parting. You can feel the striking elegance in this simple yet lovely hairstyle!



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