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Eyeliners are the most important part of women cosmetics. A good make up and a good eyeliner develop your aesthetic sense and it is enough to impress the World outside. Liquid eyeliners are mostly used as compared to dry and pencil liners.
Lets have a look of top 10 liquid eyeliners:

1- Hyper Glossy Eyeliner:

This product has been selling best since its launch. It might raises your concerns about quantity but it is the quality that matters. It is a intensely pigmented liner that not only provides you a fine finish but also gives a shiny gloss. It dries within a few moments and is totally water and smudge proof. It is used to give broader and bold lines. Hyper glossy liquid eyeliner stays on your eyes for a long time. It gives your eyes a noticeable look.


2- Precision Liquid Eyeliner:

It is a product of Colorbar that produces one of the best makeup products. It gives an intense, thick and precise finish. It comes along a tip applicator and do not smudges or spread on the eyes. This eyeliner is mostly used on sensitive eyes and it has no issue of spreading. Moreover, it dries fast.


3- Lakme Insta Liner:

It is one of the best daily wear eyeliner and less expensive. Lakme Insta liner has a fine brush along it which gives you an attractive finishing. It is light weight and comfortable for regular use as well.


4- NYX Liquid Liner:

It is available in a number of shades and favorite among the women. You can draw thick or thin lines depending on your choice. Its rich color, beautiful and sleek packaging and brand name gives it a worth importance.


5- Colorbar Intense Liquid Eyeliner:

This is available in wide variety of shades and thus easily captivate the attention of ladies. It gives fine and precise finish line with rich and effective pigmentation. Colorbar intense liquid eyeliner gives you a gorgeous look.


6- L’oreal Super Eyeliner:

Its sleek and fine packaging make it to stand out. Another beautiful and luxurious product from the brand L’oreal. It is obtainable in three shades. It gives a uniform and precise finish which captivate the attraction of the people.


7- Lakme Shimmer Liner:

This product from Lakme does not spread, smudge or fade. This liner is heavily pigmented with thick and fine shimmer. You will found it number of shades that gives you gorgeous look.


8- Revlon Fabuliner:

It has a precision brush which ease in application. It dries in a few seconds and stays for a long time without cracking or spreading.


9- Elle 18 Black Liner:

One of the best eyeliner among the Top 10 Most Popular Liquid Eyeliners. It comes in jet black color and gives a fine outlook. It is favorite among the teenagers and young women.


10- Maybelline Hypersharp Liner:

Another best selling product from Maybelline. This gives you a ultra-fine outlook and can be best used for contact lens wearer and sensitive eyes. It stays on eyes for a long time without the fear of cracking and smudging.


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