To get a clear and radiant skin is the dream of every girl and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. With a clear face, you can look more confident. Wearing too much makeup every day and exposing in dust and the sun clog the pores of your skin, making your face look dull and dirty. The best way to deal with this situation is to cleanse your skin naturally on the daily basis with some good cleanser. There are several cleansers that are easily available in the market for cleanse your face, but no one compares to the results that you can get from the natural cleansers, the one that you can easily prepare at home. So, here are the Top 10 Simple Ways To Cleanse Your Skin Naturally At Home.

1- Egg Yolk

egg yolk


The first way to cleanse your skin naturally is egg. There are many benefits of egg white for the face but egg yolk is also a great natural cleanser. You can directly apply egg yolk on your face after beating it properly.

2- Lemon Juice

lemon juice


Another way to cleanse you skin naturally is lemon. The elements present in the lemon can act both as a strong bleaching and cleansing agents. But avoid using the lemon juice if you have a dry or damaged face skin.

3- Honey

lemon juice & honey


If you are looking for a natural way of cleanser, try honey. To get the best results, you can also mix a small amount of lemon juice in it. A mixture of yogurt and honey has been used for a long time for deep cleansing of your skin naturally.

4- Aloe Vera

aloe vera gel


It is a great ingredient for deeply cleansing your skin naturally. Take out the gel from the fresh Aloe Vera and rub it on your face. Once dried, rinse it properly with water.

5- Sugar & Honey

honey & sugar


Sugar has a natural ability of scrubbing your face. Adding honey to it will make it even more effective not just will it be a scrub but will also be an enhancer of your natural glow. Those who are not allergic to lemon could also add few drops of lemon juice in it to increase the effectiveness.

6- Yogurt & Lemon

yogurt & lemon juice


These both ingredients have properties to nourish your skin naturally and if they both are used together, there is no doubt that you can get a soft, clear and healthy skin. Adding a few drops of lemon essential oil will give even better results.

7- Cucumber & Mint

cucumber & mint


Whenever you think about cucumber and mint you feel a sensation of freshness. Then imagine the kind of great results that will be produced when these will be mixed together. Just take a small piece of fresh cucumber and add fresh, crushed leaves of mint in it. Adding yogurt will be even better.

8- Tomato



Tomato alone has all the abilities to make your skin look flawless. You can easily tone, cleanse, nourish and brighten your skin all at the same time using tomato. Apply some mashed tomato on your face, adding milk and lemon juice would be a plus. Massage with it for some time and then wash it.

9- Oil Cleanser

natural oils


If you have a very dry skin, then oil cleansers are best for you. Any natural oil that is easily available at your home could be used as a cleanser. It will clear away all the dirt on your face leaving it soft and hydrated.

10- Gram Flour, Yogurt & Turmeric

flour, yogurt & turmeric

This mixture is the cure of almost all the skin related issues. It is also a very good cleanser and will remove all the dirt and excessive oil from your face leaving it fair and clear.

So, these are the easiest and economical ways through which you can cleanse your face at home. If you use any of the above mentioned natural cleansing methods, certainly you will be able to get a naturally glowing skin.

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