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Top 7 International brands of Handbags

Whenever I saw the latest design of handbags I just wish that have too in my wardrobe. Most of them are out of our range, but they are on the list of top International Brands of Handbags. It seems like those brands are just made for top celebrities for their style statement. Best Stylo thinks it is the necessity of current era that you need to aware yourself what are latest trends in Handbags trends. Some of them are expensive, and some are affordable. In This Blog, we are going to tell you what the top 7 international brands of the handbag are? Which is all set to style up to you ladies for your signature style or fashion statement? We all know your personality is incomplete without having handbags.

  • Chanel

If you are looking for best designer handbags, then we assure you Chanel wouldn’t let you disappoint from latest designs. At a glance, you will think of those celebrities who are carrying these bags as style statements. You might have seen several celebs at the Oscars, award shows or any premiers having these bags. It is one of the top expensive brands as well. Designs would leave you to spellbound by uniqueness and stunning colour combinations.

Black Long Chain Handbag by Chanel

Blue Chanel Flapbags

  • Hermes

This brand is the symbol of luxury whoever is carrying this iconic handbag would be in stand out at gatherings. The brand has luxuriously created their handbags. Some of the bags lavish in a way they are made of crocodile leather, and strap could be imagined of the diamond. The price range of these bags is already set in five figures. For more detail information let me tell you this is the brand of Paris. It was launched in 1837. The brand has emerged itself in lifestyle accessories, perfumes, jewellery and other stuff.

Yellow Hermes Bags

Black Hermes Bag

  • Hilde Palladino

Hide Paladino is leading brand in all the bag styles. Also having Gadino bag in his bucket which is the creation of crocodile leather. It is one of the top listed and expensive brand in the world. You can have several other luxury bags line who are top priority choice of several famous celebrities. Their top functions and red carpets are incomplete without carrying Hilde Palladino.

Brown Hilde Palladino Handbag

  • Lana Marks

This brand is a heart of several Hollywood celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Elizabeth Taylor and much more. They are carrying their top luxurious bags of Lana Marks. One of the Lana Marks Cleopatra Clutch is embellished with 18 carats white gold. Several experts indulged their selves to boost brand at this level. If you are really hunting for such kind of pieces then you can look Lana Marks through distance. Yes, bags are really expensive.

Red Lana Marks Handbag

Brown Lana Marks Handbags


  • Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is hefty price name in the bags world. Yes, Brand might put their customer in a confusion due to heavy prices but people are having it. These bags are the symbol of the glamour of top celebs and personalities. Marc Jacobs is listed his Bags line in one of the top designer’s brands in the world. Business has expanded over 200 stores and across the globe.

Blue Marc jacobs handbag

NavyBlue Marc Jacobs Handbag

Off white Marc Jacobs handbag

  • Prada

This Italian brand was established in 1913. Hands bag is the mark of style statement and it is being considered as a most elite class choice. The brand is producing an extensive range of products including clothing lines, jewellery, perfumes, footwear and none other than watches as well. Prada is focusing on their unique designs because every brand is having their own mission statement so Prada is doing best to excel among other brands. If you just noticed spring/summer collection you will get to know most of the bags designs were embellished with different shapes of crystals.

Red Prada Handbag

Baby Pink Prada Handbag

  • Louis Vuitton

Looking for elegance and class than this French brand would leave you stunned through their outstanding and magnificent designs. You would see these bags are carrying the elite class. The best thing about this brand is it has efficiently managed the taste of all age groups. This is true it is lying in one of the most expensive brand categories but still a heartthrob of several ones. Elite class consider their presence in parties, premiers are incomplete without having Louis Vuitton brand. Beyoncé is proudly having a brand.

Black Louis Vuitton Handbag

Brown Louis Vuitton Handbags

These are the top expensive brands all over the world. You don’t want to miss out these bags to your style statement. Get these bags of such renowned brand who are in high quality and your favourite celebrities are also proudly owning these bags. These breathtaking designs had definitely leave you stunned and you were definitely wishing to grab these as soon as possible. To add a style statement to your personality and make a fashion statement 😉

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