According to latest fashion trends and technology, the limited makeup products industry has observed a quite drastic variation in the model of selling, purchasing, promoting and manufacturing. The latest technology has served almost every sort of beauty items or cosmetics in various patterns, dimensions, brands, shades and styles that goes well with nearly all skin forms and tones. The optimistic modification in industry has additionally assisted beauty firms to deliver goods at nearly all customer centric areas and whenever we have to go out to purchase makeup of our choice by brand labels then the cabinets are loaded with countless selections.

Top 7 Most Popular International Makeup Brands

Its very essential for every woman to check out the appropriate counter to acquire the accurate product according to your skin requirements. Before purchasing any makeup product first of all consider these following factors:

  1. Color
  2. Cost
  3. Ingredients used in product
  4. Application
  5. And finally the most important thing is brand. So, always opt for the top quality cosmetic brands.

Listed below are some top quality international makeup product brands that nearly provide all types of products to suit all skin shades and forms.

  • L’Oreal

L'Oreal Brand - Makeup
L’Oreal Brand – Makeup


L’Oreal is world’s number one beauty products selling brand and after commencing their voyage by using a hair dye approach, L’Oreal has established a symbol for itself in the marketplace. It strives at offering high quality beauty products and cosmetics. L’Oreal’s security criteria meets the demands of public.

  • Nivea

Nivea Brand - Makeup
Nivea Brand – Makeup


In February 2010, Nivea Company has been rewarded as the “Best & the Most Trustworthy Brand” award and promises to be the most leading skincare brand across the world. It positioned its foundation in 200 nations with the advancement of a skin ointment named as “Emulsion”.

  • Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Brand - Makeup
Estee Lauder Brand – Makeup


The premium makeup brand termed as “Estee Lauder” attempts to fulfill the prerequisites of both men and women. Its product line mainly includes oil correctors, shampoos, fragrances, moisturizers, styling gels and many other makeup accessories. Its goods are marketed in above 150 nations under various brand names such as Origins, Lab Series, Tommy Hilfiger, Prescriptives, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Aramis, Estee Lauder, M-A-C and many more.

  • Avon

Avon Brand - Makeup
Avon Brand – Makeup


Avon is number one world’s biggest direct merchants of makeup and beauty items and is implemented in 1880s. Its product line primarily consists of Avon Skin Care products like moisturizers, ANEW and color cosmetics.

  • Dove

Dove Brand - Makeup
Dove Brand – Makeup


Beginning a innovative fresh beauty pub in 1957, Dove is world’s 7th biggest skincare and cosmetic brand supplying products for men as well as women. Its product line contains body washes, lotions, deodorants, creams, beauty bars and many other face and hair care items. These products are being promoted in above 35 nations around the world.

  • Olay

Olay Brand - Makeup
Olay Brand – Makeup


Olay is among world’s best and most prominent makeup selling brand now a days. After starting its journey in 1950s, Olay has prolonged its series to above 100 diverse cleansing and moisturizing goods.

  • Neutrogena

Neutrogena Brand - Makeup
Neutrogena Brand – Makeup


Unveiled as “Natone” at the time of 1930s, Neutrogena is acknowledged as the most leading cosmetic, hair and skincare brand and has crowd and sector in greater than 70 nations throughout the world. Neutorgena showcases a huge variety of items both for male and females such as soaps, face washes, face scrubs, particular products for untimely aging, sun protection, acne and other makeup equipments.

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