Vera Wang was born in New York on 27th June 1949 and belongs to Chinese family. She is an American fashion designer and extremely famous for her huge line of wedding outfits and bridal gowns. She is a very talented lady and expertise in several designing skills. She also showcase her collections in many exhibitions and competitions and achieve much fame and awards. This life time successful award winner lady has recently launched her gorgeous collection of Spring-Summer Wedding Dresses & Bridal Gowns 2015 which is simply delightful and well prepared by magnificent style and beauty.

Vera Wang Spring-Summer Wedding Dresses & Bridal Gowns 2015

Vera unique and stunning new line is influenced by the conventional Chinese wedding shade “Red”. This red color is the symbol of romance, love and attraction. Each dress in this collection is beautifully designed both from front and back. She has proved once again that she can exceed creativeness, expectations and push limitations to provide spectacular luxurious designs. Any new bride should must have a glance inside this outstanding assortment for her wedding outfit that will surely make her feel and look like a princess!!

Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-1 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-2 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-3 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-4 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-5 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-6 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-7 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-8 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-9 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-10 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-11 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-12 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-13 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-14 Vera-Wang-Spring-Summer-Wedding-Dresses-Bridal-Gowns-2014-15

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