Eid-ul-Fitr is around the corner and on this Carnival, different brands have showcased their attractive collections as we are going to let you know about Warda latest eid collection 2019 catalog with prices in this blog. The collection has sufficient designs and styles for the buyers. The color range and the combination is what makes this festive prints quite a cool stuff at Warda.

Variety of stitched and unstitched prints are available and are gaining words of appreciation from the public. The aesthetic color combination and the choice of fabric for it is just an amazing thing to be chosen and worn. Every event is special in its own way and the way we prepare for it, is yet, another festivity in itself.

Warda Tea Crux For Eid Collection
Tea Crux -PKR 2,895/-

So, when it comes to the most awaited holy month of Ramadan and the close to heart,, everyone seems to be busy in making preparation for them. It ranges the excitement from all age groups and the sharing of it by each and every family member, cousins, friends and close circles. Where Ramadan is about being very focused on health and making good food, Eid is more about looking elegant, as well. For this, men, women, and children all share the joy of preparing for the holy event and making it memorable for themselves.

Warda Lawn New Eid Dresses With Prices 2019

Warda Latest Eid Collection 2019 Catalogue is just an amazing and decent cocktail of hot and sizzling contrasts with the fresh euphony of prints. Obviously, by now, Warda collection has won the trust of its shoppers, by providing them competitive quality and a good bunch of fashion wears. Because, in this era, if one is not really aware of the fashion and trends, they are probably going to miss a lot of fun that it creates for the trend takers.

Warda Summer Story for Eid Collection
Summer Story-PKR 6,495/-

When we talk about fashion & trends then among numerous brands like Junaid Jamshed brand is one of the pioneers of latest trends as you can see that in Junaid Jamshed Ronaq-e-Eid Collection this year and women are grabbing their outfits by trusting on their level of trendsetters.

Brand believes in uniqueness and that is why she always brings something out of this world. Just see at the given catalog, provided by the designers and see how much sophistication is represented by her in each item. Not only the sophistication is there, but a pretty much attractive combination of different vibrant colors can also be seen there.

Warda Spring tales for Eid Collection
Spring tales -PKR 5,995/-

All dresses have your favorite contrasts that suit on day and night looks. Further, the kurti styles for Eid shared by brand collection, are just another delight for the girls, as it fits well on multiple occasions. Further, the addition of chiffon dupatta and sleeves, along with lawn, gives a delicate and decent appearance to the prints.

As we all know, from past few years, chiffon has been one of the favorite stuff for women. It combines the comfort, delicacy, and decency, all together – whenever being stitched with most of the women clothing stuff. So, as you must be feeling excited about what’s in there for you at Warda collection, there is a must need that you should figure it out online or should walk for the outlet for festive Collection 2019 to grab your favorite prints.

For a detailed overview of Warda designs just take a look at  Warda Latest Summer Designs this year. Ladies will get to know what special the brand is having for women of all age groups.

Warda spell bound fantasy For Eid Collection
spellbound fantasy-PKR 6,995/-

Warda Latest Quick Eid Glimpse For 2019

Before heading toward the brief description of your latest Eid attires by Warda this year we have some amazing combo of festive designs that won’t let you be worried for your upcoming eve outfits by a top designer. Everything is available under one roof. Best stylo has collected some Latest Pakistani Designers Fancy Eid Dresses to make this search hassle-free for you. Ladies can pick your favorite dress from this. Otherwise, no doubt brand has introduced really amazing outfits for ladies this year. All you have to do is to pick the outfit, grab some heels or flats by metro from their Metro eid collection for ladies and relish the festive gatherings that you have been waiting for a whole year.

Warda Fairoza For Eid Collection
Fairoza-PKR 5,995/-
Warda Southern Sunset For Eid Collection
Southern Sunset -PKR 3,495/-
Warda Rose pouppe for Eid Collection
Rose pouppe -PKR 3,495/-
Warda Regal Era for Eid Collection
Regal Era -PKR 6,995/-
Warda Peachy Glimpse For Eid Collection
Peachy Glimpse -PKR 6,495/-
Warda Ornamental Hues For Eid Collection
Ornamental Hues -PKR 3,495/-
Warda Noir Black for Eid Collection
Noir Black-PKR 2,895/-
Warda Marvellous Green for Eid Collection
Marvellous Green-PKR 5,995/-
Warda Hyper tropics for Eid Collection
Hyper tropics-PKR 6,695/-
Warda Dusky Influence for Eid Collection
Dusky Influence-PKR 6,695/-
Warda Aromatic Mintz For Eid Collection
Aromatic Mintz-PKR 2,895/-

Further, in this blog, we have spectacular designs with a brief description. Just have a look at that 🙂

Beige Silver Chiffon Lawn Print

Try to use new colors that you have not used earlier. Use Combination of Dark and Light colors. Colors like Beige, Off-white, Cream looks very chic and elegant in summer. The ombre pattern is hitting the box nowadays. This 3 Piece apparel is at a very affordable price with the surety of best print and fabric.

Warda Beige Color Outfit For Eid

Single Red Shirt Embroidery

A red dress can make a cheeky declaration for any occasion. As this color draws the attention of every individual so it’s very important to select the appropriate accessories with the red dress. Young girls can wear a Gold necklace with a Black clutch having studs of metallic silver or gold.

Warda Red Color Outfit For Eid

Bamber Chiffon Embroidery

The Chiffon is the light-weighted fabric forget the other brands who are best in chiffon although you ladies cant get over to the New Needle Impressions Chiffon Collection but trust me this eid Warda has some new designs of Chiffon that can easily be carried by any person on any occasion. All these dresses are phenomenal and are available at suitable prices so that everyone can buy easily.

Warda Purple Chiffon Color Outfit For Eid

3PC Blue Lawn Embroidered Outfit

Cobalt Blue is an awesome color to wear any time of the year. A blue dress with some amazing makeup on your face makes you look fabulous. You can apply neutral and light color eyeshadow just take a look at our How To Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly tutorial to get to know about all the hacks.

Warda Cobalt Color Outfit For Eid

Beige Silver Chiffon Lawn

Designers always came with some new trends in every new arrival. Warda has introduced back embroidered panel on her Latest Eid Collection 2019. As the back of this dress is embroidered so it’s better to tie your hair up so that your back panel look prominent.

Warda Beige Silver Chiffon Outfit For Eid

Mint Green Chiffon Lawn Print

Exquisite floral cutwork enhancing the looks of this stunner. Short shirts with palazzo are again coming in fashion. With strappy sandal and polished accessories, like this model you can also refine your look on this auspicious occasion.

Warda Mint Green Color Outfit For Eid

Green Bamber Chiffon Embroidered Dress

Short front panel shirts with straight pajamas look very trendy on teenage girls. This gives them a decent girly look. You can wear this shirt with black and white straight pants, pajamas, palazzo etc. This front panel is giving the shirt a feminine spin.

Warda Green Front Embroidered Panel For Eid

3PC Lawn With Silk Dupatta

When wearing reddish-orange clothes, it’s very important to pay attention to the color on the lipstick you apply on your lips. If you love soft look, then you should try light pink or beige shades with your orange dress for sure but if you want a brighter look, then go for red lip look, this lip shade will help you in looking stunning.

Warda Orange Color Outfit For Eid

Purple Chiffon Lawn Print

Every Eastern girl loves wearing Kurti style shirts. Nowadays girls want to add the combination of both design and style in their dressing and want to look different from others. You can catch any of your favorite color shirts from Warda’s Latest Eid Collection 2019 Catalogue for casual, formal or party wear eve.

Warda Purple kurti Style Outfit For Eid

3PC Mustard Lawn Print

Mustard is naturally hot color, so you can cool down this color using beige and nude color pants and trousers. I personally love this dress, the brownish-green embroidery on skin printed shirt and mustard color pant is looking terrific.

Warda Mustard Outfit For Eid

White Bamber Chiffon Embroidery

Different front and back print is very popular in fashion. Designers are using new techniques to make their dresses outstanding among others. Sleeve shirt with chiffon dupatta and white cigarette pant is looking very decent and trendy.

Warda Mystic Art Print Outfit For Eid

Printed Shirt Embroidery

Warda has brought very ethnic crafted shirts. Ralli work is the cultural symbol of Sindh, Pakistan. Traditionally, rallies are made at home by women. But Warda has introduced the rally in its modern form and printed the rally design on their different outfits.

Warda Ralli print Outfit For Eid

These are the marvelous prints by Warda this year, especially for Eid. Warda Latest Eid Collection 2019 Catalogue With Prices are just gathered for you so you all ladies can select the best outfit for the festive occasion Don’t forget to share your favorite design in following comments  🙂

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