Now it’s time for Zeniya by Deepak Perwani new winter shawl collection 2018.  A man and a brand that requires no introductions; Deepak Perwani. We all have known and seen his work in the world of Haute Couture and Luxury Pret from the past many years. His fashion house stands among the very top in the Fashion Industry of Pakistan. He himself is an accomplished Hindu Sindhi who laid down the foundation of one of the biggest fashion brands of Pakistan. His work is not only appreciated locally but he has grown up to become a name that has become quite familiar with the international fashion scene as well.

What differentiates the king of Pakistani Fashion, Deepak Perwani from others is his unique take on designs that are minimalistic and contemporary. But they are also quite mature and classy with styles that are bound by no limitations or restrictions. The brand releases its stylish, classy and comfort clothes collection every year that touches the heart of its customers. The adorable collection is always sold as hot cupcakes on the market. Only this brand can work with soft, subtle colours and add a feel of vibrancy to it that is not only perfectly balanced when it comes to the patterns, prints and embroidery did on them but also the underlying themes.

Deepak Perwani’s trademark is the confident, sexy and bold style that you get to see in every single one of his creations. Talking of his creations, this designer brand has launched a new collection by the name of Zeniya lawn collection this summer. It turned out to be a huge success and was widely demanded by tons of his customers. This winter season, Deepak Perwani launched another collection as an extension of the label Zeniya. And guess what? It was received with the same warmth and appreciation as its previous range under the same name. So, here we’ll be pleasingly discussing Zeniya latest winter collection 2018 for you! 

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Zeniya Winter Shawl Dresses 2018 By Deepak Perwani

The decision to launch Zeniya winter shawl collection 2018 turned out to be a good one because this extension further contributed to the popularity that this label gained earlier this year. This extension of Zeniya into winter clothing is loaded with just the kind of prints and designs your heart is seeking this winter. Just like, you would expect something phenomenal from a designer as talented as Deepak Perwani, this legend continues to outdo himself in every launch that he makes. This particular and unique collection celebrates the chill of winter with the warmth of this designer wardrobe 2018 which is perfect for fashion lovers. 

There is an amazing blend of colours that are paired up with absolutely the right kind of prints and patterns. You have also been given the choice to choose different colours of the same prints and design according to your taste, liking and preference. This choice is quite convenient and adds more options in the same line of clothing. The most important feature of this Pakistani designer winter collection is the ‘Shawl’ and hence, it is called the Shawl Collection.

The unique and entirely awesome Zeniya collection has already been launched in the market for the ladies to cherish the amazing style of clothes in the coming season of winter. Every suit is paired up with a stunning warm shawl in vibrant and bold hues. All the items are embroidered and printed in lively and colourful patterns capturing the essence of the inspiration behind this collection. There is a regal feel to it that is both ethnic and classy dancing on the verge of modernity.

The overall vibrant look of the dress paired with classy dupatta can bring an elegant eastern look to the girls wearing it. Nobody can disown the collection because it has got a perfect colour combination and high-quality fabric of the Deepak Perwani new winter collection 2018. So, without wasting anymore second of yours, just have a glimpse of the eye-catching and blossoming images below, you would be much inspired to get the best out of these Pakistani dresses for yourself. Make sure you are worthy of it!!

Zeniya by Deepak Parwani Winter Dress with Shawl

3Pc Yellow Shawl Dress by Zeniya Winter Collection

Pink and Orange Woolen Shawl Dress by Zeniya Collection

Brown Printed Zeniya Winter Dress with Shawl

Zeniya Red Winter Shawl Dress By Deepak Perwani

Zeniya Black Shawl Dress for Winters by Deepak Perwani

Black Dress with Red Woolen Shawl by Zeniya Collection

Zeniya Winter Dress with Shawl Latest Collection

Deepak Perwani Winter Wear Shawl Dress for Women

Black Zig Zag Print Zeniya Winter Shawl Collection

Zeniya New Winter Collection by Deepak Perwani

Latest Winter Shawl Collection 3Pc Pink Suit By Zeniya

Royal Blue Winter Shawl Dress by Zeniya Collection

Latest Zeniya Winter Collection Printed Grey Dress

Zeniya New Winter Dress 3Pc Suit Shawl Collection

Done with watching the glamorous designed Zeniya fall dress collection by Deepak Perwani for the cosy winter season? Now, go get the latest designs from your nearest outlet or place your order online! Don’t miss the chance to lose the best-designed prints. Enjoy the splendid apparels and be the prominent one. 🙂

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