BM Cloud White vs SW Alabaster: What’s the Difference?

Searching for the perfect soft, warm white paint color? Popular options Cloud White OC-130 from Benjamin Moore and Alabaster SW 7008 from Sherwin Williams appear very similar at first glance. But what really differentiates these two beautiful off-whites?

In this guide, we’ll compare Cloud White vs Alabaster in-depth to help you pick the best warm white paint for your home. We’ll analyze undertones, light reflectance, real-life photos, room pairings and more.

Let’s dive in!

Key Differences Between Cloud White and Alabaster

Before getting into the details, here is an overview of the main differences between Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White and Sherwin Williams’ Alabaster:

  • Undertones – Cloud White is a true beige, Alabaster leans slightly yellow
  • Light Reflectance – Cloud White has an LRV of 85.05, Alabaster has an LRV of 82
  • Use – Cloud White suits any style, Alabaster excels in traditional and farmhouse spaces
  • Rooms – Cloud White works everywhere, Alabaster shines in living rooms and bedrooms
  • Availability – Cloud White in all finishes, Alabaster in eggshell and below

Now let’s explore Cloud White and Alabaster more thoroughly.

Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130

Benjamin Moore Cloud White

With its soft, inviting warmth, Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 creates a versatile neutral backdrop suitable for any style. This flexible off-white works everywhere throughout your home.

Here are some key details about Cloud White:

  • LRV: 85.05
  • Undertones: Beige
  • Finish: Available in all sheens
  • Rooms: Anywhere
  • Pairs Well With: All colors

Cloud White is a creamy true beige that maintains the same warm tone across lighting conditions. This adaptable off-white has universal appeal.

The 85.05 light reflectance value gives Cloud White an open, airy feel without being too stark or bold. It’s bright enough for ample illumination in any space.

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As a versatile neutral, Cloud White complements every color palette. Popular combinations include:

  • Crisp bright whites
  • Rich wood stains
  • Navy and olive accent colors
  • Polished metallics like brass and chrome
  • Charcoal black trims and accents

With its inviting warmth and flexibility across styles, Cloud White looks beautiful anywhere in your home. It creates a soothing, welcoming backdrop for other colors and textures to shine.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008

SW Alabaster

With its slightly warm white appearance, Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008 creates a refined neutral backdrop perfect for traditional spaces. This elegant off-white excels in classic color schemes.

Here are some key details on Alabaster:

  • LRV: 82
  • Undertones: White with faint yellow
  • Finish: Eggshell, flat and matte
  • Rooms: Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms
  • Pairs Well With: Navy, burgundy, brown

Alabaster is an antique white with the faintest hint of yellow that maintains its sophisticated warmth across different lighting. This traditional off-white is versatile yet distinctive.

The 82 light reflectance value gives Alabaster an airier, brighter feel than many off-whites. It provides ample illumination with some softness.

As a warm white, Alabaster looks beautiful with classic color combinations like:

  • Deep navy and burgundy accents
  • Aged brass lighting and hardware
  • Rich walnut and mahogany wood tones
  • Soft greys and tans
  • Crisp bright white trims

Alabaster excels in these more formal living spaces:

  • Living Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Libraries
  • Offices

Alabaster’s refined warmth lends an elegant, traditional ambiance. Use it to provide a stately yet soothing backdrop.

Comparing Cloud White vs Alabaster

Now that we’ve looked at Cloud White and Alabaster independently, let’s directly compare them:

Light Reflectance

Cloud White and Alabaster have similar LRVs of 85.05 and 82 respectively. Alabaster will read a touch brighter.


Cloud White is a true beige, while Alabaster has a faint yellow tint. Their subtle undertone difference sets them apart.

Use & Rooms

Cloud White’s versatility excels everywhere. Alabaster suits formal living areas in traditional homes.

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Cloud White comes in any finish, Alabaster only in eggshell and below.

Cloud White vs Alabaster Comparison Chart

Paint Color Cloud White OC-130 Alabaster SW 7008
LRV 85.05 82
Undertones Beige White with yellow
Use Versatile neutral Traditional refined
Finishes All sheens Eggshell and below
Style Any Traditional

Real-Life Photos: Cloud White vs Alabaster

Let’s look at real-life photos to better visualize the subtle differences between Cloud White and Alabaster:

Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Real Life Photos Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Real Room Photos SW Alabaster

While quite similar, Alabaster has a brighter white appearance compared to the subtle beige in Cloud White. Lighting affects their tones.

Should I Choose Cloud White or Alabaster?

So how do you decide between Benjamin Moore Cloud White or Sherwin Williams Alabaster for your space? Here are a few tips:

Choose Cloud White OC-130 if you want:

  • A versatile, true beige off-white
  • A flexible neutral for any room and style
  • A warm backdrop that lets other colors shine
  • A soft but bright neutral

Choose Alabaster SW 7008 if you want:

  • A brighter antique white for traditional spaces
  • A refined but soft backdrop
  • A touch of warmth in formal living areas
  • Elegance and illumination

Get samples of both paint colors. Paint large swatches on walls viewing during day and night lighting. This gives you the best sense of their warmth and depth.

You can also move your existing decor next to the samples to visualize the look. Both are beautiful, subtle off-whites that suit varied aesthetics.

Ideal Room Pairings

Here are some rooms that are especially well-suited to Cloud White and Alabaster paint colors:

Benjamin Moore Cloud White

  • Living Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Hallways and Staircases

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

  • Living Rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Libraries
  • Offices

While both can work well throughout the home, the above applications take optimal advantage of their unique warmth and style.

Decorating Ideas and Color Pairings

On their own, Cloud White and Alabaster make beautiful backdrops. Complement them with rich colors and natural materials:

Cloud White OC-130 Pairings

  • Crisp bright whites
  • Rich wood stains
  • Navy and olive accents
  • Polished metallics
  • Charcoal black trims
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Alabaster SW 7008 Pairings

  • Deep navy and burgundy accents
  • Aged brass lighting
  • Rich walnut and mahogany
  • Soft greys and tans
  • Crisp white trims

Cloud White vs Alabaster – Which is Better?

So which off-white paint color is better for your space – Cloud White or Alabaster?

Choose Benjamin Moore Cloud White OC-130 if you want:

  • A versatile beige for any room
  • Flexibility across styles
  • A universally flattering backdrop
  • Subtle and soft but bright

Choose Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008 if you prefer:

  • A touch of warmth for traditionals
  • A refined, stately look
  • Elegance with illumination
  • A white that flatters antiques

While similar, Cloud White is more universally versatile and Alabaster more suited to formal interiors. Get samples before deciding. Either of these beautiful off-whites will provide the perfect pristine-yet-cozy backdrop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still trying to decide between Cloud White or Alabaster? Here are answers to common questions:

What are the main differences between Cloud White and Alabaster?

The main difference is Cloud White is a true beige and Alabaster is slightly yellow-toned. Cloud White is versatile, while Alabaster excels in traditionals.

Does Cloud White come in semi-gloss?

Yes, Cloud White’s versatility makes it available in any sheen from flat matte to high gloss semi-gloss.

Can you use Alabaster in a kitchen?

Absolutely, Alabaster would create a beautiful, polished look in a kitchen paired with marble counters and natural wood cabinetry for an elegant feel.

Is Cloud White suitable for northern exposure?

Yes, Cloud White has enough warmth at 85.05 LRV to liven up a north facing space. Add extra illumination as needed.

What colors go well with Alabaster walls?

Alabaster looks gorgeous with deep navys, burgundys, aged brass, rich wood tones, soft tans and greys, and crisp white trims for traditional elegance.

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