New Punjabi Patiala Salwar Kameez Designs 2019

We have always found that India and Pakistan have so many similarities. Being neighbor countries, they bear many same things like culture, trends, ethics and then clothing too. Be it clothing of men or women, it is almost same in India and Pakistan. There is just a bit of difference between the dresses of these two countries, and that difference came due to the change of religion. Still culture, ethics, traditions and clothing is somewhat very same between both these countries. Both countries have different provinces and among them, Punjab is the same province. People of Punjab in both countries have so many mutual likes and interests they share. People of Punjab are always found to be fun loving and full of charm in both the countries.

When it comes to the dressing and clothing, India and Pakistan have the almost same interest, especially for girls. There is a thin narrow line difference between the dressing style of both the countries. Indian girls mostly love funky colors with heavy embroidery, laces and stone work whereas in Pakistan girls usually prefer simple yet elegant clothing. Culture and Traditions of both the countries is almost same. Girls of Punjab are so colorful and fun loving so as their dressing is. They always love to do funky and colorful dressing. The famous dress of Punjab girls is Patiala shalwar kameez. This dress is loved in Pakistan and India both because it’s so funky and colorful. The shalwar is loose with fall and with that shalwar you can wear a long or short shirt. The traditional and elegant combination adds elegance to the design. This fashionable dress gives girls pure hot Punjabi look. Infact, Shalwar Kameez has always been a pleasing to eye outfit for Pakistani Girls. 

Patiala Shalwar Kameez Designs 2019 for Pakistani and Indian Girls

Shalwar Kameez is considered as the most astounding and elegant dress to be wear on. The latest fashion of designer Patiala shalwar kameez dress collection is basically for the smart, young and beautiful girls who love to wear traditional attires. The dress consists of flowing drape that fall on the level of hip. Then with that flowing shalwar, you can wear a short shirt below the hip, or you can make one long shirt till the knees. This dress has always been preferred by the age group of young girls like school or college going girls. Girls love to wear Patiala shalwar kameez at weddings, religious omens, parties, festivals and other events. Girls can stitch the kameez in the top form with the straight cut or a line cut. While making this dress, girls also like to highlight their neckline and hemline, so for that, they add embroidery and enhances the elegance.

In terms of fashion, these dress have got whole lot better repute in the fashion industry. Patiala shalwar kameez is known famous in terms of comfort as they are wider, looser and drapey. Along with that, they beat fashion, and they are stylish. You can make these cool dresses look funkier by using vibrant cloth material in it. You can make it in many kinds like with the use of cotton stuff or printed one. You can make printed Patiala shalwar with the plain shirt, and you can also do it vice versa. To add beauty, you can put on printed necklace on the shirt along with plain one colored shalwar. The whole dress can be made using heavy silk and brocade Patiala shalwar suits. You can also pair an alluring embroided jacket with mirror work on it. One can really look cool to wear on such jackets in multi-color paired with Patiala Shalwar Kameez. 

When you come to choose the color for your dress, go for cool, bright and pastel colors. Select the colors like yellow, blue, orange, pink, green and all such bright colors. In the list of pictures below, you can see that all the bright lane cool colors are used. This dress is specifically for Punjabi girls, so it has to be full of colors. You can select one for you from this amazing collection of new Punjabi Patiala shalwar kameez dresses and look attractive.

Here are some of the latest Patiala Shalwar kameez collection. Check out the images and decide the best one for you and enjoy the Punjabi look with vibrant  and amazing traditional dressing!!

Purple and Pink Round Shirt with Patiala Shalwar

Elegant Blue and Purple Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Green Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Graceful Royal Blue Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Stunning Fancy Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Traditional Blue and Green Pretty Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Elegant Patiala Shalwar Kameez in Yellow and Purple

Astounding White and Red Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Sleeveless Green Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Black and Maroon Traditional Patiala Shalwar Kameez 2016

Stunning Patiala Shalwar Kameez

White and Yellow Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Black and Green Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Peachy Patiala Shalwar with embroided Kameez

Blue and Pink Party Wear Patiala Shalwar KameezLush Green Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Embroided Blue Kameez with Pink Patiala Shalwar

Purple Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Pink and Green Patiala Shalwar Kameez for kitty Parties

Orange and Green Graceful Shalwar Kameez

Royal Blue and blood red colored Stunning Shalwar Kameez

Pretty Peach Patiala Shalwar Kameez

Maroon Patiala Shalwar Suit

Desi Patiala Shalwar Dress

Elegant Black Chic Attire with Patiala Shalwar

Jamawar Pink Outfit with Patiala Shalwar

Multi-colored Patiala Shalwar Dress

Pink and Green Patiala Apparel

Green Fancy round bottom Shalwar Kameez

Yellow and Magandah Patiala Shalwar Suit

Desi Elegant Pink Shalwar Kameez

Jacket Style Suit with Patiala Shalwar

That’s it from the article Pakistani and Indian Punjabi Patiala Salwar Kameez Suits – Latest Designs!! Go and select your choice before it gets too late to cope up with the latest fashion. Best of luck with your choice. Carry your dress and mark the event with your super-gorgeous attire!


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So Kamal Fall Winter Silk Dresses Collection 2019 with Prices

Nowadays, women love for dresses and winters both are at the peak. Winters are already here; it is the mixed weather, the hot temperature in the day and cold temperature in the night. Ladies and girls have started peeking into their wardrobes and its time to decide what to take out and what to bin. They are kicking out the summer stuff and getting the new winter, cotton, linen and cambric stuff in their closet. All the famous brands have launched their mesmerizing winter collection in the market. Ladies love for shopping and clothing is irresistible. All the brands have broadcasted their alluring and catchy collection. Every brand has their way of representing winter stuff, and each one is lovely.

Among all the famous names, there is one other dominating brand that unveiled its winter cambric and silk collection 2019. It is the new fashion icon for ladies named as So Kamal in a market. The most famous textile industry of Pakistan Kamal Limited created their brand So Kamal a few years ago. The main aim of the So Kamal is to provide quality fashion wears that are fitting for you at a very affordable cost along with the best quality. They are proving it so far; they are giving a quality fabric with different and latest patterns and prints. Their experienced team makes all the designs with full dedication and love. It’s been few years that So Kamal came into the market, but by now they are so famous, and they got the foothold in the market because of an impressive collection. They keep on launching their assortments according to a season and according to the new fashion fads. They are giving high value to their customers so they are bringing latest trends and colour combination to their customers according to interest. Best stylo has brought So Kamal Fall Winter Silk Dresses Collection 2019 with Prices


So Kamal Stunning Winter Raw Silk Collection

So Kamal has already launched many assortments like summer and fall. Now they have showcased their mesmerizing and attractive winter collection. As I told before, So Kamal gives much importance to their customers, so this time, they made their winter dresses by keeping in mind the demands of their clients who always love to wear something different. The So Kamal brand always design prints that have some unique elements in them and they are according to new fashion trends in Pakistan. The speciality of So Kamal fall-winter silk dresses collection 2019 is that they focus on digital printing with so many tones. So Kamal knows about the latest trend in the market is digital printing, so they came up with winter range that is full of digital prints and silk collection. They deal in both unstitch accumulation and ready to wear. With the ready-to-wear line and digital printing, So Kamal also has embroidered collection in ready to wear and unstitched fabric.

So Kamal Winter Collection

Now I will tell you about the colours and unique patterns, So Kamal has shown up a wide range of colour combination in the upcoming fall collection. The brand is focusing on providing digital prints, so it’s the blend of so many colours. They also focus on floral printing too that looks very pretty in digital printing. The winter accumulation by So Kamal is full of hues, and there are several shades in each design. Usually, young girls love buying such colorful dresses, but in 2019, I have seen that even ladies, especially working women, love bright digital prints. Reason being So Kamal is accelerating day by day and marking its footprints in the fashion industry of Pakistan. We have gathered all the designs of the winter silk collection by So Kamal in our fashion blog. All the dresses are remarkably chic, and I suggest to all girls have a magnificent look and choose best prints for them. You can order online from So Kamal Facebook page or a website, or you can visit their outlets, they are full of beautiful patterns. Enjoy winters, wear colours!!

Ferozi Digital Raw Silk

yellow Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Green Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Black Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Pink Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

blue Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Beige Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Orange Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Purple Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Aqua Blue Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Red Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Green Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Purple Digital Raw Silk 2-piece

Purple Digital Embroidered Collection

Beige Digital Embroidered Collection

So Kamal Luxury Silk 2019

So Kamal is in the industry for remarkable prints and you can see their day and night struggle in upcoming luxury silk as well. Although winters are for only a few months in Pakistan like other brands they have also introduced high-quality silk prints for their valuable customers. So Kamal is featuring stylish silk prints with embroidery. Silk apparel is available at just PKR 4450/- You would love to have these designs and girls of all age groups would love to add these prints to their wardrobes. These Luxury Silk prints can wear for any occasion. Check out the below ones and grab them for a sizzling look this winter.

Red Luxury Silk By So Kamal

Beige Digital print Luxury Silk By So Kamal

Red Luxury Silk By So Kamal

Orange Luxury Silk By So Kamal

So Kamal Grip Silk  – Pret 2 PC Embroidered

So kamal has brought unique and soothing prints in which elegance factor would be at peak. You would love to have Grip silk shirts that are fabricated from high-quality material. Seasonal trends are followed smartly. These 2-piece has silk shirt along chiffon dupatta, available at PKR 5850/- Check out the Gul Ahmed Winter Silk Merino Collection too for getting know about upcoming silk collection 2019. Take a look below for incredible grip silk designs.

yellow grip Silk By So Kamal

Black grip Silk By So Kamal

navy Blue grip Silk By So Kamal

Red grip Silk By So Kamal

Green grip Silk By So Kamal

These are the amazing designs by So Kamal silk collection. If you haven’t grabbed these then don’t waste time on other brands opt your favourite one. Designs have been created with day n night struggle of designers. You cant get such designers devotion anywhere outfits are available at affordable prices. The brand aims for a reasonable price and makes it accessible to everyone. Get your favourite one and enjoy winters 🙂

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Warda New Winter Collection 2019 Stitched and Unstitched Dresses

Winters are around the corner! As winter is showing up its colours, meanwhile ladies are changing their wardrobes and designer clothing brands are launching their winter collection in a market. Almost all the brands have launched their winter collection 2019 by now. As soon as ladies feel the change in weather, they start thinking of buying new clothes according to weather. They even can’t wait for a launching of new designs in a market. So, with the launch of the new collection, their first approach is to rush the stores. There are so many clothing brands available in the market, but Warda designer brand is leading among all the competitors. It’s been few years; this brand has got fame in very less span of time.

Grey printed Silk Embroidery BY Warda

Warda is a familiar and known name in the market of designer clothing, and it is because of its uniqueness, attractive designs, flawless prints, bright and beautiful colours and all their unstitch and pret collection. Every year, Warda launches the fashion line for summer and winter season. Warda new winter collection 2019 consists of stitched and unstitched dresses that are now available in the market. The fall collection by Warda is mix and match of style and versatility, and it’s a complete lovely package.  It’s a mixture of vibrant and fresh colours, decency, styles, and moreover, the selection varies according to an event. You will have a variety of all kind of dresses either for a casual or formal. They have made embroidered dresses for the ladies who go to parties and get together usually. And then, they have made dignified and daily wear casual prints for the working women and School College going girls.

Embroidered cherry red kurta

3-piece digital printed electric blue by warda

Sea green with pink embroidery neck 3-piece by Warda

White printed 3-piece fall suit by warda

Printed Orange 3-piece fall suit by warda

Red printed 3-piece fall suit by warda

Sea green shirt with blue embroidery neck 3-piece fall suit by warda

Aqua blue printed shirt with light orange trouser 3-piece fall suit By warda

Printed red with blue embroidered neck 3piece by warda

Digital printed blue 3-piece fall suit by warda

purplish 3-piece fall suit by warda

Yellow 3-piece suit with blue embroidered neck fall collection by warda


Warda Latest Winter Collection 2019 Ready to Wear/Unstitched

In 2019, they have designed almost twenty-six winter prints. All these designs by Warda are available in the market and people are accepting them at a huge level. While getting the pictures of the prints, I got impressed, and I am also looking forward to having these prints in my wardrobe. They have showcased remarkable prints with fresh colours and stylish patterns. I can bet that no lady will resist to buying their striking winter assortment. The brand shopping is very easy as it is the very readily available name. The outlet of Warda is in almost every other city in Pakistan. Its branches are opened in different countries.If you can’t access or can’t manage to go to the outlet, then you can shop online. Warda provides the facility of online shopping, and you will get your favourite dress at your doorstep within no time. Without any hassle and with the option of cash on delivery, you can get your dress at home via e-shopping of Warda designer.

The stuff and fabric of Warda are so neat and beautiful that’s why it lasts for a longer period. Ladies and girls both always want such thing that last longer or that they can use for more than one season or year. The fabric of this brand lasts more than two years, and I have experienced it myself. So, this factor and all the other factors like elegance, versatility, uniqueness and use of vibrant colours dresses create a desire among ladies to buy from this brand every season. So, ladies, we have gathered all the designs for you on our fashion blog. Give your closer look at all the prints and rush to the store or buy online. I loved all the designs and pret wears, and I am sure that every woman irrespective of age will love this range too. Have fun and look beautiful wearing fabulous and colourful dresses by Warda.

Mustard and red fusion 3pc suit by Warda for winters

Off white ready to wear by Warda

Floral printed brown shirt with yellow embroidered neck

off white kurta with Blue embroidered neck

Floral red embroidery with grey texture by warda

Grey lining digital printed shirt by warda

Black and orange print with embroidered neck By warda

Multi blue shade printing by warda

Black block shirt with pinkish floral by Warda

Embroidered neck with floral purple by Warda

Yellow orangish embroidered shirt by Warda

Cherry Red with off white plain trouser by Warda

blue floral with yellow shirt by warda

Pink shirt with block purple sleeves

Warda Winter Bulletin Collection 2019

Like other startling collections of Warda, Brand is all set to gain the attention of several ladies who are already looking forward to having something surprising and new. Well, Winter bulletin Collection 2019 has all the spark that any customer would expect from any brand. For Apparel brand, it has to fit best with all the ladies need and should be according to the latest trend which can be quickly adopted by customers.

Blue 3-piece Khaddar Embroidery By Warda

As the name suggests, you must be thinking it could be something that would explain your personality in the digital print bulletin. Are you thinking same? Then yes, you are almost guessed what Warda has for you in their bulletin prints. Detail printed collection of embroidery and digital prints have been showcased. If you haven’t seen yet then check it out on the website, you will come across to exotic digital print collection that would say all at a glance.

Brown 3pc Silk Karandi print

Before going to look deep into design, Let me tell you one thing, Bulletin collection is all about digital printing on silk karandi or linen fabric. As per design shows, this is a fusion of various floral prints along dotting and lining as per your choice. Colors are so amazing and yes, its true colossal colour collection would make you puzzle at the time of selection what to choose or what to not.It’s hard to say no to any design. The fantastic collection has all the colour ranges, if you like vibrant colours, then you will have that variety too, and for those who love the soft and mellow shades, they will also have different options in different prints.

Blue Floral print Winter Bulletin By warda

A vast range of option is available for all those who want latest bulletin collection in 3-piece, 2-piece or single shirt. Latest variety is available in linen fabric, Karandi and incredible silk designs. So get your favourite one and don’t waste time to try other brands. You will have latest ready-to-wear soon as well. Warda brand is reasonable and full of elegant prints. Stylish patterns are incredible that wouldn’t let your eyes off. Take a Look at Glimpse of Warda Bulletin Collection 2019 🙂

Mustard print Winter Bulletin By warda

Black Silk Karandi Winter Bulletin By Warda

Offwhite Silk Karandi Winter Bulletin By Warda

Multi Color floral Fusion Print Winter Bulletin By Warda

Rose Red Silk Karandi Winter Bulletin By Warda

Mustard Black Combo Silk Karandi Winter Bulletin By Warda

Check out these amazing designs for your wardrobe and if you haven’t tried out yet then avoid excessive thinking. Go and grab your favourite one to make your appearance stand out this winter All prices are so reasonable and it will not overburden your husband’s pocket  🙂 Enjoy your winters to the fullest!

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Bonanza Satrangi Cambric Winter Collection

Nimsay Regalia and Parsa Cambric Winter Collection

Latest Winter Hijab Styles For Pakistani Girls 2019

Winters are approaching and we need to keep ourselves warm and protected from changing the weather. Hijab is the best choice to wear in cold weather. It is also followed all over the world by young girls and women alike. The trend of wearing abaya and hijab is increasing day by day and if you wear hijab, then it’s very important for you to know about latest winter hijab styles for Pakistani girls 2019. In Muslim families, parents and elders try to inculcate the concept of covering the head in minds of girls from childhood.

Wearing hijab and abaya has become quite common from past few years, not just to cover head and body but also as a symbol of modernity. Winter hijab styles 2019 can increase the beauty of woman especially young girls wearing hijab. Although, the origin of this beautiful wear-about is from Arabian culture and is liked by Eastern women it is also practised by women of various European countries. Wearing hijab can also make your personality more attractive and make you look stand different in the crowd with more confidence and proud.

Every person has his own choices and different state of mind. Mostly, young girls wear hijab and abaya when they go outside to their homes. It gives the sense of security and makes them feel more comfortable in public places. In winters, hijab also compliments their overall look and serves a purpose to keep safe from cold. Previously, there were just simple scarfs and dupattas for this purpose but with passing time, the concept has changed. Now, there are beautiful hijabs with motifs, beads and floral patterns on them. They not only serve the purpose of covering head but also make you look stylish and elegant. Thus, these religious wears are unique and make you look more beautiful with a touch of simplicity.

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Pakistani Winter Hijab Fashion Ideas For All Face Shapes

Winters are coming and there is a need to get warm clothes out. In cold weather, your dressing matters a lot because you not only have to keep yourself protected from cool blowing winds but also have to look beautiful. In this article, I have focused on different winter hijab styles for ladies 2019.  A Muslim girl has the best choice to cover herself with hijab. Islam is a religion of peace and we must follow Islamic teachings. Our Pakistani traditions and norms are also in line with the beautiful teachings of Islam. It is our moral duty to fulfil them in an efficient way. Wearing hijab is also among the beautiful Islamic teachings.

Usually, Pakistani women wear dupattas, scarfs and stoles to cover their heads. Wearing these items in a simple way is a common practice but when you carry it with style, it makes a difference. Our creative young girls have adopted this attire in a variety of styles. They use hijab in a different combination of colours with stylish abaya designs which make them look simply gorgeous.

You can wear stylish hijab in various elegant ways like with designer abayas and gowns, maxis, skirts, tops, jackets, coats and many other combinations. In winters, mostly full sleeves clothes are preferred as they protect skin from the dry environment. We cannot use summer hijabs in winter so, stuff and colour of hijab matter a lot. The cloth used for winter hijab must be warm and mostly bright colours are preferred. They will provide you with extra warmth on the icy cold day. You can use different coloured forehead fronts in combination with hijab, also called under-scarf caps. They look amazing and give your face a proper look.

While using these forehead fronts, the upper cloth scarf can be loosened and adjusted as required. You also have a choice to use different light weighed attention-grabbing brooches to pin the scarf at its right place. They are also easy to carry due to their lightweight. If you are going to any wedding event, you can wear matha Patti or tikka or even earrings with hijab with little adjustment in styling. It will always add a level of sophistication and glamour to your personality. Young Pakistani girls are also using headbands nowadays with their scarfs and hijabs on parties and also in daily routine get to gathers. Headbands always look so classy!

For everyday use, the simple triangular scarf is very comfortable to carry. This casual try will surely make your day. Those girls who want to try different styling in their hijabs must practice adding whorls to mini shawls and stoles, as it gives volume to it. Multicolored or matching scarf pins are helpful in getting layers fixed. You can look gorgeous with multi-layered hijab carried beautifully. See here multicolored fancy lace abaya designs.

Designers are also trying their best to cater needs of their clients. They have proved their talent by providing best output. Besides designing lavish dresses and other outfits, the increased popularity of wearing hijabs among ladies has made them work on this aspect also. Below are different stylish hijab styles for all face shaped girls. Have a look!!

beautiful casual hijab style for winters

party wear bridal hijab style for winters

winter hijab style with coat for girls

winter long frilled gown with hijab style

party wear hijab with saree latest style

pink kaftan style abaya with hijab for bridals

black abaya with hijab style for university girls

open gown with casual hijab for girls

long coat style abaya with hijab

casual party wear hijab style with skirt

Islamic dresses with bridal hijab styles

jeans with hijab style for modern girls

long maxi with hijab style for parties

simple long skirt with hijab style

stylish fall winter hijab style for office

wedding abaya and hijab style for brides

winter hijab style with jeans for girls

winter long boots and beautiful hijab

new winter hijab style for Pakistani girls

green party wear gown with hijab style

elegant hijab with white trousers and jacket

floral winter hijab style with long dress

loose hijab style for Pakistani ladies

hijab with under scarf for modern girls

trendy hijab style with short frock and jeans

Ladies, do follow trendy hijab fashions in Pakistan and I hope you will enjoy practising these, this winters. They will not only keep you looking cute but also stay warm all season long. Happy Winters!! 🙂

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Best Amazing Winter Nail Art Designs & Nail Color Trends 2019

Recently, with the arrival of winters, you may have noticed many things changing around you. From adding more layers to your wardrobes and enjoying warm beverages, winters don’t necessarily need to be that blue. The latest developments in the fashion industry all around the world when it comes to nail art has also been shaken up with very interesting trends. You’ll see that the most popular trends have revolved around your nails from flashbacks to barely-there tones to soft nudes. Moreover, you’ll find notable vogues like jewel-toned hues, different hues of grey, varying metallic tones and little pops of graphics and chic print and patterns.

The inspirations for the Best Amazing Winter Nail Art Designs & Nail Color Trends 2019  Fashion Runways. You keep thinking if the fashion of nail has died yet or are we finally going to give it up and moving toward something new. Well, no. That is not the case so far because we are absolutely not ready to give up on nail art yet. You’ll get to see so many big fashion names flaunting the latest trends in the New York Fashion Week Fall. The most popular designs included matte coats, half moons and almond-shaped among many others. Why have we moved to the almond-shape from the previous long square ones? Well, the answer is because the long square ones have been done to death and its high time we moved on to something else. So, the shape to follow in this winter is short and almond-shaped.

Stylish & Most Popular Winter Nail Art Designs 2019

This season packs a little for something for everyone, from nudes to nail art, you name it! So, let’s discuss in a little more depth on how you can catch up on the fall nail trends 2019. The two colours you can majorly focus on this winter would be something dark and moody like hues of grey and deep reds. So, make sure you have them in your nail paint collection! The nudes are usually associate with Spring and Summer, however, that has changed this season and we are warmly welcoming the new nudes which have now become a perma trend. To follow this trend, you’ll need to make sure of a few things. If you have a sheer tone, it doesn’t necessarily need to match your skin tone. But if it is opaque, lighter skin toned women should opt for a whitish nude with a tint of beige, medium skin toned women should go for the shades of apricot beige and lastly, darker skin toned women should go along the lines of brown beige. Get your nails manicure now and do whatever nail paint you want to do.

One of the popping trends this winter is the comeback of the 70’s shades. You will find this winter dominated by a very 70’s colour palette that will include rusts with a bit of fuchsia, purples and burnt orange. And just to add some razzle-dazzle to your look, simply paint your nails in metallic colours with opulent ombre glitter. An easy tip to remove the glitter is by wrapping it in acetone soaked cotton and securing it with tin foil. It will fall away and get off within 10 minutes. Two more trends to try this winter are two-toned talons that are being loved by masses and flip manicures that are one of the more edgy styles of this winter!

Green French nails

Brown Plain Design for nails

Brown and grey nails design

Dark Grey Cuticles trend

White Nails trend

Plain Black Nail Trend

Shimmery Blue Nail Design

Blood red nail trends

Brown edges nail designs

Golden Nail Design

Check Nail design pattern

Grey Floral Beige Nail Designs

Funky Nail Design

Elegant red nail trends

Decent beige nail trend

Ravishing baby pink design for Nails

Plain Black Nail Design

Floral nail design

Sea green Decent nail design

Petal nail Design for casual

Diagonal Blue Nail design

Dual nail Color Design

Plain Black Nail color design

Tri-Color Nail design

Baby Pink French Nail design

Tri-color Nail designs for casual

Vertical Tri-color Nail design

Nail Check patterns for casual

Appealing Nail Designs for Winter Festive Season

Winter season is a festive season as well and despite Christmas eve, holidays parties use to be at peak. So we have brought some of the unique and interesting ideas that can be easily executed for this. Check out below what winter festive designs are ready to spruce up your appearance.

Twinkling Stars

  1. Paint two coats of dark red nail polish
  2. Using thin striper brush dipped into white polish and draw vertical line on nail
  3. Next just draw horizontal line upright to vertical line
  4. Draw another line by using same brush in the intersection of two lines
  5. Another Diagonal line in the opposite direction should be added to draw star
  6. Paint white Dots around the big star

Twinkle Stars for Festive Nail design

Green French nails

  1. You just have to paint deep blue coat over the nail along green polish as well.
  2. Take a thin striper brush and dipped that in gold metallic polish. You just have to start from one side of the nail and paint small line halfway across the nail
  3. Finish the line by starting from one of the nail to another side of nail
  4. Just finish with a clear and glossy topcoat to join the edges of two coats together

Gold French Tips


White Snowflakes

  1. Coat a shimmery polish as your base colour
  2. Use a thin striper brush dipped in white polish and draw three lines on the nail.
  3. For the end of snowflakes just make tiny Vs at the end of each line
  4. If you want to mix up the look then larger snowflakes should be drawn on few fingers just to prominent the look
  5. Draw a hexagon to connect the intersecting lines of the snowflake.
  6. In the end, don’t forget to add tiny dots

Sweet Snowflakes Festive Nail art

Matte Tips nail

  1. First paint your nails a silver shade
  2. To create a horizontal line across the nail. Keep it that a quarter up from cuticle
  3. Top part needs to be filled with navy blue coat
  4. In The End, do apply Matte topcoat over the navy blue section just

Metallic Nail Tip for festive season

String Light Nails

  1. Paint hunter green polish two coats
  2. Paint thin line silver polish to create lights strings
  3. Dab the glue where you want to stick the crystal
  4. Push a tiny nail into the eraser of a pencil to pick up the crystals conveniently
  5. Use Multi-colored flat-black crystals to serve lights

String lights Festive winter designs

These are the tremendous designs for all type of winter festive events. You can have these designs for upcoming winters. It will spruce up nails appearance and for any festive season, you can paint your nails in same designs. The best part of these designs they are easy to implement and you will get the best result in few minutes.

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Zahra Ahmad Latest Winter Dress Collection For Women 2019

Making their big launch in 1993, the brand that is Zahra Ahmad has been successfully doing business by offering women exactly what they need when it comes to designer wear. This brand grounded its feet in the market only within a couple of years from the start of their launch. Zahra Ahmad proved to be quite a success and that was not only because of luck but because of the fact that she was talented, determined and driven towards achieving what she set out to do.

Zahra Ahmad Latest Winter Dress Collection For Women 2019 has been a great success because of her qualities. In this collection, we can see that there are unique designs that are inspired by the vintage and cultural heritage. Her arrival in the fashion industry in Pakistan stirred things up a bit and made it more competitive and intense. And it also offered customers new options and a wider range of clothing items to choose from. Zahra Ahmad has kept the demands and desires of her customers in mind and has launched a collection that is up to their expectations.

The dresses from her collections can be worn on several occasions ranging from casual events like on a daily basis, semi-casual events like parties and hangouts, semi-formal events like evening functions, formal events like bridal ceremonies and the like. This label by her has become one of the renowned names in the market that customers seek out when getting on with their shopping. She is also striving to make contributions to the excellence of Pakistani fashion industry by playing her part and providing the target market with the latest designs, styles and trends. Her creations have also gained popularity among girls and also women with a tight schedule that is looking for suitable attire with their routines.

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Zahra Ahmad Casual Winter Dresses For Girls 2019 Catalog

Zahra Ahmad has mostly been receiving a positive response and appreciation from her customers. This brand is also treading international waters for the expansion of its business, which is expected to be a profitable venture for the label. Nowadays, there is fierce competition especially when it comes to clothing, and that too women’s clothing. It is difficult to choose which brand to go for because even the variety offered by different labels has increased by a whole lot over the past couple of years. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Too many options can get a person confused on which one to go for. But there are a couple of things on our checklist that allows us to make that decision. Zahra Ahmad latest ready to wear winter dresses makes our decision making regarding the clothing stuff so easy that we do not even have to think twice.

Quality being on the top of that list, followed by aesthetics, design and creativity that sets them apart from others. Zahra Ahmad stands for such products. Zahra Ahmad winter collection can be seen as proof of that. The dresses in this winter collection are embellished and adorned with some intricate embroidery in vibrant and bold colours. We can see some soft tones in her dresses as well. These dresses are not only comfortable to wear casually and semi-formally but also suited for this cold winter season.

Zahra Ahmad new fall-winter collection 2019 includes embroidered and printed suits in accordance with the latest fashions and fads following the trendiest of cuts and styling that will give you some great options to choose from! This line of clothing is comprised of both soft and warm colours to brighten your day!

Yellow is the right colour for this winter and so Zahra Ahmad brings to you luxurious yellow dress that has embroidered neck and a huge motif on the back of the shirt.

Yellow embroidered dress by zahra ahmad winter wear

Feel beautiful in this digitally printed shirt piece in subtle winter colours with a vintage designed border for daaman.

digital printed dress for winter by zahra ahmad

Look on point at trendy with this long length yellow shirt that has polka dots on the front panel of shirt and digital printed scenery on the back of shirt.

Long Length shirt by zahra ahmad for winter

This extravagant shirt has embroidery on the neck in beautiful color of pink that is complimenting the blue eye soothing prints on the background. You can pair it up with straight trousers.

Blue embroidered party wear dress by zahra ahmad for winter

Look good, feel good in this adorable and eye-catching colored shirt. It has intricate border on the neck and embellishments to further adorn and define your style.

Embroidered winter wear by zahra ahmad

Stand out in any gathering and be the eye candy to everyone with this colorful and jazzy shirt that has amalgam of beautiful and bright colors. On the back of the shirt, there is huge floral motif while the front has a side panel infused in rich colors.

colorful dress by zahra ahmad for fall

This winter, go all comfy and soothing with this white shirt that has a touch of cool colors in it. You can pair it with white or blue straight trousers or even tulips pants and amend the length of the shirt according to your own style.

White floral dress by zahra ahmad for fall

This mauve coloured dress looks flattering from every angle and is perfect for casual wear on the days where you want to keep it all simple yet trendy. See more casual dresses here.

Mauve long shirt by zahra ahmad for winters

This angrakha styled shirt is a must-have this winter in your wardrobe to look more stunning and chic. It has a beautiful and timeless combination of black, white and red with floral patterns and designs on it.

Angrakha styled shirt by zahra ahmad for fall

Be the centre of any formal occasion with this chic and stylish shirt that has beautiful designs on the neck and geometrical symmetry on the entire of the shirt. On the back of the shirt, there are a digitally printed peacocks that look totally breathtaking.

Cream colored dress for winter parties by zahra ahmad

Ladies, this pastel coloured dress is a must have this winter. It has intricate embroidery on the neck and some huge floral patterns on the panel of the shirt.

Pink casual wear winter outfit by zahra ahmad

The dressing has never been this exciting. This exotic coloured dress by Zahra Ahmad is what we all want this winters. Pair it up with tulip pants to look more trendy.

Colorful floral white shirt by zahra ahmad for fall

Stay stunning and glamorous in this heavily embroidered shirt by Zahra Ahmad this winter to look stylish and modern. Pair it up with your favourite straight trousers.

Traditional embroidered dress by zahra ahmad for winter

Bring some twist in your monotonous styling with this beautiful angrakha dress that has a digital printed back. You can wear it on casual days with straight trousers.

angrakha styled dress for winter by zahra ahmad

Feel fresh this winter with this bright floral designed shirt that has a balance of style and simplicity in it. You can wear it with white trousers or white chinos to look classy.

Floral outfit by zahra ahmad for winter evenings

Make your winters less boring with this angrakha styled shirt by Zahra Ahmad. It has a beautiful and charming combination of white and dull gold giving an elegant look.

White Angrakha for winter parties by zahra ahmad

Brighten up your winters in this jazzy shirt that is full of colours and gives a joyous and cheery look. You can pair it up with jeans and look casual and comfy.

Blue dress by zahra ahmad for fall

Look super classy and modern in this long length shirt that has an infusion of exotic colours and shades on the back of the shirt while the front is kept simple and elegant.

embroidered dress for party wear by zahra ahmad winter collection

Zahra Ahmad has once again won the heart of her customers by bringing the most stylish and trendy winter collection She has something for casual days to formal outfits due to which women and girls are drooling over this collection. We can see she has gone for long length of shirts due to which the details of her work are prominent. Dress to impress with these stunning outfits this winter. Visit their web store to avail these items.

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Maria B New Linen & Indian Pashmina Winter Collection 2019

MARIA.B is one of the leading designer wear brands of the Pakistani Fashion Industry. Over the past 14 years, it has established a vast retail network that offers a wide variety of designer wear for women’s clothing. She came with the clear vision of revolutionizing fashionable women’s wear retail and allow it’s customers a whole new level of accessibility and convenience. Maria B New Linen & Indian Pashmina Winter Collection 2019 speaks voluminously about its success. This designer has launched a collection that is just perfect for this winter in all the ways; be it some formal gathering or some casual day at the office , Maria B has something for everyone. In this collection, we can see the use of some dark colours like black, brown and red but hues of pastel colours like rose pink, rust and ivory can also be seen. Acquiring all the skills she needed to materialize this dream of hers, she pursued the right field of education and landed exactly where she needed to be. And since then, the brand Maria B continued to enjoy the joy of success and the appreciation and love that it received from its ever growing customers.

Maria B actually wanted to encapsulate the designer sensibilities but with one very important factor and this is affordability. Because there are tons of brands out there in the market and most of the designer brands are ridiculously high priced. It is all about getting the worth of what you are paying for, and that is a quality that worth the price. It is inspiring to see how a small stitching unit transformed and grew into something as big as what this brand has achieved today looking over the past fourteen years. This label has not only excelled in the categories of the collections they delivered but also have been a notable success when it came to diversifying their product range. This can be seen from their diverse categories in forms of the labels MARIA.B Cotton, Mgirl, MARIA.B Evening Wear, MARIA.B Lawn, MARIA.B Linen, MARIA.B Pashmina (Indian Collection), MKids, MARIA.B Brides and Mbroidered Fabrics.

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Maria B Beautiful Winter Collection For Women

You will find you noting high quality, with the beauty of exquisite designs and patterns, creativity and innovation, and lastly affordability in all the nine labels under this brand name. Their product line is not only limited to just clothing but they also have an interesting range of accessories such as totes, clutches, earrings, rings, bangles, bracelets and necklaces. Maria B’s vast repertoire of fashion also includes pret a porter, couture, formal wear, lawn, embroidered fabrics and cotton. Having found all this under one brand, what else could a girl ask for? One of the things that have contributed immensely to the success of this brand is easy to access through their extensive retail network that is spread across the nation in different cities. And it is not only limited to national boundaries.This is the reason why Maria B has a large number of clients from Pakistan and abroad.

They are actively exploring other international destinations and are exporting to countries including India, UK, USA, Bangladesh, UAE and Qatar. We have all see the works that lit the fashion events and runways on red-hot, sizzling fires when her creations were launched not only in Pakistan but also internationally. Maria B New Linen & Indian Pashmina Winter Collection 2019  will give you a taste of exactly that in this collection. Packed with warm and comfortable fabrics, best suited for this weather, this exclusive winter assortment by Maria B brings you the latest designs and trends that you need to look out for!

Maria B presents this luxurious linen black dress that has a high neck and lace extension on the border which makes it perfect for any girl day out.

Black Linen dress by Maria b latest linen collection

This bold and beautiful black dress looks heavenly as it has embroidery on the border. The timeless combination of black, dull gold and white looks totally phenomenal.

Embroidered dress by maria b linen collection

This adorable dress is inspired by the vintage designs as we can see the use of vintage and classic prints on the dupatta and on the border of the shirt. Pair it up with flared pants to add a little twist to your style. Take a look at Nishat Linen New Pret Wear Winter Collection as well 🙂

Sea green and mustard dress from linen collection by maria b

Look totally out of this world in this deep red dress that has a pop of blue in it making it look really stylish and stunning. You can wear it for any formal occasion.

stylish maroon dress by maria b linen collection

Redefine style and fashion in this dark brown embroidered dress. Keep the length of the shirt short and pair it up with either bell bottom trousers or straight trousers.

Dark broen embroidered dress by maria b linen collection

Enjoy winter in this rust linen dress by Maria b latest linen collection. Its soft colours will soothe your days and make your winters warmer.

pastel colored dress for winter by maria b linen collection

Brighten up your winter with this rose pink dress by Maria b linen collection. It looks ethereal as it has some light cutwork and embroidery on the border. The trouser of the dress is also embellished with pearls on the sides.

Tea Pink dress by maria b linen collection

This magnificent and floaty dress is perfect for any party occasion. It is styled as short A-line frock and has some adorable and eye-catching details on it. You can pair it up with flared pants.

Black short frock dress by maria b linen collection

Feel awesome and fresh in this super gorgeous dress by Maria b as it has jazzy and bright colours on the shawl and some decent embroidery on the shirt.

stylish embroidered linen dress by maria b for fall

This winter dress to impress in this latest dress by Maria b linen collection. This timeless combination of pink and purple can make you look totally on point. Pair it up with tulips pants and become grab the attention of everyone.
Purple short frock dress by maria b linen collection

This dress has some nice and decent patterns of it making it perfect for casual wear. You can pair it up with straight pants or bell bottom trousers.

Blue embroidered linen dress for fall by maria b

This Embroidered Plum dress is adding aesthetic appearance to your personality. Tassels have been studded to Daman and you can have either straight or tulip pants with this stunning dress

Plum embroidered linen dress by Maria B

Grey short frock is looking superb with grey bell-bottom trousers and it’s up to you if you want to pair it up with straight or ghaghra pants. Excellent choice for casual wear or gatherings.

Grey Embroidered Linen outfit by Maria B

Try out this Royal blue dress for upcoming winters, as you can see studded tassels on open-shirt is enhancing the grace of dress. Pair this dress with straight pants.

Royal blue embroidered linen outfit for Maria B

Black Embroidered outfit with straight pants would look superb on you. Are you looking for something different in black for this winter? Give a try to this outfit. Tiger printed dupatta is giving a new look to the black outfit.

Black embroidered linen outfit by Maria B

Maria B Latest Indian Pashmina Collection

In this beautiful and artistic collection we can see that Maria B has used some bright colours to bring excitement to your everyday dressing styles. She has gone for colours like blue, orange, purple and pink. The length of the shirts are quite long and look best with straight trousers or even choori dar pajamas.

These dresses have embroidery on the neck with symmetrical patterns on the background. This looks best with straight trousers.

Embroidered dress by mariab b indian pashmina

These warmly coloured dresses are there to add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. The colour combinations are beautiful and look super nice in this weather.

long length dress by maria b indian pashmina

Whether its a casual day at the office or a random day out with friends, look good in these long length shirts by maria b. There is intricate embroidery on the neck.

Long A line shirts by maria b indian pashmina collection

Feel the freshness of winter with these exotic designs by Maria b. The symmetrical patterns and colour combinations are an eye candy.

Jazzy colored dresses by maria b indian pashmina collection

Go glam with these embroidered dresses by Maria b Indian pashmina collection. You can pair it up with choori dar pajamas.

elegant winter outfit by maria b indian pashmina collection

Enjoy winters with these stylish dresses by Maria b that have embroidery on the neck of the shirt while the dupatta has some trendy patterns on it.

Symmetrical designed dresses for fall by maria b indian pashmina collection

These peacock coloured dresses are a must have this winter.They are just perfect for casual wear.
Bright indian pashmina dresses by maria b

Maria B Mbroidered Collection

If you want to know more about styles then no other brand than Maria B is giving such high quality embroidered prints for your all kind of eves. Mbroidered range is another excellence of Maria B. Ladies are just loving these prints for gatherings and wedding functions. You can pair these marvellous shirts with bell-bottom or straight pants. Grab your favourite design below to become a part of Maria B designs family for these winters.

This stunning red blood colour with green pant is looking marvellous. Wear this outfit for any occasion just to give you splendid appearance.

Fuchsia Pink & Gold Mbroidered dress by Maria B

Apple Green and Lilac shades are being admired by everyone so these stunning colours have been infused with embroidery for giving the outfit an amazing look

Apple Green & Lilac Mbroidered outfit by Maria B

Maria B has gone for some ethereal and royal dresses this winter. In her linen collection, we can see how she has balanced the simplicity with some elegance by adding few embellishments to add grace to your everyday dresses. In her latest Indian pashmina collection, she has gone for some bright and versatile colours that are infused with intricate embroidery with a pop of bright colours to make you look totally on point this winter. So ladies rush to your nearest outlet to avail the best of the best or you can visit their web store as well. Enjoy the Winters to the fullest 🙂


Ethnic By Outfitters Pret Wear Fall Winter Collection 2019

Pakistan itself a country of latest trends and fashions and while dressing up for any eve strictly adherence to tradition is being considered on the priority basis. Pakistan is having inherited traditions and cultures and when this factor comes to your attire then cultural heritage are considering in the imagination along the graciousness and elegance

Ladies across Pakistan are so right in wearing and carrying dresses that add more beauty to the dress of brand and enhance the personality of the woman wearing it. Now in winter 2019, you will surely see the freshest winter collection by different labels. You will see the ladies and girls rushing towards the brand outlets buying Latest attire collection. And last but not the least, you will love to see the eternal love of women for getting dresses stitch soon and giving themselves all that lush look and charm. Check out the glimpse of Ethnic By Outfitters Pret Wear Fall Winter Collection 2019 from the platform of Best Stylo

Elegant Outfitters Winter Collection 2019

In today’s article of our fashion blog, we will broadcast the unique and rich in beauty assortment of new and the leading brand, Ethnic by Outfitters. Ethnic is the extended label of the old renowned brand Outfitters. Outfitters is famous in the market for providing the best collection of western dresses for girls and boys. We have sorted out Ethnic By Outfitters Pret Wear Fall Winter Collection 2019 for you ladies. Our selected designs are second to none 

With the emergence of the market, Outfitters decided to open one sub-brand that focuses ladies wearing too. So, they came up with the greatest brand in the market for women suits. In very less time, the ethnic prints got famous in the market and place the reliable position in ladies heart.

Brown 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters

Grey 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters

Blue 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters
Black 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters
Red 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters Green 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters Purple 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters Embroidered Beige 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters Floral Grey 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters Orange 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters Blue 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters Yellow 3-piece design by ethnic Outfitters

Latest Collection of Embroidery Pants 2019

Latest floral and embroidery bottoms gives you a whimsy look. Floral designs have been carved by keeping your ethnicity in imagination. It does not look lovely it is lovely to wear as well. You will forget other designs and will rush to grab these ones. These designs are the great enhancement of cigarette pants 

latest 2017 Winter Embroidery Pants by ethnic

latest 2017 Grey Winter Embroidery Pants by ethnic

latest 2017 beige Winter Embroidery Pants by ethnic

Festive Collection of Winter Dresses For Women 2019

We have gathered the pret and unstitch winter collection 2019 of Ethnic at our blog. Check all the Ethnic pret and unstitch winter collection here. I am sure that all ladies and girls know well about Ethnic by Outfitters label; it’s one of my favourite brand among all. The prints, designs, embroidery, patchwork, needlework and all the artistry on the dresses of Ethnic are spellbound.

Ethnic unstitch collection is different from all other brands; they focus on the floral designs more. The pret winter collection has both the short and medium length shirt suitable for every lady and girl.Ethnic pret assortment has fabulous dresses because they have intricate them with the print work and embroidery work.

They have used bright and dark colours in all the winter collection. The mix and match of dark colours are used. Digital prints have been used too in these magnificent designs. All the dark colours have been put up by the brand that shows that they believe winter is the season of bright hues. Women look glamorous when they wear dark shades in fresh and calm weather.

So, ladies and young girls, try out these dazzling collections of Ethnic unstitch and pret patterns on our fashion blog. Then, select the best one for you and buy it from the outlet or their Facebook page. Give yourself lovely look in winters by wearing dark tints!!

Blue Festive Ethnic outfitters Multi Print Red Festive Ethnic outfitters Stripes Festive prints Red Festive Ethnic outfitters Blue Festive Ethnic outfitters Beige Festive Ethnic outfitters Black Festive Ethnic outfitters Grey Festive Ethnic outfitters Embroidered Golden Festive Ethnic outfitters

Pret Collection of Ethnic outfitters

Numerous sections of this blog have been gathered for especially Best Stylo readers to let them know everything by outfitters through our platform. Last but not the least outfitters is the brand of ethnicity and if you haven’t get these outfits for this winter then you have probably missed out a big shot. Don’t get confused with numerous brands, let me tell you people Pret Collection of Ethnic by Outfitters has no competition with other low-quality brands. No one is fabricating such high-quality prints with great care as outfitters do. You people can have these Pret collections for your casual wear, either you are going to university, college and office these ones are the best option that will give you the modest look. Amazing colour combinations and fresh designs are best fit for everyone. Check out below design and have them for your winter wardrobe.

Embroidered Fusion Top by Outfitters
Embroidered Fusion Top
Embroidered Shirt by Outfitters
Embroidered Shirt
Colored Fusion Top by Outfitters
Coloured printed Fusion Top
Golden Embroidered Fusion Top by Outfitters
Golden Embroidered Fusion Top
Printed Top by Outfitters
Printed Top
Green Stripes printed Top by Outfitters
Green Stripes printed Top


Black Printed Top by Outfitters
Black Printed Top
Blue Printed Fusion Top by Outfitters
Blue Printed Fusion Top


Have you checked the designs? You must be thinking to have them in your wardrobe. Don’t waste your time on other brands and try outfitters this season.These are the latest collection of Ethnic by Outfitters. A combination of colours and trends are being offered to impress all the ladies of all age groups. Hurry up and grab these Latest glamorous designs to rock the winters. Stay tuned to our blog we will have some more updates regarding the brand. Get these articles online through  or visit the nearest outlet. Have Fun and enjoy winters to the fullest 🙂

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Best Engagement Dress Designs 2019

Best Stylo is back with mesmerizing range Best Engagement Dress Designs 2018. Being committed is a beautiful feeling. Every girl desire for a beautiful, lovely commitment with a ring on her finger, this all happens in engagement ceremony. We know your requirement that is for we are bringing some latest designs for all over Asian beautiful ladies. Women always remain very major in engagement, mangni or sagai, these all different language terms mean same.

Tea Pink Medium Shirt with lehnga Engagement Collection

The bride wants to look much subtle yet highlighted in their engagement ceremony, but mostly ladies get confused about what she should carry. The latest designs of engagement dresses gathering 2019 by Pakistani and Indian fashion designers contains clothes of current styles and in vogue shading mixes. Engagement dress is significant as it is the primary focal point of fascination in the entire service. So, every young lady needs to pick her engagement dress deliberately remembering the most recent design patterns Furthermore the subject of the function.

Embroidered Net Shirt With Tea Pink Lehnga Engagement Collection

Wedding engagement dresses are likewise an essential piece of arrangements for engagement other than Pakistani Bridal dresses. We think of clothes for distinctive occasions like Nikah, Walima, wedding capacities, and so forth, every one of these Pakistani Dresses had their significance. At present, Pakistan fashion industry is amongst the best fashion industry worldwide. Pakistani fashion designers highlighted collection especially for women of Asia. Mostly, Asian brides have resemblance due to similarities in culture and region. Today, we are presenting latest collection of best engagement dresses designs for wedding brides of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India, etc. Now you do not need to worry and bother about which designer dress wear for your engagement ceremony.

Mahrani Style Engagement Collection


Long Shirt Engagement Designs

Long tail Frock Engagement Collection

Asian Engagement Dresses For Wedding Brides 2019

Designs of engagement dresses are of distinctive plans and styles; some are vigorously adorning while some are primary in a configuration. The style and outline of the engagement dress rely on the pick of the young lady. The bride is also the focal point of consideration even in engagement ceremony as like wedding day function. Each one will take a gander at your dress, so you have to look great. The engagement dresses are not intensely enhancing with the innovative filling in in contrast with the wedding dresses

Engagement outfits are included with the little weaving in addition to Dabka, stone, and themes in light developments. In case, engagement ceremony is occurring in the daytime then attempt to make up for lost time the dresses in lighter shades. And for the evening time, the determination of shading ought to be brighter and darker ones. A percentage of the unmistakable hues found in the engagement dresses are white, blue, pink, purple, red, maroon, orange, yellow, green, fuchsia, peach and so forth. The pattern of wedding engagement outfit in open shirt dresses is the most well known in the present year 2019. We have additionally gathered some short shirts wedding dresses for engagement in excellent, distinctive hues.

Purplish Embroidery Shade Engagement Collection

You can find distinctive hand work in these latest fashion Pakistani engagement dresses. You would find work of stonework, kora work, sequin work, etc. in this stunning assortment. Mostly, engagement outfits are designed in light hues but we have additionally chosen outfits in bright hues. Hues like light blue, pink, peach, dim orange and so on are utilized. Gown style is likewise extremely in nowadays. So, gowns can also be used to the capacity of engagement by the spouse. You can see classy marriage dress plans for function showed underneath. Dresses in diverse styles can utilize on the wedding. We have included outfit or maxi style gowns in our gathering of engagement dresses for Asian weddings. Rajhistani dresses and Anarkali gowns are additionally viewing as useful for engagements ceremony. These dresses give the conventional look to a particular lady at engagement day. All sorts of engagement dresses including gowns, lehengas, open shirts, long shirts and so forth can be found in this engagement dresses collection 2019 by the topmost Pakistani and Indian style creators.

Elegant White Theme for Engagement Collection



Embroidered Body Frock Engagement Collection

Traditional Long shirt with lehnga Engagement Collection

Embroidery Georgette Frock Engagement Collection

Elegant Light Shades for Engagement Brides

Indian Style Engagement Dresses

Ghagra Style Frock engagement Collection

Open Shirt Styles For engagement

A-Line Frock for engagement

Orange Shades dresses for engagement

Indian Engagement Styles

Designer Engagement Collection for brides

Sea Green Shaded Long shirt Engagement Collection

Engagement Collections for Indian Brides

Our Pakistani designers are flourishing not in Pakistan but also across the globe. Their designs are being loved by Indian brides too. New Engagement Dresses Designs For Brides 2019 are being introduced by best stylo. Let’s have a look these fabulous and glamorous designs who are all set to give you stunning appearance for your important day.

Pastel Design engagement outfits

Dark pink with Zari work for Engagement Brides

Fierce Orange Shade frock Engagement

These are the top-notch collection of several designers who have just express their hard work through these designs. Have these Design for your engagement or get inspiration for your new life goal ahead. It’s up to you to choose designs of either light shade or darker shade as per your convenience. So hurry up grab these styles 😉

Check out Below ones 😉

Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Collection 2019

Lala Textile has got the foothold in the fashion industry of Pakistan. Lala is now amongst Pakistan’s famous clothing brands. It is getting famous day by day for its modernized and latest trends. Lala is well-recognized brand since its establishment in 1992 by name Lala Textile Mills Limited. Lala Textile is providing fabulous, high-quality stuff and the material includes apparel fabrics, greige fabrics, and packed home textiles. In 2010, they again came in the fashion industry to mark their label. The brand revived itself in the Pakistan week 2010.

In Pakistan week 2010, Lala brand displayed their three-piece suits and got the love and attention of Pakistani ladies. From that time till now, Lala is conquering the heart of fashion lover women. They came among the counted and noted clothing brands. This brand is among top rated brands providing classic and appealing designs of unstitched and ready to wear collection to their valuable customers. Over these few years, the brand got success in entertaining their customers with an extensive range of perfect quality. So, over the years, they have maximized their clients.

Every year, every season, the brand launches new dresses collection. They freshly originated their winter collection for women 2019 in the market. Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Collection 2019 is just breathtaking. The collection idea came up from the expressive folk art. Winter assortment is comprised of 20 incredible and mesmerizing designs in vibrant hues. Some of the designs are available in alternate shades too. The new accumulation is made up of linen fabric, the most used material in winters. The linen winter collection has various good things in them. Like, it consists of embroidered motifs and patches in it which make the assortment even impressive and charming for ladies.

Elegant Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Dress 2017 Lala Textiles Glamorous Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Apparel 2017 Lala Textiles Black Classic Linen Embroidered Dress for Winter 2017 Decent Lala Textiles Classic Linen Winter Collection 2017 Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Dress 2017 Beautiful Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Dress 2017 Chic trendy Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Collection 2017 Gorgeous Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Collection 2017 Stylish Designed Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Collection 2017

Lala Classic Linen Prints for Winter 2019 Latest Collection

Like every year, once again in winters 2019, Lala textile’s new accumulation appears in a market with attractive prints and designs. All these new designs are available at a very affordable price. Along with reasonable rates, the patterns are made in a brilliant way using the delicate shade of pure linen fabric for all the girls and ladies out there. It is the most up-to-date collection of latest trends and techniques.

Linen fabric is most favourite fabric and loved by every woman. Most women prefer wearing linen stuff in a winter season. So, for all such ladies, latest winter collection by Lala 2019 is the best option. These designs and prints are available in the three-piece unstitched collection, and each dress consists of:

  • One Linen Shirt
  • One Linen Dupatta
  • One Plain Dyed Trouser

Lala Textile mills have also revealed some other winter stuff in fabric like pure cotton, cotton with lycra, cotton with polyester, cotton with bamboo, viscose, nylon cotton and few other durable and easy stuff too. The brand always introduced such prints that revolutionize fashion industry. They continually tried and succeeded in bringing perky and striking designs for every season. They always keep newest trends and styles for young girls and ladies. Our fashion blog has assembled the images of the whole latest collection by Lala. You can see full assortment here and then you can order online, or you can get the most recent stuff from the outlet. Keep wearing new stuff and stay gorgeous!!

Lala Textiles beautiful linen dress for Winters Elegant Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Collection Multi-shaded Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter attire Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Collection Orange and Blue Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter attire Purple Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Dress Green Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Collection Purple and Pink Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter attire Pink Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Dress Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Collection
Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Collection Beautiful Lala Textiles Classic Linen Embroidered Winter Dress

Lala Textiles Dazzling Classic Linen Wool Prints

Winters are at our doorstep and with the extreme weather conditions all ladies prefer to have something in wool. Numerous brands are offering a wide range of dazzling prints. Similarly, Lala textiles have showcased high-quality prints and designers are doing great effort to launch something new. They keep on launching latest variety just to conquer the people interests. In this section, you would get to know about dazzling classic linen wool prints that have amazing linen prints with warm wool shawls. Prices are so affordable and vibrant prints are so eye-catching. Everyone wants to have a standout appearance in any winter, Lala Textiles is the top-notch brand which is excelling in the market for high-quality prints. Check out the following prints.

Green Classic Linen Prints with wool By Lala textile
Green – PKR 1,570/-
Gold Classic Linen Prints with wool By Lala textile
Gold – PKR 1,570/-
Aqua Blue Classic Linen Prints with wool By Lala textile
Aqua Blue – PKR 1,570/-
Pink Classic Linen Prints with wool By Lala textile
Pink – PKR 1,570
Dust Blue Classic Linen Prints with wool By Lala textile
Dust Blue – PKR 1,570/-
Parrot Green Classic Linen Prints with wool By Lala textile
De-York PKR 1,570/-
Orange Classic Linen Prints with wool By Lala textile
Amber – PKR 1,570/-
Mustard Classic Linen Prints with wool By Lala textile
Brown – PKR 1,570/-
Aqua Blue Classic Linen Prints with wool By Lala textile
Blue – PKR 1,570/-
Mustard Classic Linen Prints with wool By Lala textile
Mustard Black – PKR 1,570/-
Marroon Classic Linen Prints with wool By Lala textile
Black – PKR 1,570/-

Lala textiles Fall Winter Collection

As you have gone through with all the ravishing Linen prints then let’s have a look Special Fall-Winter Collection which comprises stunning Khaddar, Cotton, Pallachi embroidered and pallachi Classic Prints. All prints are cost-effective and as you can see stunning vibrant prints are all set to make your focal point for any occasion. Majority ladies are acquiring these designs for upcoming winter. In this section, we are additionally featuring some of the exotic prints that you won’t get from any brand. if you are one of them who have decided to rush Lala textile outlet, Good News for them they can order their desired prints online as well. Check out the glimpse of fall Winter Collection.

Blue printed Cotton by Lala Textile
Blue printed Cotton – PKR 1,120/-
Maroon Cotton Print By Lala textile
Maroon cotton print – PKR 1,120/-
Blue Printed Cotton By Lala textiles
Blue Printed Cotton – PKR 1,120/
Black Twill Palachi by Lala textile
Black Twill Palachi – PKR 2,990/-
Grey twill Palachi by Lala textiles
Grey twill Palachi – PKR 2,990/-


Golden Twill palachi By lala textile

These are the Stunning Beautiful designs of winter fall. People are opting these great designs for winters. You may have come across various brands who are offering poor-quality prints at high prices but you won’t see such things in Lala textiles. They do exactly same for what they said. Hurry Up! Rush to the outlet or buy these prints online. You won’t complain about low-quality and other stuff to get the best one for winters and enjoy winters to fullest 🙂

Check out the below ones 🙂

Nimsay Regalia and Parsa Cambric Winter Collection

Kayseria Beautiful Winter Prints and Hues Latest Collection

Khaadi Cambric Autumn Winter Collection New Arrivals

Orient Textiles Latest Autumn Winter Collection For Women