12 Best Blue Green Paint Colors for 2023 Your Home

12 Best Blue Green Paint Colors for 2023 Your Home

Blue green paint colors blend the tranquility of blue with the renewal of green for beautifully calming hues. Ranging from cool aquas to complex teals, blue greens work in nearly any room. Their versatility allows them to be energizing or relaxing, casual or elegant.

If you love the look of blue green, here are 12 beautiful paint colors to consider across many shades and tones.

What is Blue Green Paint?

Blue green paint combines blue and green pigments to create sophisticated, nature-inspired hues. The amount of blue vs green varies, resulting in shades from sea glass aquas to pine forest greens.

Unlike primary blues, blue greens have more grayness and complexity. Their muted vibrance makes them highly flexible neutrals. Blue green colors range from pale and bright to deep and moodier intensities.

If you want color without going overboard, blue green is ideal. Keep reading for 12 of the best blue green paint colors for every room.

12 Best Blue Green Paint Colors

Here are top blue green paint picks across various brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Behr.

1. Behr Island Oasis

Behr Island Oasis

A soft seafoam blue green evocative of tropical waters. Its restful hue refreshes living spaces.

2. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

A popular blue green gray with a beachy feel. This breezy neutral suits bedrooms and baths.

3. Benjamin Moore Blue Heather

Benjamin Moore Blue Heather

A dusty slate blue with green undertones perfect for a study or reading nook. Its complexity inspires contemplation.

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4. Sherwin Williams Oceanside

Sherwin Williams Oceanside
Image Credit:@ housebeautiful

An airy blue green gray that captures the essence of coastal living. Use in beach-themed rooms.

5.Sherwin Williams Tradewind

Sherwin Williams Tradewind

A versatile medium blue green that lightens up kitchens, dining rooms and living spaces with its casual energy.

6. Sherwin Williams RainwashedSherwin Williams Rainwashed

A soft gray green with soothing undertones of blue. This versatile neutral complements any room.

7. Benjamin Moore Sleepy Hollow

Benjamin Moore Sleepy Hollow

A dark muted blue green like pine forest shadows. Use this dramatic shade in home theaters or bedrooms.

8. Sherwin Williams Spa

Sherwin Williams Spa

A restorative green blue adding Zen tranquility to bathrooms and bedrooms.

9. Behr Teal Zeal

Behr Teal Zeal

A vivid bright teal that electrifies a room with its burst of energy. Use in moderation or kids’ spaces.

10. Benjamin Moore Whispering Spring

Benjamin Moore Whispering Spring


A soft seafoam ideal for nurseries or bedrooms. Its gentle hue instills calm.

11. Sherwin Williams Tranquil Aqua

Sherwin Williams Tranquil Aqua

A relaxing spa-like green blue ideal for self-care spaces. It soothes away stress.

12. Behr Polished Stone PPU17-16

Polished Stone PPU17-16

A versatile blue green beige that works as a soothing neutral in any room.

Benefits of Blue Green Paint

Beyond just looking beautiful, blue green paint colors offer many benefits:

Soothing & Relaxing

Like the ocean and natural pools, blue green hues are inherently calming and serene. They promote deep relaxation in bedrooms, spas and sanctuaries.

Stimulating Focus

While lighter blue greens relax, bolder aquas and teals energize creativity and concentration. Use them in offices, studios or kids’ rooms.

Natural Appeal

Blue greens connect us to the beauty of nature. They remind us of comforting landscapes like lakes, forests, beaches and sky.

Sophisticated Neutral

Blue greens work with cool and warm colors equally well. Their versatility makes them ideal core neutrals with character and depth.

Adds Visual Interest

Unlike flat whites or grays, multi-faceted blue greens have movement and shading that keeps walls intriguing.

Promotes Sleep

Research shows blue green colors aid healthy sleep patterns when used in bedrooms. Avoid vivid shades which can energize.

Best Rooms for Blue Green Paint

Here are rooms that benefit most from the magic of blue green paint:

1. Bedrooms

Blue Green Bedrooms
Image Credit: architecturaldigest

Serene blue greens practically guarantee restful sleep. Use soothing pale aquas or deep forest greens to optimize bedroom relaxation and rejuvenation.

2. Bathrooms

Blue Green Bathrooms
Image Credit: bhg

In bathrooms, blue greens evoke the feeling of cleansing beach and rainforest showers. Surround yourself in these colors for a spa-like escape.

3. Kitchens

Blue Green Kitchens
Image Credit: younghouselove

Energizing mid-tone blue greens like teal make fantastic accent colors in kitchens. They provide a splash of vibrance against natural wood cabinetry.

4. Living Rooms

Blue Green Living Rooms
Image Credit: decorpad

Blue greens strike the perfect balance between stimulating and soothing in living rooms. They keep this family gathering space awake but not too lively.

5. Dining Rooms

Blue Green Dining Rooms
Image Credit: decoist

Blue greens inspire conviviality and connection in dining rooms. Use an airy blue green like seafoam as the main dining room color.

6. Offices & Studies

Blue Green Offices
Image Credit: decorpad

In home offices and studies, blue greens aid concentration and focus. The colors provide a subtle jolt of energy but aren’t overbearing.

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7. Kids’ Rooms & Playrooms

Blue Green Kids' Rooms
Image Credit: pinterest

Vibrant blue greens energize kids’ spaces. Use these stimulating colors to encourage creativity, learning and play!

8. Laundry Rooms

Blue Green Laundry Rooms
Image Credit: homelovesdesign

In laundry rooms, blue greens bring a sense of uplift and refreshment. Surround yourself with aqua as you tackle chores.

9. Accent Walls

Blue Green Accent Walls
Image Credit: thespruce

Anywhere you want to inject a sense of tranquility, consider a blue green accent wall. They provide complexity without overwhelming.

Decorating with Blue Green Paint

When using blue green paint colors, keep these decorating tips in mind:

Lighting Changes Hues

Blue greens shift from green to blue depending on the light. Use ample lighting to bring out the blue tones.

Contrast with Warm Tones

Rich warm woods, tans, terra cotta and metals beautifully balance blue greens. Don’t go too cool-on-cool.

Monochromatic Palettes

Sticking to shades of blue green creates a soothing oasis. Vary intensity and brightness for subtle contrast.

Layer Metallics and Natural Textures

Mixing glossy and matte, smooth and rough adds visual interest. Try oil-rubbed bronzes, linen textures, marble and wood grains.

Crisp White Trim

For definition on blue green walls, paint the trim and ceilings crisp white. This makes the color pop.

Display Natural Elements

Bring in jade sculptures, driftwood, sand dollars, shells and stones. Natural materials enhance blue greens.

Using Blue Green for an Accent Wall

Looking to add a subtle splash of blue green without going overboard? Use it strategically on an accent wall. Some ideas:

  • Bedroom – On the bed wall, use a soft relaxing blue green. Keep other walls neutral. Add white trim for contrast.
  • Dining – Behind a credenza or dining table, try a dusty antique aqua green. Use it to anchor the space.
  • Office – Paint a bold teal accent wall to stimulate focus while you work. Keep other walls light beige.
  • Bath – As a shower or tub accent wall, go for a serene spa-like seafoam. Contrast with white wainscoting.
  • Kitchen – On the wall behind the stove or sink, use a cheerful pale aqua. Pair with bright white cabinets.
  • Living Room – Try a classy slate green accent wall to create visual interest without overpowering.

Soothing Blue Green Color Schemes

Blue greens are endlessly versatile but pair particularly well with these hues:

Blue Green + Sandstone

Blue Green + Sandstone
Image Credit: coolestone

Earthy sandstone accents like vases, tiles and travertine bring out the natural undertones in blue greens. The two complement each other beautifully.

Blue Green + Aged Bronze

Blue Green + Aged Bronze
Image Credit: homenish

The oxidized patina of aged bronze fixtures and hardware adds an elegant touch against blue green walls.

Blue Green + Light Gray

Blue Green + Light Gray
Image Credit: designingidea

Soft powdery grays let refreshing blue greens shine. Use light gray upholstery and linens to prevent overwhelming.

Blue Green + Walnut Wood

Blue Green + Walnut Wood
Image Credit: elledecor

Rich chocolate browns in walnut dining sets, tables and bookshelves provide cozy contrast next to cool aquas.

Blue Green + Chartreuse

Blue Green + Chartreuse
Image Credit: elledecor

Pops of citrusy chartreuse in pillows, blankets and artwork enliven tranquil blue greens with playful whimsy.

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Blue Green + Natural Fibers

Blue Green + Natural Fibers
Image Credit: froy

Incorporate jute, sisal, cotton and linen textures for an organic feel. Natural fibers fit with blue green’s earthy side.

Choosing the Perfect Blue Green

With so many shades to select from, here are tips for choosing the ideal blue green:

  • Lighting – Darker blue greens suit bright sunny rooms. Pale hues work best in dim spaces.
  • Use – Bold blues aid concentration. Soft aquas relax. Pick appropriately.
  • Mood – Vibrant shades energize. Dusty antique hues are peaceful. Set the scene.
  • Size – Intense colors like teal can overwhelm in small rooms. Use them sparingly.
  • Style – Navy blue greens are traditional. Aqua greens feel beachy and casual. Select your look.
  • Pairings – Test samples next to furnishings. Ensure hues complement don’t compete.

Consider the desired atmosphere and how colors interact before deciding. Be bold or peaceful with the many blue green possibilities!

Blue Green Paint FAQ

Still have questions about decorating with blue green? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What colors go well with blue green?

Blue greens pair beautifully with warm neutrals like white, sand, stone, tan and oak wood tones. Clear blues and greens also complement blue green. For contrast add in black, yellow, red or metallic accents.

What are the undertones in blue green?

Blue greens can take on green, gray or blue undertones depending on the ratio of pigments. Green-leaning hues have yellow undertones. Blue-based shades contain hints of gray or purple.

How do you choose between bright or muted blue greens?

If you seek to relax, use a muted sea glass green or soft aqua. For energizing, stimulating rooms pick a vibrant teal or bright lime green blue. Balance intensity with room size.

Should you use blue green paint in small rooms?

Yes, but stick to light or medium blue greens. Vibrant teals can feel overwhelming in a small room. Aquas and seafoam colors keep things airy and spacious.

What are the most versatile blue green shades?

Mid-tone blue greens with hints of gray work well in any room as a soothing neutral. Try Sherwin Williams Sea Salt or Benjamin Moore Misty Aqua for go-anywhere hues.

Final Thoughts

Blue green paint colors range from airy aquas to bold teals. With natural depth and complexity, they bring the renewing colors of water and plants indoors. Consider the shade and intensity to suit your space, then select from the 12 beautiful blue greens above. Whether you seek to relax, energize or simply admire their aquatic hues, blue greens offer the perfect solution!

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