12 Best Dark Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

12 Best Dark Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

Dark blue paint colors make a bold impact. Ranging from moody navy to near-black midnight, these deeply pigmented blues create atmosphere and intrigue.

If you’re seeking drama through paint, explore these 12 gorgeous dark blue colors for captivating rooms.

What Makes Dark Blue Such a Striking Paint Color?

With depths spanning from mysterious cobalt to cocooning navy, dark blues offer drama without totally overwhelming a space. Their standout qualities include:

  • Soothing Contrast – Despite being vivid, darker blues have an intrinsically calming yet eye-catching effect. They attract without overstimulating.
  • Sense of Importance – The boldness of navy and midnight blue conveys prestige and wealth. Dark blues add gravitas.
  • Dimensionality – Thanks to their pigment depth, dark blues create the impression of a multi-layered, textured look.
  • Formality – Deep, saturated blues feel instantly refined. Even casual rooms gain an elegant touch with smart navy accents.
  • Flexible – Owing to their dramatic impact, even small dark blue features make a statement without clashing amid lighter hues.
  • Encourages Sleep – Darker blues signal melatonin production to prepare the mind and body for restful sleep.

Now let’s explore 12 specific dark blue paint colors to inspire your next bold project!

12 Striking Dark Blue Paint Colors

Here are today’s most popular dramatic blues from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Behr and more:

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1. Sherwin Williams Naval

Real Sherwin-Williams Naval
Real Sherwin-Williams Naval

This universally flattering navy blue adds commanding sophistication anywhere it’s applied.

2. Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

A versatile navy with green undertones, ideal for cultivating New England coastal style.

3. Behr Blue Blood

Behr Blue Blood

Blood red undertones enrich this intoxicating midnight blue with striking intensity.

4. Sherwin Williams Caviar

Sherwin Williams Caviar
Sherwin Williams Caviar

A black-inspired navy paint color named after the indulgent delicacy. Adds exotic flair.

5. Behr Dark Night

Behr Dark Night

Deeper than navy, this dramatic blue evokes the atmospheric expanse of the night sky.

6. Benjamin Moore Midnight Oil

Benjamin Moore Midnight Oil

A blackish-green navy reminiscent of the dark, renewing pine forests. Make your space feel secluded.

7. Sherwin Williams Poolside

Sherwin Williams Poolside

A throwback ’80s electric navy blue inspired by glamorous pool parties.

8. Benjamin Moore Blue Danube

Benjamin Moore Blue Danube

Inspired by the famous waltz, this flowing navy blue paint color rhythms and soothes.

9. Behr Blue Vortex

Behr Blue Vortex

As intense as a whirlpool, this midnight navy makes a passionate, energetic statement.

10. Sherwin Williams Blue Chip

Sherwin Williams Blue Chip

A smart, structured navy blue that adds commanding sophistication with its green undertones.

11. Sherwin Williams Online

Sherwin Williams Online

A refined, barely distinguishable blackened navy that provides a welcoming, intimate cocoon.

12. Sherwin Williams Blue Jay

Sherwin Williams Blue Jay

Vibrant as its namesake bird, this electric navy blue stimulates creativity and joy.

As you can see, deep blue paint colors make quite the dramatic impact! Now let’s explore how to showcase them.

Benefits of Dark Blue Paint

Beyond just looking sharp, dark blue paint colors offer advantages:

  • Encourages Sleep – Darker blues signal melatonin production to prepare the mind and body for quality rest.
  • Adds Dimension – The depth of navy paint creates the impression of texture and layers, preventing flat-looking spaces.
  • Defines Spaces – Thanks to its boldness, dark blue neatly defines room elements like architectural trims.
  • Inspires Focus – Though vivid, dark blues focus attention without overstimulation, ideal for home offices.
  • Conveys Importance – Deep blue conveys prestige and authority. Use in studies, dining rooms and offices seeking a refined look.
  • Improves Mood – Dark blues are thought to boost serotonin, minimize sadness and make worries seem more manageable.

Best Rooms for Dark Blue Paint

Here are the spaces perfectly suited to dramatic, regal dark blues:

Soothing Bedrooms

dark blue bedrooms
Image Credit: yourhomestyle

Muted midnight blues on accent walls or ceilings evoke peaceful nights gazing at the sky.

Refined Dining Rooms

dark blue Dining Rooms
Image Credit: chrissymarieblog

Classic navy dining room walls convey heritage sophistication perfect for entertaining.

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Luxurious Bathrooms

dark blue Bathrooms
Image Credit: r2bathrooms

Cobalt or peacock blue walls and shower tile lend an air of luxury to bathing spaces.

Worldly Offices & Studies

dark blue Offices
Image Credit: decorpad

Global tribal blues in offices inspire focus on big visions rather than life’s petty details.

Mysterious Libraries

dark blue Libraries
Image Credit: ifonlyapril

Deeper blue on accent walls or bookshelves adds cosmic dimension to libraries and studies.

Bold Kitchen Accents

Bold Kitchen Accents
Image Credit: hgtv

Vivid cobalt on the island, range wall or backsplash energizes cooks.

In addition to full rooms, dark blues make big visual impact on just a single accent wall. Now let’s get creative with decorator tips and ideas.

Decorating With Dark Blue Paint

When working with dramatic shades of blue, keep these design principles in mind:

  • Contrast vibrant blues with bright white trims, ceilings, cabinetry and furnishings to prevent overwhelming.
  • Incorporate reclaimed driftwood, weathered leather, linen and stone to add organic depth.
  • Display glass bottles, shells, sand dollars, crystals and geodes to complement blue’s watery tones.
  • Choose brass hardware and textured metallic finishes like hammered bronze to add Old World richness.
  • Highlight inky blues with playful pops of contrasting chartreuse, yellow, teal or red as accents.
  • Soften the boldness through neutral creams, beiges and aged wood furnishings to balance the space.

Using Dark Blue Creatively on Accent Walls

Looking for a bold splash of blue without going overboard? Use it tactfully on a single accent wall. Some ideas:

  • A relaxing muted navy focal wall behind the bed for wind-down time before sleep.
  • An energizing cobalt dining room statement wall for lively mealtime conversations.
  • A eucalyptus-infused slate blue spa wall in the shower to rejuvenate while bathing.
  • A globally inspired lapis lazuli office accent wall to feel transported as you work.
  • A striking peacock blue wall behind the stove to energize cooks.
  • A mysterious indigo living room accent wall to add drama without darkness.

Now that you have some accent wall inspiration, let’s explore classic blue color schemes.

Dramatic Dark Blue Color Schemes

While versatile navy complements most colors, these combinations maximize visual impact:

Crisp White

dark blue+Crisp White
Image Credit: realliving

White trims, moldings and ceilings keep inky blues from feeling too heavy. White furnishings also pop.

Gray Wood Tones

dark blue+Gray Wood Tones
Image Credit: centsationalstyle

Driftwood, weathered oak and wood ash finishes warm up vivid blues organically.

Vibrant Orange

dark blue+Vibrant Orange
Image Credit: aliexpress

Bursts of tangerine and terra cotta provide the perfect energetic color clash against dark blues.

Mossy Greens

dark blue+Mossy Greens
Image Credit: housebeautiful

Deep emerald, hunter and sage greens complement blue’s inherent aquatic vibe.

Buttery Yellows

dark blue+Yellows
Image Credit:decoist

Sunny yellows in accessories and art prevent navy’s boldness from becoming overbearing.

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Metallic Gold

dark blue+ Gold
Image Credit:elledecor

Shimmering brass, gold and copper lighting fixtures enrich blues with Old World luxury.

Choosing the Perfect Dark Blue Paint

With countless shades available, here are tips for selecting the ideal navy for your space:

  • Room Size – Bold blues suit larger walls and open spaces. Use deep shades minimally in smaller rooms.
  • Natural Light – Vivid blues work beautifully in bright sunny rooms. Darker blues can overwhelm dimly-lit rooms.
  • Room Use – Stimulating brighter navies aid concentration. Muted midnights set the mood for rest.
  • Design Style – Green navies evoke organic forests. Blue-blacks feel sophisticated. Purple navies are futuristic.
  • Furnishings – Test navy paint chips against existing upholstery to ensure they complement.

Go with your instincts too. Selecting the perfect dramatic blue to excite your senses feels effortless when you know what you love.

Dark Blue Paint Color Frequently Asked Questions

Here are quick answers to some common questions about navy blue paint:

What colors complement dark navy blues?

Navy looks beautiful paired with whites, gray wood tones, chartreuse, forest greens, sunny yellow, and metallic gold and copper.

How do you select between bright navy vs. muted shades?

It depends on your goals. Bright blues energize and vividly define. Muted navies cocoon and soothe. Often a mix of intensities is ideal.

What navy blue undertones should you look for?

Green-toned navies feel organic and nautical. Purple navies are futuristic. Navy blacks add sophistication. Blue-greens are relaxing.

What sheen should navy blue walls have?

Matte or eggshell finishes minimize harsh reflections. Satin offers depth while still being wipeable. Gloss provides striking definition on trims.

Should you avoid dark navy paint in small windowless rooms?

It’s fine in moderation on accent walls balanced with ample bright whites. Avoid using it everywhere in dark confined spaces.

Final Takeaways on Decorating With Dark Blues

With their eye-catching drama and unexpectedly cozy appeal, dark blue paint colors make a sensational impact when used thoughtfully. Refer to this guide when seeking bold accent walls or full rooms washed in vibrant cobalt or moody midnight tones. Trust your color instincts and enjoy choosing the perfect navy paint for your unique space!

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