17 Best Cool Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

17 Best Cool Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

If you love blue, but don’t want anything too overpowering, cool blue paint colors are the perfect choice. Ranging from pale sky blue to crisp navy, cool blues add a subtle punch of color without overwhelming.

Below are 17 gorgeous cool blue paint colors perfect for any room you want to feel crisp, clean and relaxed.

What are Cool Blue Paint Colors?

Cool blue paint colors have undertones leaning toward green, gray or purple rather than warm red or orange undertones. This gives them a more relaxed, laidback feel than bold primary blues.

There are a few main types of cool blue paint:

  • Blue-grays – Bluish grays, some with green/purple undertones
  • Sky blues – Pale to mid-tone blues
  • Periwinkle blues – Light blue mixed with lavender
  • Navy blues – Darker muted blues

Now let’s look at 17 beautiful cool blue paint colors to brighten up your home.

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17 Best Cool Blue Paint Colors

1. Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

A crisp, slightly green-tinted blue. Pairs perfectly with white trim.

2. Sherwin-Williams Reflection

Sherwin-Williams Reflection

A very pale blue with hints of gray. Calming and ethereal.

3. Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray

A light airy blue-gray with hints of green. Chic and stylish.

4. Sherwin-Williams Raindrops

Sherwin-Williams Raindrops

A subtle, soothing blue-gray that reads as a neutral.

5. Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray


A weathered gray-blue evocative of sea stones. Relaxed elegance.

6. Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt

Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt

A beautiful blue-gray reminiscent of the ocean.

7. Behr Coastal Fog

Behr Coastal Fog

A soft muted blue with gray undertones. Brings the beachy tranquility of fog.

8. Sherwin-Williams Naval

Image Credit:@ Source

A richer navy blue that feels crisp and classic. Timeless and versatile.

9. Behr Blue Vortex

Behr Blue Vortex

A punchy royal blue for adding vibrancy. Energizing but not overwhelming.

10. Benjamin Moore White Heron

Benjamin Moore White Heron

A clean blue-white that energizes without tiring the eyes.

11. Sherwin-Williams Tradewind

Sherwin-Williams Tradewind
Sherwin-Williams Tradewind

A breezy aqua blue that evokes the tropics. Fun and laidback.

12. Benjamin Moore Baby’s Breath

Benjamin Moore Baby's Breath

The palest blue, almost white. Airy, dreamy and uplifting.

13. Sherwin-Williams Online

Sherwin Williams Online

A serene muted slate blue tinted with gray. The perfect accent color.

14. Behr Spa Blue

Behr Spa Blue

A relaxing muted blue-green reminiscent of a luxury spa.

15. Benjamin Moore Steel Blue

Benjamin Moore Steel Blue

A sturdy gray-blue that reads as a neutral. Reliable and adaptable.

16. Sherwin-Williams Rainwashed

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed

A cool tranquil blue gray, like a rainy sky. Promotes relaxation.

17. Behr Bluebell

Behr Bluebell

A pretty cornflower blue that uplifts without tiring the eyes. Youthful vitality.

Benefits of Cool Blue Paint

Compared to warm blues, cool blues offer many advantages:


With their green and gray undertones, most cool blues feel soothing and promote relaxation. Ideal for destressing rooms.

Clean and Crisp

Crisp sky blues feel bright and refreshing without being too bold. Their clarity gives rooms a clean, open aesthetic.


Cool blues work in both traditional and modern rooms thanks to their versatility. They suit varied color schemes and decors.

Compelling Contrast

Cool blues make dynamic contrasts against warm woods, black accents, and white details. Their bold pops energize.


The inherent tranquility of cool blues is said to lower anxiety and promote mindfulness. Calm the senses.

Best Rooms for Cool Blue Paint

Here are rooms perfectly suited to chic, relaxing cool blue paint colors:

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1. Bedrooms

Cool Blue Bedrooms
Image Credit: housebeautiful

Airiness of sky blues create a sleeping sanctuary. Deeper blue-grays feel cozily cave-like.

2. Bathrooms

Cool Blue Bathrooms
Image Credit: bhg

Cool aqua blues give bathrooms a clean, spa-like feel. Energize your morning routine.

3. Kitchens

Cool Blue Kitchens
Image Credit: elledecor

Blue-grays on kitchen cabinetry contrast beautifully with warm wood floors and stainless steel.

4. Living Rooms

Cool Blue Living Rooms
Image Credit: home-designing

Pale blue walls serve as a soothing backdrop for family activities and entertaining.

5. Offices

Cool Blue Offices
Image Credit: firstimpression

Crisp blue-grays increase focus and productivity without overstimulation.

6. Dining Rooms

Cool Blue Dining Rooms
Image Credit: housebeautiful

Navy blue dining rooms feel cozily moody. Inspire great conversations.

7. Entryways

Cool Blue Entryways
Image Credit: houzz

Greet guests with calming sky blues. A relaxing welcome.

8. Laundry Rooms

Cool Blue Laundry Rooms
Image Credit: homedepot

Muted denim blues turn tedious chores into more pleasant breaks.

Decorating With Cool Blue Paint

Some tips for complementing cool blue walls:

Warm Wood Tones

  • Walnut, oak and maple furnishings balance blues’ coolness

Black Metal Accents

  • Iron lighting and hardware adds bold crisp contrast

Natural Textures

  • Stone, jute, linen and wood add organic depth

Crisp White Trim

  • Bright white ceilings, baseboards and tile keep things fresh

Chrome Metallics

  • Nickel, silver and chrome pops against sky blues

Using Cool Blue on an Accent Wall

Make cool blue part of your color palette with a bold accent wall:

Bedroom – Behind the headboard in a relaxing soft blue

Office – Paint a wall in sharp navy blue to inspire focus

Bathroom – Use airy powder blue tiles on the shower wall

Living Room – On the TV wall, try a muted denim blue

Kitchen – For the backsplash, create a beach vibe with blue and white tile

Cool Blue Color Schemes

Cool blues give you lots of options to create chic, lively color schemes:

Cool Blue + Crisp White

Cool Blue + Crisp White
Image Credit: pinterest

Classic, timeless, beachy. White trims, furnishings and tile energize blue walls.

Cool Blue + Walnut Wood

Cool Blue + Walnut Wood
Image Credit: pinterest

Warm walnut contrasts beautifully against crisp sky blue walls. Natural yet modern.

Cool Blue + Black Accents

Cool Blue + Black Accents
Image Credit: thespruce

Black window frames, metal finishes and photography add bold edge.

Cool Blue + Gray

Cool Blue + Gray
Image Credit: westmagnoliacharm

Different tones of blue-gray layered on walls, tile and furniture for subtle depth.

Cool Blue + Emerald Green

Cool Blue + Emerald Green
Image Credit: therugseller

Deep emerald and aqua blues inspire relaxation and renewal.

Cool Blue + Sunny Yellow

Cool Blue + Sunny Yellow
Image Credit: hommes

Crisp sunny yellows make light blue walls energizing and cheerful.

Tips for Choosing Cool Blue Paint

With so many shades, how do you select that perfect cool blue?

  • Lighting: Bold, bright blues suit sunny rooms. Softer hazy blues work in darker spaces.
  • Use: For high-traffic areas, choose durable satin or semi-gloss finishes. Matte for bedrooms.
  • Size: Dark dense navy blues feel intimate in small rooms. Sky blues keep things airy.
  • Style: Green-grays complement modern decor. Purplish-blues feel more traditional.
  • Furniture: Warm woods, black metals, and white finishes contrast beautifully with cool blues.
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No matter the shade, always view real paint swatches at different times of day before deciding. The color you love in morning light may look too bold in the evening.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common cool blue paint color questions:

What are some examples of cool blue paint colors?

Some examples are sky blues like Behr Daydream, teals like Sherwin-Williams Tradewind, navy blues like Benjamin Moore Copenhagen Blue, and blue-grays like Sherwin-Williams Raindrops.

How do you decorate with cool blue paint colors?

Decorate with warm wood tones, crisp white trims, black accents, natural textures, and chrome metallics. Cool blues give you lots of options for compelling color schemes.

What rooms work well with cool blue paint?

Great rooms for cool blues include bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, offices, living rooms, entryways, and dining rooms. Different intensities of blue suit different functions.

Should you use cool or warm blue paint in a bedroom?

It depends on if you want the bedroom more energizing or relaxing. Cool blues with slight green/gray undertones promote relaxation. Warm blues with red undertones provide gentle stimulation.

What sheen should you use with cool blue paint?

It depends on the room: matte for bedrooms, pearl or satin for subtle glow, semi-gloss for wipeable kitchens and baths, gloss trim for contrast.

Final Thoughts

The 17 gorgeous cool blue paint colors above showcase the shade’s remarkable versatility. Ranging from the softest sky blue to bold navy, cool blues provide the ideal balance between tranquility and visual edge. Consider the room size, lighting and furnishings when selecting your perfect peaceful blue.

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