15 Best White Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

15 Best White Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

White blue paint colors gracefully straddle the line between crisp white and bold blue. These pale hues add the faintest whisper of blue, creating an airy, ethereal look.

Ranging from barely-blue whites to soft sky blue pastels, white blues feel both refreshing and soothing. They effortlessly create a sense of peaceful tranquility in any space.

If you want to gently enhance your home’s walls and decor with just a hint of color, white blue is the way to go. Keep reading for 15 beautiful white blue paint colors to grace your home.

What Are White Blue Paint Colors?

White blue describes any pale blue paint color with white undertones. These hues have a very faint tint of blue that reads as almost white.

Some white blues have the subtlest baby blue hint. Others are a blend of icy white and powder blue. Many are so faint they could almost pass for white.

Overall, white blues are extremely pale blue tones with a lot more white than actual blue pigment. Think of white blues as a variation of white with the ever-so-slightest cooling blue effect.

Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Behr and other brands offer many gorgeous white blues. There are options ranging from crisp to hazy.

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Benefits of White Blue Paint

What makes white blue paint colors so desirable? Here are some of the top advantages:

Calming and Peaceful

White blue’s tranquility factor is its greatest asset. These muted hues instantly soothe and relax any space.

Use white blue paint in bedrooms, offices, living rooms and other rooms where you want a laidback vibe. It decreases stress.

Softly Brightens Rooms

While pale, white blue paint colors add gentle brightness compared to plain white. They liven rooms without feeling stark.

White blue is ideal for naturally dark spaces that need illumination without going to cold extremes.

Opens Up Small Rooms

In small rooms, white blues make the space feel more expansive thanks to reflection and light. But small doses prevent it from appearing icy.

Flexible and Versatile

White blue works in literally any room since it essentially reads as a neutral white with extremely subtle cooling undertones.

It pairs with any style from modern to farmhouse. White blue is always current and timeless.

Stunning With Wood Tones

The barely-perceptible blue notes in white blues complement natural wood walls and furniture beautifully.

Best Rooms for White Blue Paint

While fitting for everywhere, white blue looks particularly gorgeous in these rooms:

Bedrooms – Relax and unwind surrounded by serene white blue walls or accents.

White Blue Bedrooms
Image Credit: bhg

Bathrooms – Spa-like white blues suit modern bathrooms with their airy ambiance.

White Blue Bathrooms
Image Credit: maisondepax

Kitchens – Crisp white blues energize kitchen walls and cabinetry subtly.

White Blue Kitchens
Image Credit: mydomaine

Living Rooms – Use white blue on living room ceilings and fireplace mantels for tranquility.

White Blue Living Rooms
Image Credit: jane-athome

Dining Rooms – Paint dining room ceilings and trim white blue against darker walls for harmony.

White Blue Dining Rooms
Image Credit: spotools

Offices – White blue walls or accent furniture boost focus and clear thinking.

White Blue Offices
Image Credit: bhg

Laundry Rooms – Make small laundry spaces feel larger with light-reflecting white blue.

White Blue Laundry Rooms
Image Credit: houzz

Boys’ Rooms – Try a touch of white blue for a gentle, neutral boy’s room backdrop.

White Blue Boys' Rooms
Image Credit: housebeautiful

15 Beautiful White Blue Paint Colors

Ready to choose the perfect barely-blue hue? Here are 15 stunning options:

1. Wind Chime by Behr – A Green-Tinged White

Behr Wind Chime

With subtle sage undertones, Wind Chime reads as a white with faint minty touches. Use to impart peaceful feelings.

2. Rain by Sherwin-Williams – A Dusty Blue White

Sherwin Williams Rain

Rain is a warm dusty blue white that harmonizes with wood furniture and floors.

3. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore – Romantic and Airy

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

This soft white with a kiss of blue has a Victorian lace feel. Use in elegant bedrooms and formal spaces.

4. Whisper White by Benjamin Moore – An Ethereal Neutral

Benjamin Moore Whisper White
Image Credit: behr

Despite the name, this heavily-used Benjamin Moore white has a bare hint of blue. Use as an airy neutral.

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5. Windy Blue by Sherwin-Williams– Breezy and Relaxing

Sherwin Williams Windy Blue
Image Credit: homestratosphere

Dulux’s pale sky blue white feels laidback and beachy. Use it to promote tranquility.

6. Coastal Fog by Benjamin Moore – A Beachy Favorite

Benjamin Moore Coastal Fog

Benjamin Moore’s popular, barely-blue white has relaxing oceanic undertones. Use in beach cottages.

7. Nano White by Behr – A Contemporary White

Behr Nano White

This bright white with faint blue undertones gives modern spaces an illuminated feel.

8. Heron Plume by Sherwin Williams – Coastal Elegance

Sherwin Williams

Heron Plume mixes beige with soothing white blue for relaxed elegance. Use in bedrooms and formal spaces.

9. Wind’s Breath by Behr – An Ethereal Sky Blue White

Behr Wind's Breath

This ethereal white blue is reminiscent of sea mist. Use it in dreamy bedrooms and bathrooms.

10. Sky Blue by Benjamin Moore – A Perennial Classic

Benjamin Moore Sky Blue

Benjamin Moore’s beloved barely-blue white works everywhere, particularly kids’ spaces.

11. Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore – A Sophisticated Neutral

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray
Image Credit: pinterest

Infused with white and blue, this gorgeous upscale neutral adds serene style to living spaces.

12. First Star by Sherwin Williams – A Whimsical White

Sherwin Williams First Star

Behr’s clean white blue paint color adds understated style to any room.

13. Dreaming by Behr – A Romantic Choice

Behr Dreaming

Dreaming mixes white and gray undertones with the softest touch of pastel blue for a romantic, peaceful ambiance.

14. Pale Powder by Farrow & Ball – Softly Feminine

Pale Powder by Farrow & Ball – Softly Feminine

A gossamer blend of white and pastel blue, Pale Powder feels delicate and refined.

15. Cloudburst by Sherwin-Williams – A Bright White Blue

Cloudburst by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams infuses Cloudburst with more blue than most whites, lending modern vibrancy.

Decorating With White Blue Paint

Excited to decorate with white blue paint? Keep these tips in mind:

Use As a Neutral – Since it reads so similarly to white, utilize white blue as a soft neutral wall color or furnishings accent.

Play With Tints – Add just a tint of blue to white paint if you want only the most subtle cooling effect. Keep white blue light.

Contrast with White – Using bright white trims and ceilings makes hazy white blue walls pop beautifully. Crisp whites balance soft blue.

Include Warm Metallics – Brass fixtures, copper or bronze accents enrich white blue’s natural elegance.

Add Natural Textures – White blue loves natural finishes like linen, jute, silk and light oak wood grains.

White Blue Color Pairings

Some colors that always complement white blue beautifully include:

White Blue+Crisp White
Image Credit: amazon

Crisp White – White trim, molding, walls and furnishings make subtle white blue sing.

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White Blue+Pale Gray
Image Credit: jennakateathome

Pale Gray – Mixing soft gray and white blue creates a gorgeously soothing vibe.

White Blue+Light Oak
Image Credit: llflooring

Light Oak – White blue’sbarely-there blue pops against natural golden oak wood tones.

White Blue+Pale Yellow
Image Credit: decoist 

Pale Yellow – Buttery yellows bring out the subtle coolness in white blue walls and decor.

White Blue+Mauve Purple
Image Credit: pinterest

Mauve Purple – Dusty mauves make feminine partners for romantic white blues.

White Blue+Earth Tones
Image Credit: decorilla

Earth Tones – Sand, beige, tan and greige are relaxing accents for airy white blues.

Using White Blue in Different Design Styles

Here are styles perfect for white blue’s ethereal beauty:

Modern Minimalist – Crisp white blues keep it simple and serene. Use in sleek, contemporary rooms.

Boho Chic – Try an earthy, dusty white blue for a laidback boho interior.

Coastal – Beachy white blues with aquatic hints are ideal for seaside cottages.

Traditional Classic – Soft romantic white blues suit formal living rooms and dining rooms.

French Country – Infuse white blue walls with light blue or mauve for a French countryside feel.

Modern Farmhouse – In this casual style, white blue offers a bit more interest than plain white.

Midcentury Modern – Pale sky blue whites complement midcentury furniture silhouettes nicely.

White Blue Paint FAQs

Here are answers to commonly asked white blue paint questions:

How does white blue differ from plain white?

White blues have just a faint hint of blue pigment added to white base paint. This imparts an extremely subtle cooling effect.

What are the undertones in white blues?

Look for white blues with hints of sky blue, aqua, mint, gray, mauve or sandy beige mixed in. This gives more character than plain white.

What sheen is best for white blue walls?

Flat, eggshell or matte finishes provide delicate illumination while keeping white blues soft and cloud-like.

Can you use dark navy with white blue?

Yes, white blue contrasts beautifully with deep navy blue accents and decor. Crisp white blue also pops against black.

Is white blue good for dark rooms?

White blue paint reflects light well, brightening up shadowy spaces without going too icy cold. The soothing blue tint prevents it from feeling sterile.

Welcome Ethereal Style With White Blue Paint

As you can see, barely-blue white paint colors offer the perfect just-a-hint coolness. They provide laidback sophistication anywhere, complementing both modern and traditional spaces. Choose from this extensive list of 15 top white blue paint colors to grace your home in peaceful style.

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