10 Best Baby Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

10 Best Baby Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

Baby blue paint colors offer a cheerful, uplifting vibe perfect for any space needing a dose of playful charm. Ranging from misty sky blues to crisp powder blues, these gender-neutral hues lend style that’s energetic yet supremely soothing. With the power to relax and invigorate, baby blues breathe new life into rooms.

If you love the soft yet happy quality of blue for your home, explore these 10 beautiful baby blue paint options. From pale Robin’s egg to periwinkle blues, find the perfect lively neutral to suit your style.

What Are Baby Blue Paint Colors?

Baby blues encompass soft, light shades of blue ranging from barely-there blue tints to vivid sky blue. Inherently playful and energetic, baby blues lend a youthful spirit with their use of crisp light blues, soft powder blues and cheerful robin’s egg blues.

Unlike their bolder cousins navy and cobalt, baby blues retain a supremely soothing essence. Lighter tints relax while more saturated hues energize minds and spirits with their vibrant vibe. Finding the ideal balance depends on your goals.

Now let’s look at 10 lively baby blue paint colors to brighten up your home.

10 Best Baby Blue Paint Colors

1. Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray

With its misty blue-gray vibe, Wickham Gray is a sophisticated neutral with hints of vibrancy. An elegant, adaptable choice.

2. Sherwin-Williams Online

Sherwin Williams Online

Online is a laidback denim blue that conjures leisurely weekends. Use this relaxed charmer to unwind any space.

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3. Behr Dragonfly Blue

Behr Dragonfly Blue

Dragonfly Blue is a pale robin’s egg blue that energizes the spirit. Let it lend any room an uplifted feel.

4. Benjamin Moore Baby’s Breath

Benjamin Moore Baby’s Breath

Whimsical and soft, Baby’s Breath is an airy blue white for nurseries, bedrooms and baths needing a dreamy dose of tranquility.

5. Behr Lilac Fields

Behr Lilac Fields

Lilac Fields is a soft mauve-kissed blue with a dreamy, ethereal quality perfect for bedrooms and baths.

6. Benjamin Moore Winds Breath

Benjamin Moore Winds Breath

Like a cool ocean breeze, Winds Breath is a serene sky blue that ushers in airy relaxation wherever it goes. An uplifting neutral.

7. Benjamin Moore Dragonfly

Benjamin Moore Dragonfly

Dragonfly is a playful, saturated robin’s egg blue that provides a cheerful pop of color. Lend any room an uplifted spirit with this happy hue.

8. Sherwin-Williams Baby Blue Eyes

Baby Blue Eyes

A fittingly named soft pastel blue for nurseries, kids’ rooms and bedrooms needing a dose of uplifting yet peaceful charm.

9. Behr Periwinkle Kiss

Behr Periwinkle Kiss

As romantic as it sounds, Periwinkle Kiss is a soft violet-kissed blue perfect for adding an uplifted mood to any space.

10. Benjamin Moore Baby’s Breath

Benjamin Moore Baby's Breath

As peaceful as can be, Baby’s Breath is a soft blue white that gently lulls nurseries, beds and baths into tranquil relaxation.

Benefits of Baby Blue Paint

Beyond their inherent cheer, baby blue paint colors offer great advantages for home interiors:

Energizing & Uplifting

Vibrant baby blues provide a cheerful lift that boosts mood without overwhelming a space. Their bright playfulness enlivens minds.

Soothingly Neutral

Though gently colorful, lighter baby blues work well as versatile backdrops suiting varied decors. Their muted vibes blend easily.

Easy on the Eyes

Baby blues are known to be supremely unintimidating colors. Their soft cheer makes rooms feel properly colored yetcomfortable.

Promotes Creativity

Like bolder blues, baby blues relax while enhancing focus and imagination. Their tranquility sharpens the mind.

Adds Soft Contrast

While neutral, baby blues provide gentle yet vivid contrast against creams, whites and warm woods without dominating rooms.

Best Rooms for Baby Blue

Some spaces benefit most from baby blue’s cheerful tranquility:

1. Nurseries

Baby Blue Nurseries
Image Credit: littlecrowninteriors

In nurseries, soft baby blues lend a soothingly sweet backdrop for rest and play. Their vibes energize while relaxing.

2. Kids’ Rooms

Baby Blue Kids’ Rooms
Image Credit: pinterest

Even in kids’ and teens’ rooms, baby blues provide energetic ambiance that still encourages focus and sleep.

3. Bedrooms

Baby Blue Bedrooms
Image Credit: mydomaine

Baby blues used on accent walls or all walls create a cheerfully tranquil retreat. Their upbeats vibes prevent sleepiness.

4. Bathrooms

Baby Blue Bathrooms
Image Credit: thedolphingallery

Similarly, bathrooms gain an invigoratingly pacifying feel painted in soft spa-like blues. Use on walls or vanities.

5. Living Rooms

Baby Blue Living Rooms
Image Credit: idealhome

For entertaining, airy baby blues lend living rooms casual vibrancy. Crisp whites and warm metallics pop against them.

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6. Offices

Baby Blue Offices
Image Credit: homestratosphere

Soft aqueous blues enhance productivity in home offices by relaxing minds while energizing. Add white shelving for fresh contrast.

7. Dining Rooms

Baby Blue Dining Rooms
Image Credit: thespruce

Baby blues transform dining spaces into energizing yet peaceful gathering places for meals. Especially soothing during hectic mornings.

8. Laundry Rooms

Baby Blue Laundry Rooms
Image Credit: mydomaine

Even utilitarian laundry rooms get a cheery makeover with the addition of happy powder blues. Uplift the mundane.

Decorating with Baby Blue Paint

When using baby blue paint colors in your home, keep these decorating tips in mind:

Choose the Right Tone

  • Powder blues are supremely soft and relaxing. They create cozy, dreamy spaces.
  • Sky blues lend an easygoing, cheerful vibe. They feel bright without overwhelming.
  • Periwinkle blues with hints of violet have an elegant charm. They inspire creativity.

Contrast with White

  • For fresh modern edge, use crisp white trims, ceilings and shelving. This prevents “muddy” blues.
  • White furnishings and florals look striking against blue walls.

Complement with Wood Tones

  • Warm oak, birch and maple wood finishes bring out baby blues’ sophistication and depth.
  • Distressed paints and stains add refined edge.

Metallic Accents

  • Polished chrome, nickel and stainless steel feel contemporary against baby blues.
  • Brushed brass and bronze offer softer contrast with traditional charm.

Natural Textures

  • Natural textures like linen, cotton, wool and jute soften bold baby blues.
  • Integrate wood, stone and marble for depth and dimension.

Using Baby Blue on Accent Walls

Accent walls provide the ideal way to feature baby blue hues without overwhelming a space. Consider these ideas:

Bedroom – Behind the bed, paint a cheerful sky blue. Contrast with white bedding and wood nightstands.

Bathroom – On the shower or tub wall, paint a soothing spa blue. Use crisp white stone tile on surrounding walls.

Office – To inspire creativity, use a pastel blue on the wall behind your desk. Add floral prints.

Living Room – Behind the sofa or TV, paint a soft periwinkle blue accent wall. Add bright pillows.

Kitchen – On the wall behind the stove or sink, paint a refreshing powder blue. Brighten with white cabinets.

Baby Blue Color Schemes

When coordinating colors with baby blues, consider these cheerful combinations:

Baby Blue + White

Baby Blue + White
Image Credit: pinterest

For contrast and vibrancy, white trims, walls, bedding and furnishings make baby blues pop. The two are vivid complements.

Baby Blue + Natural Wood

Baby Blue + Natural Wood
Image Credit: trendir

Maple, birch and oak wood finishes lend warmth against cool baby blues. The sophistication is energetic yet peaceful.

Baby Blue + Metallic Gold

Baby Blue + Metallic Gold
Image Credit: ktienelly

Buttery gold and brass lighting and accents glow elegantly against light baby blue backdrops. The perfect balance of warm and cool.

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Baby Blue + Floral Prints

Baby Blue + Floral Prints
Image Credit: flamingococktail

Vivid floral fabrics, art and accents highlight baby blues’ softness with patterns and textures. Esp. pink and yellow blooms.

Baby Blue + Sunny Yellow

Baby Blue + Sunny Yellow
Image Credit: hackrea

A dash of vibrant yellow enhances baby blues with even more cheer. Use yellow accents in doses to prevent overwhelming baby blue’s tranquility.

Choosing the Perfect Baby Blue

When selecting the ideal baby blue paint color, consider:

  • The room’s natural lighting – misty tints suit dimmer spaces while vivid blues need ample light
  • The desired mood – powder blues relax, sky blues lift spirits and periwinkles inspire
  • Existing décor – if warm woods dominate, choose cooler toned baby blues and vice versa
  • The room size –bolder blues suit spacious rooms, while small spaces feel peaceful with softer tints

No matter your goals, be sure to view real paint swatches in varied lighting to choose the perfect baby blue. Their hues shift in different environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common baby blue paint color questions:

What colors complement baby blue walls?

Crisp whites, warm wood tones, metallics like gold and brass, florals and brights like yellow pair beautifully with soft baby blues. Black and white patterns also pop.

What rooms work best with baby blue paint?

Baby blues thrive in nurseries, kids’ rooms, bedrooms, living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms and offices. Use on accent walls or full walls for vibrant tranquility.

Are baby blues relaxing?

Yes, soft powder blue shades relax minds while bolder sky blues provide gentle invigoration. Their tranquility calms while the cool blues inspire.

Do baby blues work well in sunny rooms?

Yes, baby blues hold their own in bright spaces. Vivid blues enhance sunlit rooms with energizing tranquility. For softness, use lighter tints of blue.

What type of paint sheen works best with baby blue?

It depends on the location. Eggshell finish provides a soft glow while durable satin works in busy areas. Matte minimizes imperfections. Use glossy sheens lightly on trims for contrast.


With their playful vibrancy and easy tranquility, baby blue paint colors make a charming addition to family-friendly homes needing energizing relaxation. Whether you prefer barely-there blue tints or vivid periwinkle hues, the 10 featured shades offer gorgeous ways to incorporate this cheerful neutral. Just be sure to balance depths with light, viewing real swatches to choose the perfect baby blue.

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