14 Best Beachy Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

14 Best Beachy Blue Paint Colors for Your Home

Beachy blue paint colors capture the breezy, relaxed vibe of seaside living. Ranging from soft aquas to bold nautical hues, beachy blues lend any space a casual, coastal elegance. With the tranquility of blue and hints of green, these shades create a soothing oasis.

If you love the coast and want to incorporate its beauty at home, explore these 14 gorgeous beachy blue paint colors. From pale sky blues to rich navy hues, these versatile options help craft your ideal beach house aesthetic.

What Are Beachy Blue Paint Colors?

Beachy blues encompass any shades evocative of the ocean and seaside. Cool aquas, sea glass greens, sky blues and deep navy tones capture the colors found along the shoreline. Relaxing with ample style, beachy blues breathe the casual refinement of coastal living into any space.

Popular beachy blue paints include shades like surf blue, coastline blue, sea salt green and yachting blue. Soft, breezy hues feel laid back. Deeper blues and greens add a refined nautical sensibility. The right tone depends on your goals.

Now let’s dive into 14 beautiful beachy blue paint colors to consider.

14 Best Beachy Blue Paint Colors

1. Behr Hazy Skies

Behr Hazy Skies

A soft misty aqua, Hazy Sea beautifully blurs the line between green and blue. Its soothing tranquility whisks you away.

2. Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue

With hints of green, Palladian Blue is the quintessential beach house hue. Effortlessly elegant and relaxed.

3. Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Sea Salt is a beautifully breezy pale teal that conjures strolls along the shoreline. Use it to create a casual coastal retreat.

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4. Behr Beach House

Behr Beach House

Beach House is a light sky blue with barely-there green undertones. Its laidback energy sets the stage for tranquility.

5. Sherwin-Williams Rainwashed

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed

Crisp and clear, Rainwater is a soft Caribbean blue that brightens up rooms naturally. An uplifting neutral.

6. Benjamin Moore Coastline

Benjamin Moore Coastline

Coastline is a relaxed medium blue with hints of green that whisks you away to sandy shores. Use it to recreate the casually elegant feel of resort living.

7. Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

Benjamin Moore Beach Glass

Like sea foam washing ashore, Beach Glass is a serene aqua green. Its soothing vibe builds beach houses and relaxation spaces.

8. Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue

Benjamin Moore Newburyport Blue

With its classic nautical vibe, Newburyport Blue makes any space feel properly shipshape. Crisp yet still relaxing.

9. Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

Wythe Blue is a historic coastal blue with hazy gray undertones. Gently weathered and refined, it suits seaside cottages with traditional charm.

10. Sherwin-Williams Rain

Sherwin Williams Rain

With its misty seafoam hue, Raincloth veils rooms in the soothing atmospherics of the coastline. A versatile, adaptable blue for bedrooms, dining areas and more.

11. Benjamin Moore Sail Cloth

Benjamin Moore Sail Cloth

Like your favorite sunbleached canvas tote, Sail Cloth is a sturdy, organic blue white. Naturally beachy and relaxed.

12. Sherwin-Williams Tradewind

Sherwin Williams Tradewind

Tradewind is a soft green-blue with enough verdancy to feel transportative. Use it in tranquil bedrooms, baths and studies.

13. Sherwin-Williams Online

Sherwin Williams Online

Online is a laidback denim blue that conjures weekends lounging by the shoreline. Use it to lend any space supreme relaxation.

14. Behr Breezeway

Behr Breezeway

Like a seaside stroll at dusk, Breezeway is a hazy slate blue that sets the stage for easy living. Unwind in its tranquility.

Benefits of Beachy Blue Paint Colors

Beyond their inherent beauty, beachy blues offer great advantages for home interiors:

Relaxing & Soothing

With their cool, misty hues, beachy blues inherently promote deep relaxation. They wash the mind clean and promote rest, unwinding and creativity.

Casually Sophisticated

While laidback, beachy blues still lend spaces refinement and style. Their muted tones and green hints offer organic elegance.

Evoke the Coast

More than any shades, beachy teals, aquas and navies transport you to tranquil shores. They bring the essence of seaside living anywhere.

Promote Creativity

Like their bolder blue cousins, beachy blues inspire mental clarity and imagination. Their tranquility sharpens focus for writers, artists and more.

Provide Contrast

Against warm whites, taupes, woods and brights, beachy blues create vivid yet peaceful contrast. Their cooler nature uniquely enhances warm elements.

Best Rooms for Beachy Blues

Certain spaces most benefit from beachy blues’ breezy sophistication:

1. Bedrooms

Beachy Blue Bedrooms
Image Credit: thespruce

Nothing promotes deep sleep like surrounding yourself in cool, misty beachy blues. Use on accent walls or all four walls.

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2. Bathrooms

Beachy Blue Bathrooms
Image Credit: beachlifebliss

Similarly, bathrooms feel supremely spa-like when painted in soft aquas and teals. Contrast with warm wood vanities.

3. Living Spaces

Beachy Blue Living Spaces
Image Credit: decoist

For lounging and relaxation, beachy blues lend living rooms an organically chic style. Pair with rattan and linen for serenity.

4. Kitchens

Beachy Blue Kitchens
Image Credit: housebeautiful

Soft blue and green cabinetry or backsplashes add breezy coastal edge to kitchens. Coordinate with marble countertops and chrome fixtures.

5. Dining Rooms

Beachy Blue Dining Rooms
Image Credit: decoist

Beachy blues transform dining rooms into casually sophisticated spaces for gathering and meals. Add driftwood tables for contrast.

6. Offices

Beachy Blue Offices
Image Credit: decoist

Soft aquas and sea foam greens enhance concentration and inspire creativity in home offices. Add cozy textures for balance.

7. Beach Houses

Beachy Blue Beach Houses
Image Credit: thehappyhousie

Nautical blues and grays help craft the quintessential coastal retreat. Use generously throughout beach homes.

8. Laundry Rooms

Beachy Blue Laundry Rooms
Image Credit: shabbyfufu

Even utilitarian rooms get a serene overhaul with happy aqua blues. Coordinate with mosaic tile floors.

Decorating with Beachy Blue Paint

When using beachy blues in your home, keep these decorating tips in mind:

Choose the Right Tones

  • Aqua blues with hints of green feel supremely beachy and relaxing.
  • Sky blues lend an easygoing, cheerful vibe.
  • Navy blues with green or gray undertones have refined nautical style.

Contrast with White

  • For freshness, use crisp white trims, ceilings and shelving. This prevents “muddy” blues.
  • White bedding, furnishings and art pops against blue walls.

Incorporate Natural Textures

  • Natural textures like linen, seagrass, rattan and driftwood enhance a coastal vibe.
  • Weathered wood finishes, woven shades and stone work beautifully.

Metallic Accents

  • Aged bronze, brass and brushed gold fit the beach aesthetic.
  • Stainless steel, chrome and nickel lend modern edge.

Greenery and Plants

  • Small leafy plants and airy flower arrangements further the seaside tranquility.
  • Potted palms, orchids and succulents add life.

Using Beachy Blue on Accent Walls

Accent walls provide the ideal way to feature beachy blue paint colors without overwhelming a space. Consider these ideas:

Bedroom – Behind the bed, paint a soft relaxing beachy blue. Contrast with crisp white bedding.

Bathroom – On the shower or tub wall, paint a sea glass green. Use light stone tile on surrounding walls.

Office – To inspire creativity, use sky blue on the wall behind a desk. Add beach photography.

Living Room – Behind the sofa or TV, paint a weathered nautical blue accent wall.

Kitchen – On the wall behind the stove or sink, paint a happy aqua blue. Brighten with white cabinets.

Beachy Blue Color Schemes

When coordinating colors with beachy blues, consider these soothing combinations:

Beachy Blue + White

Beachy Blue + White
Image Credit: beachpretty

Crisp white trims, walls, bedding and furnishings look beautiful against beachy blues. The contrast is vivid yet peaceful.

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Beachy Blue + Oak Wood

Beachy Blue + Oak Wood
Image Credit: decorpad

Driftwood, oak floors and furniture lend organic warmth against cool beachy blues. A quintessential beach house palette.

Beachy Blue + Sea Glass Green

Beachy Blue + Sea Glass Green
Image Credit: findingseaturtles

Pairing soft sea glass greens with sky blues enhances the breezy coastal vibe. Use light green accents and art.

Beachy Blue + Sand Beige

Beachy Blue + Sand Beige
Image Credit: thespruce

Warm sand colors in walls, rugs and textiles complement beachy blues’ vibrancy with cozy neutrality.

Beachy Blue + Sunny Yellow

Beachy Blue + Sunny Yellow
Image Credit: pinterest

Cheerful daisy yellows highlight and enhance the cool tranquility of soft beachy blues. Use yellow accents in moderation.

Choosing the Perfect Beachy Blue

When selecting beachy blue paint colors, consider:

  • The room’s natural light – Soft hazy blues suit dim coastal rooms. Brighter blues need ample sunlight.
  • The desired mood – Cool blues relax. Greenish aquas energize. Navy blues lend traditional refinement.
  • Existing décor – If warm woods dominate, pick oceanic greens and teals. With cool grays, choose airy sky blues.
  • The room size – Deeper blues suit spacious rooms. For small rooms, stick to soft tranquil blues.

Be sure to view real paint swatches in varied lighting to find the perfect beachy blue for your needs and preferences. Light impacts these hues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common beachy blue paint color questions:

What colors work well with beachy blues?

Crisp whites, weathered wood, sea glass greens, sand beiges, yellows and neutral taupes all complement soft beachy blues beautifully.

What rooms suit beachy blue walls best?

Bedrooms, baths, living rooms, offices, laundry rooms and kitchens look stunning and serene painted in beachy blues. Use on full walls or single accent walls.

Are beachy blues relaxing?

Yes, beachy blues promote relaxation, tranquility and calm focus with their cool, oceanic hues. Soft aquas and seafoam greens relax best.

Do beachy blues work in sunny rooms?

In bright spaces, vivid beach blues with enough contrast hold their own. For naturally sunlit rooms preferring softness, choose hazy sky blues and teals.

What sheen works best with beachy blues?

It depends on the location. Eggshells provide subtle glows, satins offer durability and matte hides imperfections. Use semi-gloss trim for contrast.


With their breezy coastal beauty, beachy blue paint colors make an enticing choice for creating a relaxed yet refined home. Whether you adore soft misty shoreline hues or rich nautical tones, the 14 featured shades offer gorgeous ways to incorporate this tranquil neutral. Just be sure to balance depths with light and natural textures, viewing real swatches to find your perfect beachy blue.

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