9 Best Pastel Blue Paint Colors for a Soothing Home

9 Best Pastel Blue Paint Colors for a Soothing Home

Pastel blues are dreamy, soft hues perfect for creating a relaxing vibe in your home. Ranging from powder light blues to hazy sky blues, these muted shades add subtle color without overwhelming a space.

If you love tranquil, laidback rooms, pastel blue is the ideal direction to go for your home’s walls or accent features. Keep reading to discover the 9 best pastel blue paint colors to use in your soothing, modern sanctuary.

What Are Pastel Blue Paint Colors?

Pastel blue describes a range of light, desaturated shades of blue. Pastel blues have a considerably muted intensity compared to bold primary blues.

While brighter than a white blue, pastel blues are much softer than vivid blues. They create a gentle, soothing ambiance. These hues add refreshing yet subtle color to any room.

Many pastel blues have a hazy, airy quality as well. Colors like powder blue and sky blue evoke soothing natural blue tones.

Other pastel blues feature very subtle gray, green or purple undertones. Depending on the undertone, the blue takes on a lighter or deeper cast while remaining soft.

Brands like Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, and Behr all offer extensive pastel blue paint color collections to suit any style.

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Benefits of Pastel Blue Paint

Why should you consider using pastel blue throughout your home’s interior? Here are some of the top benefits:

Tranquil and Relaxing

Without a doubt, the main appeal of pastel blue is its laidback, peaceful ambiance. These hazy blues naturally promote relaxation in a space.

Use pastel blue in bedrooms, spas, living rooms and offices to create your own private oasis. The soft colors instill soothing feelings.

Provides Subtle Color

Another advantage of pastel blue is its gentle color impact. For those who want only a whisper of color, pastel blue is ideal.

It isn’t as vivid as primary blue, so it won’t overwhelm a neutral palette. But it still lightly animates rooms in a refreshing way.

Complements Many Styles

From modern to traditional to eclectic, pastel blue works with nearly any decor aesthetics. It feels current, yet timeless.

The versatility allows you to use pastel blue throughout various rooms seamlessly. It especially suits relaxed contemporary spaces.

Brightens Without Harshness

While light and bright, pastel blue paint doesn’t have the starkness of white. It’s softer and more inviting.

Pastel blue is ideal for making dark, shadowy spaces feel open without going to extremes. The muted blue energizes elegantly.

Provides Contrast to Orange

For color wheel contrast, pastel blue beautifully complements warm orange and coral tones. The interplay between the colors is striking yet harmonious.

Best Rooms for Pastel Blue Paint

What spaces in your home will benefit most from pastel blue hues? Here are our top recommendations:


Pastel Blue Bedrooms
Image Credit: thespruce

Serene, dreamy pastel blues help bedrooms embody complete relaxation and tranquility. Use on walls, headboards and furniture here.


Pastel Blue Bathrooms
Image Credit: decoholic

Powder blues suit modern baths; they conjure thoughts of blue skies outside the window. Use on cabinetry or walls.


Pastel Blue Kitchens
Image Credit: housebeautiful

Soft pastel blue paired with white cabinetry or distressed wood instantly livens up kitchen spaces in a subtle way.

Living Rooms

Pastel Blue Living Rooms
Image Credit: elledecor

Entertain and unwind in a living room with pastel blue walls or accent furnishings. The blue is engaging but never overpowering here.

Dining Rooms

Pastel Blue Dining Rooms
Image Credit: houzz

Use an elegant pastel blue on the ceiling or one accent wall in the dining room to set a soothing scene for meals.

Laundry Rooms

Pastel Blue Laundry Rooms
Image Credit: onekindesign

Energize a practical laundry space with invigorating yet gentle pastel blue walls or cabinetry.


Pastel Blue Offices
Image Credit: decoist

Pastel blue paint promotes concentration and focus without distraction in a home office. The blue inspires productivity.


Pastel Blue Nurseries
Image Credit: pinterest

Surround babies and young children with calming pastel blue on walls, furniture accents and decor.

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9 Top Pastel Blue Paint Colors

Ready to select the ideal pastel blue for your space? Here are 9 beautiful, relaxing pastel blue paint colors to consider:

1. Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray

Wickham Gray mixes light blue and gray for a sophisticated neutral pastel.

2. Coastal Haze by Sherwin-Williams

Coastal Haze

Coastal Haze is a pale beach blue perfect for bedrooms and baths.

3. Baby’s Breath by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Baby's Breath

Extremely soft and misty, this is a perfect pastel for nurseries.

4. Rainy Season by Behr

Behr Rainy Season

A soothing, rainy-day blue paint color. Feels calm and grounded.

5. Ice Cube by Behr

Behr Ice Cube

Crisp but not too cold, this pale blue adds a refreshing touch.

6. Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball

Skimming Stone
Image Credit:@ sylvielondoner

Farrow & Ball mixes blue and brown in this soothing natural pastel.

7. Gray cashmere by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Gray cashmere

Cashmere is more gray than blue, but has light sky blue undertones.

8. Capri by Sherwin-Williams

This pastel mix of blue and gray is versatile for every room.

9. Morning Sky Blue by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Morning Sky Blue

Benjamin Moore’s highly popular, universally beloved soft pastel blue.

Decorating With Pastel Blue Paint

Ready to use your favorite pastel blue paint colors? Follow these design tips:

Go All-Over Pastel Blue

Don’t be afraid to paint entire walls pastel blue in bedrooms, offices or dining rooms. Keeping the pastel light prevents it from overwhelming. White ceilings and trim keep it fresh.

Contrast with White

White furnishings, trim, ceilings and decor accessories make pastel blue walls pop. Crisp white also balances out the soft colors.

Use as an Accent

For a subtle touch, use pastel blue on accent walls, furniture pieces like dressers and desks, or cabinetry and built-ins. Keep other walls neutral.

Add Warm Metallics

Warm metallic finishes like antique bronze, copper and champagne gold enrich pastel blue in an elegant way. Cool metals can feel too stark.

Incorporate Natural Textures

Layering sisal rugs, linen bedding, and rattan furnishings grounds airy pastel blues with organic texture. Distressed woods also complement nicely.

Pastel Blue Paint Color Schemes

Looking for the best hues to pair with pastel blue walls or accents? Here are suggested schemes:

Pastel Blue + White

Pastel Blue + White
Image Credit: thespruce

Crisp, bright white paint is the perfect contrasting pair for dreamy pastel blue walls in any room.

Pastel Blue + Beige and Tan

Pastel Blue + Beige and Tan
Image Credit: bhg

Earthy neutrals like sand, stone, tan and taupe complement soothing pastel blues beautifully.

Pastel Blue + Pale Yellow

Pastel Blue + Pale Yellow
Image Credit: pinterest

Buttery creamy yellows make cheerful partners for soft sky blue pastels.

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Pastel Blue + Violet Purple

Pastel Blue + Violet Purple
Image Credit: pinterest

Light pastel blue with periwinkle or lilac purple makes for a very soothing, elegant combination.

Pastel Blue + Light Wood Stain

Pastel Blue + Light Wood Stain
Image Credit: designingidea

Natural blonde wood finishes warm up and ground airy light blues.

Pastel Blue + Terracotta Orange

Pastel Blue + Terracotta Orange
Image Credit: mydomaine

For a striking designer accent, pair powder blue with terracotta pots, art and accessories.

Pastel Blue + Moss Green

Pastel Blue + Moss Green
Image Credit: pinterest

Muted sage and olive greens connect with sky blues, like colors found in nature together.

Using Pastel Blue in Different Design Styles

Pastel blue hues blend seamlessly into many aesthetics:

Modern and Contemporary

Use airy light blues to soften sleek, stark modern spaces with whites and grays.

Eclectic Vintage

Dreamy vintage china patterns and faded color palettes suit soft pastel blue rooms.

French Country

Periwinkle and lavender pastel blues suit French country cottages with floral prints.


Misty pastel blues contradict bold industrial spaces in an appealing way.

Midcentury Modern

Pair soft powder blue with iconic midcentury furniture silhouettes and blonde wood.

Coastal and Beachy

Bluish grays and hazy beach blues are perfect for creating breezy coastal decors.

Farmhouse and Cottage

Use pastel blue in cozy country kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces.

Pastel Blue Paint FAQs

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about decorating with pastel blue:

What colors complement pastel blue?

Crisp white, tan, light wood stains, violet purple and light sage green beautifully accent light blue rooms.

What are the undertones in pastel blues?

Look for green-grays, lavender-infused blues and slightly brownish dusty blues along with airy sky blues.

What sheen works best for pastel blues?

Flat or eggshell finishes provide subtle illumination while keeping the colors soft. Gloss sheen can feel too stark.

Are pastel blues gender neutral?

Absolutely. Unlike bold primary blues, soft pastel blues suit any aesthetic.

Do pastel blues work in dark rooms?

Yes, the muted blues add gentle color without overwhelming dim rooms. Lighter pastels prevents spaces from feeling closed in.

Bring the Tranquil Feel of Pastel Blue Home

As you can see, pastel blues offer many versatile shades to make your home feel supremely relaxed and cozy. Whether using as a full wall color or simple design accent, pastel blues don’t disappoint. Choose your favorite from this extensive list of the top 9 pastel blue paint colors.

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