6 Best Neon Blue Paint Colors to Brighten Up Any Room

6 Best Neon Blue Paint Colors to Brighten Up Any Room

Neon blue is one of the boldest, most electric shades of blue you can use in your home’s interior design. This super-charged blue packs a visually striking punch. It immediately livens up any space.

If you’re looking to add major energy and vibrancy to your rooms, neon blue is the way to go. But with so many options, how do you choose the perfect shade? In this extensive guide, we’ll overview everything you need to know about decorating with neon blue paint. Read on for the 6 best neon blue hues for every style and space.

What is Neon Blue Paint?

Neon blue sits between classic blue and green on the color spectrum. It’s known for its vivid, fluorescent-like appearance. This is an intense, supersaturated shade that instantly captures attention.

Other names for neon blue paint include electric blue and luminescent blue. It has a bold, radiant look. Neon blue is the opposite of a subtle, muted pastel blue.

You’ll typically find neon blue on the vibrant end of paint brand color collections. But the exact shade can range from a sky blue to a jewel tone to a teal blue-green.

Benjamin Moore’s Electric Blue and Sherwin-Williams’ Amplify Blue are two popular vivid neon blues. Behr’s Basement Blue is more of a teal neon blue. There are many stunning options depending on the look you want.

The Benefits of Using Neon Blue Paint

Why should you consider bright neon blue when painting your walls or furniture? Here are some of the top advantages:

1. Makes a Major Style Statement

There’s no question that neon blue paint is eye-catching. It immediately jazzes up any room with its bold, vibrant energy.

Neon blue is perfect for making a dramatic style statement. It pairs perfectly with modern, contemporary, eclectic and youthful decors.

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2. Feels Current and Trendy

Vibrant neon blue is very on-trend right now. It has a fun, youthful vibe that feels exciting. Neon blue is often used in commercial spaces to create a hip, urban aesthetic.

3. Wakes Up Neutrals and Pastels

Pairing neon blue with soft neutrals and pastels causes the neon to really pop. It energizes more subtle walls, furniture, pillows and decor.

A touch of neon blue can bring a plain white room to life. It makes an elegant gray living room more current. And it adds flair to pastoral cream and tan spaces.

4. Complements Metallic Finishes

Neon blue has an affinity for shiny metallic finishes like silver, chrome, steel and aluminum.

Together, they create a sleek, modern, electrified look. Just a few neon blue embellishments make these monochromatic rooms feel more special.

5. Adds Retro Appeal

Neon blue paint evokes a fun, 80’s retro vibe. Especially when paired with fuchsia and purple accents. Use it in recreation spaces to create a lively throwback atmosphere.

6. Endlessly Customizable Tone

One of the best aspects of neon blue paint is the wide range available. You can fine-tune the exact shade of blue by adjusting the green and purple undertones.

So whether you prefer sky blue, electric teal, or jewel blue, there’s a neon for you. Test out swatches before choosing your perfect hue.

The Best Rooms to Showcase Neon Blue Paint

Neon blue paint isn’t necessarily versatile. It’s a bold choice best suited to particular applications. Here are the rooms where it truly shines:

Kids’ Rooms

Neon Blue Kids' Rooms
Image Credit: circu

Youthful rooms are the perfect place for vibrant neon blue. This high-energy shade matches most kids’ sensibilities.

Use neon blue on one accent wall paired with crisp white furniture and bedding. Or paint a dresser, bookshelves or desk area neon blue against a white wall.

For teenage girls’ rooms, pair neon blue with metallic accents and colorful art. For boys’ rooms, accent with sports memorabilia.


Neon Blue Bathrooms
Image Credit: goodhousekeeping

Looking to jazz up your bathroom’s style? There’s no better color than neon blue. It instantly modernizes.

Paint the vanity or lower cabinetry area neon blue against white tile walls. Consider a blue ceiling for flair. Or use neon blue glass tiles in the shower surround.

Kitchen Islands and Cabinets

Neon Blue Kitchen Islands and Cabinets
Image Credit: decorpad

Want to give your kitchen an instant facelift? Use neon blue on the island or lower cabinets. Contrast it with white uppers and natural wood.

You can also paint the insides of glass cabinet doors neon blue. Try using the hue on the backsplash wall behind the range.

Home Gyms and Game Rooms

Neon Blue Home Gyms and Game Rooms
Image Credit: designingidea

Neon blue’s energizing vibe is perfect for active recreation rooms. Inspire your workouts by painting your home gym walls electric blue.

Use the shade on a pool table felt or ping pong table surface. Paint an accent wall in a home theater room neon blue and accessorize with neon lighting.

Modern Dining Spaces

Neon Blue Modern Dining Spaces
Image Credit: decoist

Make your dining area more contemporary by painting your buffet console or china cabinetry neon blue. Use white dining chairs and table paired with stainless accents.

A bright blue dining room creates a fun gathering place for meals and entertaining.

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Home Offices

Neon Blue Home Offices
Image Credit: decoist

Add neon blue as an energizing accent in your home office. Paint it on a single wall as a motivating backdrop.

Use neon blue paint to revamp desk and cabinet surfaces too. The invigorating color stimulates creativity and focus while working.

6 Top Neon Blue Paint Colors

Now that you know the many virtues of neon blue, let’s look at the top neon blue paint colors to use in your home:

1. Behr Electric Blue

Behr Electric Blue

This vivid royal neon blue has violet undertones. Its regal shade makes a gorgeous accent.

2. Benjamin Moore Electric Blue

Benjamin Moore Electric Blue

Benjamin Moore’s most popular true neon blue. A universal high voltage shade.

3. Behr Blue Myth

Behr Myth

Behr’s neon teal paint has green and emerald tones. Use it to make relaxed rooms pop.

4. Benjamin Moore Blueberry Burst

Benjamin Moore Blueberry Burst

Recalling juicy blueberries, this dusky purple neon blue feels plush and lush.

5. Benjamin Moore Blue Angel

Benjamin Moore Blue Angel

A heavenly light neon blue with hints of violet. Use it with cream and gold accents.

6. Behr Atmospheric

Behr Atmospheric

Atmospheric is a hazy, muted neon blue. Provides neon style without going overboard.

Decorating With Neon Blue Paint

Now that you’ve chosen the perfect neon blue shade, it’s time to use it creatively in your rooms. Follow these tips:

Contrast With White

Pair neon blue walls or furnishings with plenty of crisp white. White trim, ceilings, furniture and accessories grounds the look.

Too much neon blue can feel overwhelming. White provides balance while making the blue pop even more.

Complement With Grayscale

Neutrals like white, gray, black and chrome allow neon blue’s vibrancy to take center stage. Let the neon color be the star against an elegant neutral backdrop.

Consider neon blue art or pillows against charcoal walls, a blue desk chair in a white-walled gray home office, or a vivid blue refrigerator amid white kitchen cabinetry.

Use As An Accent

You don’t need to paint entire rooms neon blue. Instead, use it as an accent in key areas. Try painting it on:

  • Just one wall as a focal feature
  • The back of a bookcase
  • Cabinets or built-in shelving
  • Furniture like nightstands, dressers, desks or buffets
  • The inside of cabinetry doors and drawers

Add Gloss For Radiance

Neon blue paint really glows and pops when used with a gloss, satin or semi-gloss sheen. The high reflectiveness makes it extra vivid.

Matte neon blue paint will look more muted. So consider a higher-sheen enamel paint on trim, cabinets and furnishings.

Incorporate Neon Blue Decor

Don’t just paint with neon blue. Use complementary decor items like:

  • Abstract neon blue art and photography
  • Glossy blue vases, trays, coasters and bowls
  • Neon blue accent rugs and pillows
  • Table lamps with electric blue shades or bases
  • Vibrant patterned shower curtains and towels

Have fun mixing and matching bright neon blue pieces throughout the space.

Neon Blue Paint Color Schemes

Not sure which colors combine best with neon blue? Here are some stylish color pairings to try:

Neon Blue + White

Neon Blue + White
Image Credit: decorpad

As mentioned, you can never go wrong pairing vivid neon blues with bright whites. Use white generously throughout for contrast.

Neon Blue + Gray

Neon Blue + Gray
Image Credit: decoist

Cool grays like Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl and Sherwin-Williams’ Mindful Gray allow neon blue to radiate boldly.

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Neon Blue + Yellow

Neon Blue + Yellow
Image Credit: decoist

Pair neon blue with sunny yellows and gold tones for playful contrast. Mustard yellows work nicely.

Neon Blue + Pink and Fuchsia

Neon Blue + Pink and Fuchsia
Image Credit: insider

For a vibrant 80’s aesthetic, match neon blue with hot pinks, bright purples and fuchsia.

Neon Blue + Natural Wood

Neon Blue + Natural Wood
Image Credit: bhg

The warmth of oak, walnut and bamboo softens neon blue’s electric vibe. Use wood furniture and shelving.

Neon Blue + Black

Neon Blue + Black
Image Credit: amazon

Sleek modern black finishes like lacquer cabinets provide the perfect frame for vivid neon blue accents.

Neon Blue + Chrome

Neon Blue + Chrome
Image Credit: pinterest

Polished chrome, stainless steel, aluminum and silver gleam beautifully alongside radiant blues.

Using Neon Blue in Different Design Styles

Neon blue adapts well into several aesthetic styles:


Neon blue feels strikingly modern against concrete floors, glass, metal and marble finishes.


Vintage collectibles pop against a neon blue wall. Mix bright hues for a playful space.


Pops of neon blue enliven rugged industrial spaces with concrete and black metals.

Midcentury Modern

Pair neon blue with iconic simple midcentury shapes and blonde wood furniture.

Modern Farmhouse

Neon blue provides the perfect contrasting element in cozy white and wood farmhouse rooms.

Retro and Vintage

Neon blue instantly evokes throwback flair. Use with chunky plastics, geometrics and fuchsia pink.


Energetic neon blues recall tropical waters. Use alongside bright home greenery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Neon Blue Paint

Want to learn more? Here are answers to the most common neon blue paint questions:

Is neon blue paint hard to work with?

The super-concentrated pigments can make application slightly trickier. Using a primer helps the color appear uniformly vivid. Multiple coats may be needed for full vibrancy.

What are some subtle ways to use neon blue paint?

Instead of painting full walls, use neon blue on ceiling beams, doors, radiator covers, single accent walls, or the back side of open shelving. Just a touch animates neutrals.

What colors pair well with neon blue?

White is universally flattering. But also consider pale pink, yellow, gray, black and metallics like silver and gold. Wood tones and emerald greens complement neon blue nicely.

Is neon blue paint tacky?

It certainly can be if used without restraint. Balance neon blue with plenty of neutrals so it acts as a thoughtful accent rather than overwhelms a space. Use it selectively in smaller doses.

Does neon blue work in every room?

While energizing, neon blue works best in youthful rooms, modern spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, home offices and gyms. It may be too bold for dining rooms and bedrooms. Mix with caution.

Bring Vibrant Style Home With Neon Blue Paint

Neon blue instantly animates any space with its striking shade. While bold, it’s versatile enough to use selectively across many different rooms. Just follow the expert tips in this guide to make sure your neon blue paint packs the perfect visual punch.

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