The excitement of designing nail tips is no less than any other relishing activity for girls. The latest collection of nail art designs for eid brings you a keenly chosen pattern gallery you would like to opt for. It covers a range of artistic designs and patterns suitable for teens, young women, and ladies belonging to any age group.

Being young is always fun, and it never depends upon the age you have. It reflects how you deal with things, enjoy different moments, and create happiness out of unexpected or ignored things, that others don’t want. Keeping that thing in view, you will find a diverse range of recommended patterns for Eid.

Eid is a festival of happiness and colors. You can add to this most awaited festival’s colors and joy by trying new and different designs. Women are more concerned about looking fragile, elegant, and unique in every event, regardless of age group.

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15 Easy Nail Art Designs for Eid to Try at Home

The choice of colors is a depiction of your cognitive reflection, so have this wide range of nail paints that will suit your eid dresses collection, as well, and make your festival memorable for the coming years. For that, it is meaningful to share a unique collection for this colorful aspect of making up the girls on the eve of Eid.

nail art design

1- Glittery Shimmery Nails

If you don’t want to have glitter on the whole nail, you can try out this design as a triangle. It would be enough elegant and straightforward for your short nails. Please go and have it soon from your favorite Nail stylist

Blue and white colors with shimmery touch would enhance the appearance. Don’t apply glitter with a brush. Just have that with a sponge. Glitters are unique in that they make you feel simply out of this world. It brightens up the move and sends sparkles in dull moments. It’s not that hard to fall in love with glitter on your nails. It’s without a doubt that everyone adores glitter touch.

2- Baby Pink with White Texture

When you want to have some think elegant, then white and baby pink are colors that are considered for neutral texture. You can have this design easily by adding some fashionable accessories to your hand. Just check it out the Xevor Latest Jewellery Collection for Women to give your nails a glamorous appearance.

3- Peachy Nails

Many girls will like a fashion peach nail polish with a soft gloss by its summer freshness and original pattern. Small patterns on a transparent background make up an intricate geometric pattern, complemented a strict design. You can do such a manicure to study or work, any festive event.

4- Red and Black Art

Here is a beautiful classic combination of colors. This nail design is ideal for women and girls in colorful casual wear. You can try this with Latest Eid Lawn Collections 2019 By Top Pakistani Designers in which you people can apply red and black color with most of the apparel because red and black are the hot favorite for girls on this Eid.

5- Orange Nails on Eid

The combination of black and white colors in manicure has become a familiar classic for a long time, but adding orange color looks fashionable and stylish. Intricate black curls on a white glossy polish add sophistication to the design. Check here, Easy Nail Designs For Beginners, and after that, you would be able to learn how to make your orange nails spectacular.

6- White Nail Art

The border of the diamond-shaped separates the transparent base and bright purple stripe on the tip. The elegant pattern from thin ornament looks stylish, romantic, and relaxed. Check out Top 10 Most Attractive Rhinestone Nail Art Designs and decorate pleasantly.

7- Rainbow Art

All the young girls should try this fancy art on this Eid. Just put out different paints and make a perfect range. It is essential to have this collection every time in your hand. It would match with every attire you wear on Eid. The pink, white, and black are looking trendy together. The whirls on the white paint are adding spice to the design.

8- Red Sequins Design

The red color is one of the hottest of all colors. A lot has changed about the nail color and one of the recently introduced techniques. This trendy nail design is for the playful and outrageous girls. Mixing in design with different decorations contrast is bound to attract attention. The ring fingernail is glamorously decorated with sequins in contrasting stripes.

9- Butterfly Nail Art Designs

This Ombre look nail trick with butterflies on the two middle fingers are looking breathtaking. The Ombre is correctly done. You can do Ombre nail paint on this Eid to give your hands a more stylish look. Butterfly prints are a trend nowadays. From clothes to shoes to bags and for a manicure, butterfly nails have been conquering the modern fashion world. This design looks beautiful and fancy.

10- Vivid Pattern

Pink and White go well together. This vivid pattern on the nails can be applied using any net fabric from your wardrobe. Paste it on your nail and apply nail polish over it, let it dry, and peel off the nail’s patterned fabric. Beautiful nails might put you in an instant good mood. Well maintained and skillfully painted nails play an essential part in enhancing your overall appearance. See Here, French Tip Nail Designs and rejuvenate your hands for a glamorous appearance.

11- Floral Nails Art

If you want to do something bright but not too loud on this Eid, then try this daisy nail decorating technique. Check here, neon nail art designs because we know girls prefer to do tricks with their nails, and neon design is the best way to give a colorful touch. Check out the lovable, quirky, cute, and exceedingly precise strategy inspiring the freshest tendencies and encouraging the most well-liked nail art trends!

12- Hot Pink Nail Art Designs

Hot pink and regular pink nail designs are most popular during the summer. Hot pink nail designs usually are bolder and more daring. Also, check out summer nail art designs, and give your hands a beautiful look this summer with following pinkish touch.

13- Grey and Peach Nail

Eid days are here again. While preparing your best eid dress, you should also try out a fun and fantastic eid nail paint! A fashion girl is often in a beauty nail. See Here, DIY Nail Art Designs and Ideas, and you people can design these grey and peach nails as per your choice.

14- Matte Nails On Eid

Like Matt Lipsticks, Matt nail paints are also in fashion. They are not glossy at all and give you a little look. Everyone wants to look as good as they can. Girls love to stand out and shine brightly from the rest; this is where Matt’s designs became a constant favorite.

The Matte Purple shade, along with flower art, looks appealing, and the matte shade will also look fabulous. It will give an elegant texture to your nail. Purple is a color of freshness, and you will love this shade to have. Darker shades of Mausummery Formal Wear Luxe Pret Collection, this year on Eid, would look best with this matte purple shade. You ladies can have different color shades with this same design.

15- Kitty Nail Art Designs

Light pink nail designs are very effeminate, and the arrangements are usually more floral and dainty, but the maroon shade adds boldness. It is a time of full enjoyment and happiness. Countless nail paints are available in markets. It is up to you which color you like most. All the young girls should try this fancy art on this Eid.

Don’t forget to apply the spectacular design this Eid on your nails and give your hands a refreshing look. Do tell us what you liked the most and what other methods you want us to add here. Take a glimpse of following the latest collection of nail art designs for Eid.