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Latest Eid Mehndi Designs for Girls 2018

Latest Eid Mehndi Designs for Girls 2018

Eid is the juncture full of happiness, feelings, emotions, joys, gatherings and a lot of fun. It’s a very special event in everyone’s life because it comes only two times in a year. When it comes to Eid, young ladies feel a crave for best eid mehndi designs. Collect your ideas about latest mehndi designs for eid 2018 from the as we have a broad range of ideas for you.

If you are one of the girls who feel Eid complete with henna, then you are at the perfect place! We have the best designs for you like the heart mehndi designs for girls etc. worthy! More than that, we have an amazing mehndi designs gallery for your convenience.

Whether it’s a worthy occasion or a wedding day or any other special festival, a woman is imperfect and incomplete without mehndi because it’s an amazing way to enhance the feminine beauty. This big juncture has its own charm and significance.

Floral Round Tikki Design For Eid

You may check out the latest collection of New Arabic Mehndi Designs where you will get to know how Arabians are making their hands beautiful with glamorous mehndi. Henna has a versatile manner of indicating women’s personality and style. It is extremely famous throughout the world not only in Pakistan but also in other Asian countries like Sri Lanka, India and Nepal.

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Eid Mehndi Designs 2018 for Hands and Feet

Everyone has their own way of celebrating Eid. As we all know that all the big and significant celebrations are totally incomplete without henna, so, we have gathered a huge and fantastic series of new eid mehndi designs for girls 2018 which is simply just “WOW” and gives you a gorgeous appearance on this special day.

Front Hand Full Fingers Mehndi Design

Henna, a superb thing ever made to decorate the hands of women. There are many styles of Arabic, Pakistani, Indian etc but no issue what the design is, the important thing is a colour that it leaves on hands. No Party, No Wedding and no any other occasion can be imagined without it. So, have a glimpse and try it on! See Here, Latest Mehndi Designs for Eid Ul Adha.

Fish Netting and Paisley

If you are a newlywed bride, then endeavour this fishnet design on eid with crossed lines and swirls on the front side of the hand that will surely give a pleasant appearance to the onlooker.

bridal eid mehndi design for full handsFloral Swirls Back Hand Design

This kind of floral Swirl designs for backhand is all set to rock wearer’s hand. The purpose of this design is to make your hand adorable without going overboard so these floral designs are adding beauty to your hand.

Floral Backhand swirls Mehndi design

Leafy Henna Pattern Front and Back

Catch the henna cone, paint your palms red-brown by trying this easy and convenient method to get fantastic design. Wear this design on the big day to make it appear germane and relate-able to the occasion, you can also add a stroke of glitter gel. You can use glitter gel and speaks as an innovation. 

beautiful eid mehndi design for hands

Peacock Eid Mehndi Design for Arms

Grab a mehndi cone by any company and start throwing your creativity and magic on your hands. It’s an easy task to do at home instead of rushing towards salons at Chaand Raat. This art process will not consume your time and effort, but it only needs a lot of practice. Practice this terrific design using this idea. It is surely one of the best black mehndi designs.

peacock eid henna design for armsBack Hand Eid Mehndi Design

Try this elegant mehndi design on eid with its full of elegance and looks thrilling. The only thing you ought to have is a brown mehndi and some glitter gels as innovation. Use silver stones and glitter gel to get this as the result. It is indeed easiest one of all.

back hand eid mehndi design

Decent Floral Eid Mehndi Design

Use dark brown henna to get this one. Exquisitely draw diagonals with florals and best peacock design for eid. Fill the gaps and spaces with shimmers with different shades. This design is the pure eid mehndi art. It will give a pleasant and refreshing sight to the onlooker on eid day. You can also use black henna for this purpose.

elegant floral mehndi design for eidColor Me Red Instant Mehndi

If you are searching the instant henna designs for eid, this one is probably the superlative one for the purpose. A stunning mehndi design is such an easy task to do. Grab the things and do it the following way. All you have to do is to follow the pattern with chemical henna that is so easily obtainable.

instant eid mehndi design for inner hands

Elegant Chaand Raat Mehndi Design

It’s not necessary to wear only instant mehndi but you can have this elegant mehndi design too. You can wear it on by using a minimal amount of henna. Moreover, give finishing with the help of henna by filling the spaces. Draw it using traditional henna cones.

petal chaand raat henna design for eid

Fully Floral Henna Design for Eid

You should try this artistic floral leafy pattern on your palms as it’s made very quickly if you have a command in henna art. All you have to do is hold the henna cone and start spreading the magic using your idea with a blend of your creativity! You can easily have this in summers. Try this hand mehndi design for eid 2018 and be the stunner.

fully floral henna design for eidDiagonal Eid Mehndi Art for Palm

This diagonal palm mehndi design is ready to be decorated on your hands. Its a simple style with the touch of brown or black henna. The good thing about the following art is that you can comfortably make it without using the stones and shimmers! Draw floral using black henna or any other design you desire just like the peacock mehndi designs.

diagonal eid mehndi designs Traditional Henna Design for Feet

Try this brown mehndi design on your feet as it is traditional and classy. Do not kick the bucket of old mainstream henna designs on eid days and do it yourself. Grab the cones, shimmers, and stones. Start drawing this unique and simple mehndi design for eid. 

traditional eid mehndi design for feetThin Petal Henna Design for Hands

Try this old traditional green eid henna design all alone. You can venture to have them on any function but especially on Eid-ul-Adha as it seems snappy for all the time. You can modify this design by a glitter gel as detailing. This is the best hand mehndi design for eid 2018.

thin petal eid mehndi design for handsNet Henna Pattern for Hands and Feet

This one is the best henna design in five minutes. Net patterns are superlative and appropriate to have on eid days. Alone a brown henna can give you this beautiful net henna design. You can change the pattern to any desirable art. Try this as it is one of the best among all the latest designs.

net pattern eid mehndi design for hands and feetRound Tikki Style Henna Design for Eid

If you are tired of old round Tikki designs, try this one as it is an innovation in the old tikki henna designs. You can modify a simple Tikki henna into such mesmerizing, captivating and enthralling print. Get some ideas from the idea below using stones and gel. Use them onto the top of your modified print on eid day.

round tikki style henna design for eidSimple Floral Henna Pattern for Eid

Another classy and noble design is ready to be decorated on the backhand. Its a simple style without the touch of rhinestones and glitters. The good thing about this elegant and graceful design is that you can comfortably make it if you know how to draw a best eid mehndi design with a brown mehndi cone

diagonal floral henna design for eid Thick Shaded Eid Mehndi Design

Attempt this thick design with traditional black henna and get ready to stun on this coming Eid. Its effortlessly made by everyone because it has no such detailing and complexities to fix on the palms. If you have an instant chemical henna, it would be easier to have on.

typical thick shaded henna art for eidEndearing Net Henna Art for Eid

A net design is never a difficult task to have on eid day. Since the big occasion is on its way, you can attempt this elegant art to wear on a worthy day. Draw petals, flowers and leaves to make it look traditional. All you have to do is to practice this design several times before the eid occasion.

endearing eid net mehndi designs

 Eid Mehndi Designs Collection Picture Gallery

Young girls always try to adopt or search unique designs to look exceptionally different from others. Pakistani henna is very trendy and decent and is getting more popular among girls. On their biggest day, the most essential and attractive thing for girls is mehndi and they seem too crazy and mad about it.

Make yourself creative and do some fun because applying henna on your hands and feet is also a fun activity. Try this latest eid mehndi designs collection 2018 exhibited below and make your special day outstanding and memorable.


Don’t miss to check out following video for adding more eye-catching designs on your hand. You will learn how you can apply the most simple and sophisticated design on your hands and feet.

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