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Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners – Step By Step Tutorials


Nail art is one of the ways in which our creativity flows from our minds onto our nails by drawing different designs and patterns. It is how we accessorize and decorate our nails. May it be our fingernails or toenails, this has become a fashion that is here to stay. You may think that nail art is a newly found concept but that is not the case. Its actually quite old and dates back to ancient time where people used to color their nails with kohl and henna and later they started adding more colors like gold and silver along many others. In those times, nail art was actually used to represent class and the social status but later it became a craze for everyone to follow when women started painting their nails with single colors in the late 90’s.

But it was only in the 2, 3 years when this actually became a worldwide trend. And to some women, it has become as important as makeup and hairdos, especially to teenage girls. Just because nail polish did not sate our creative cravings, we just had to move on to attractive and innovative decoration to add more life and glitz and glam to them! There are many different ways we go about this, nail polish is not always shiny, its also matte or textured different according to the design and style you have chosen to decorate and accessorize them. You can also opt for artificial nails. They are not replacements, rather extensions.

Step By Step Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners

Ready to wear nails have an advantage or saving time and effort where you do not have to go through the hassle of doing every single step yourself. Also, if you want to wear more intricate designs that you believe you will not be able to do yourself, you can opt for ready-made ones. Even though you can get accessories to add on and compliment the simple nail paint, it takes the personalized and customized element away from the whole thing. Now nail art can as complex and as detailed as you may like, but for us beginners its better to go with baby steps until we get better and better at it. First, we should start off by deciding the color or combination of different colors that we would like to go for. There are some glamorous combinations that look absolutely amazing when done together, there are endless possibilities when you let yourself enter the world of colors.

Once you are decided upon the color scheme that you are going to follow, you decide which tools and accessories you may need to materialize the design in your head. And sometimes, one design may look complex but if you look closely step by step, they may not turn out to be as difficult as you first perceived them. Then you start drawing the design and patterns you have in mind, doing them step by step at a steady pace. The basic idea is to take things slow and not panic if your first few attempts are not as neat or spot on. Practice makes perfect, you’ll get there in no time! And to start you off, here are some Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners – Step By Step Tutorials. Take a look!

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