You know what brings life to your eyes and make them pop out? Its mascara, undoubtedly! When you feel that you need just one push to make your eyes work their magic, well that one little but oh so big push would be applying mascara! You may not realize it but the correct application of mascara can do wonders for your entire appearance!

Step By Step Guide To Apply Perfect Mascara

How To Apply Mascara Perfectly – Step by Step Picture Guide  will teach you just how to do that.

Step # 1:


The first step and the prerequisite for applying mascara would be applying the other makeup and getting done with that first. Make sure your face is squeaky clean before you apply makeup. Wash and cleanse it. Then apply oil-free moisturizer, foundation, blush, powder, etc. Then move onto the application of concealer, eye primers, eyeshadow base and eye shadows.

Step # 2:


The next step would be to curl your eyelashes. Use an curler to do this. Make sure that you do this carefully when putting the curler at the base of your lashes without touching your skin. Then press and hold it for about 10 seconds. You won’t achieve the desired effect if you don’t curl your lashes. You may use a slightly heated eyelash curler, whatever floats your boat.

Step # 3:


The next important step is to apply the eyelash primer. This makes sure that it holds longer and it just magnifies the effect of your lashes on your makeup. Some people don’t realize its significance and skip this part. If you want your eyes to stand out, you definitely need to follow this step.

Step # 4:


Now you need to start applying the mascara while the primer is still wet. So start off by taking the mascara brush out of its container before slightly swiveling it inside but be sure not to pump it! Hold the brush horizontally at the base of your upper lash and gently glide it against your lashes upwards to the tips. Do a wiggly or zig-zig movement to avoid clumping. Make sure that the movement of your brush is upwards and outwards so they fall in your curled lashes and help them retain their shape. Don’t blink until it has fully dried.

Step # 5:


You will also need to apply mascara on your lower lashes to create a balance. For this, hold your brush vertically at the base of your lower lashes look downwards and swish it across your bottom eyelashes gently. Make sure your movements are outwards and downwards.

Step # 6:


Another simple but important step. After applying mascara, make sure its still wet when you do this otherwise it will flake and fall on your face. Grab a lash comb and place it at the roots of your lashes, gently pulling it upwards. This will not only separate your eyelashes to give a more definitive look but also prevent them from sticking together and clumping.

Step # 7:


To finish it off, you can go for multiple applications depending on the depth and thickness you require. But before you apply your next coat, you need to make sure that the first once has dried completely otherwise it will make your lashed clumpy. Lastly, remove any residual smudges by gently rotating a cotton ball on top of it until it disappears. Reapply makeup to that area if need or just dust it off lightly.

Step # 8:

And you’re done! See the finished look.

Some Tips & Advise Before Applying Mascara

  • Be careful not to scratch your cornea while mascara. In case that happens, wash your eyes right away.
  • Try using different mascaras for more volume. Like using a lengthening one first and then a thickening mascara to finish it off after the first coat dries.
  • Never pump the mascara brush inside its container. This ruins your mascara by making it dry, flaky and clumpy.
  • Always apply mascara on your upper lashes first to avoid tiny black stains under your eyes.
  • Use baby shampoo, baby oil, Vaseline or castor oil etc to remove mascara and other makeup. Always clean and wash your face entirely before going to sleep.
  • Don’t wear too much mascara if you already have naturally long lashes.
  • Avoid fiber glass mascara if you wear contact glasses/lenses to save yourself from irritation.
  • Replace your mascara at least every 4 months to avoid eye infections. Also, avoid sharing them with others.
  • Pick your mascara brushes according to your lashes and the look you are going for.
  • Use clear and base mascaras that match your skin tone for a natural effect.
  • Before application, wipe your brush with a tissue paper to get rid of excess material in order to avoid clumping.

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