Being a Muslim girl hijab is an essential part of the female outfit. Different Islamic countries are following unique patterns of wearing hijabs. In this blog, you will get to know about the latest Turkish scarf.

We all admire Turkish culture, and we know it is leaving a significant impact on today’s generation. So if you are looking for Turkish Hijab fashion, then you need to understand their specific headscarves Styles.

It would be best if you came across several ways of wearing hijabs to add elegance to your personality. Before going into detail about the Turkish Hijab let me tell you one thing here, Turkey is one of the Muslim countries which is known for different hijab designs where Muslim females feel their selves complete with the scarf.

Tutorial of Turkish Hijab Style in simple steps

  • Wear Head cap First
  • Now fold the scarf into a triangle shape
  • Place scarf on the head with one side large and the other one keeps short under the chin
  • You need to pick a longer side and then wrap that around the head and bring to the other side
  • Pin the scarf on head and shoulder

Make sure while wrapping Hijab you don’t need to hide their forehead. Camel hump style and African style with stiff folding are used to avoid. Just accessorize these hijabs to give yourself a new appearance. Do check the latest hijab styles for party wear to get to know about different styles.

Tips for Wearing Turkish Hijab

  1. If your forehead is more comprehensive than your chin area then properly adjust forehead width with the scarf
  2. Go for such a style that fits best with your face shape
  3. Use any brooch would adjust the scarf neatly
  4. Make sure your selected Hijab should match your dress code.


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