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Best Soft Pastel Lip Makeup Tutorial With Steps & Pictures

January 28, 2015 |

You do not necessarily always have a bright, hot color on your lips to make your makeup stand out and give your face an eye catching look. You do not always have to chase shades of red to make your … Read More

10 Basic Nail Art Accessories You Need To Design Your Nails

January 27, 2015 |

There are a few basic nail art accessories that should be in your possession if you wish to do your nails yourself. Gone are the times when you had to wait hours in the salon and spend tons of money … Read More

Top 10 Best Amazing French Tip Nail Art Designs

January 27, 2015 |

When it comes to your nails, french tips are an absolute classic. It does not even matter what shape or size your nails are, french tips can glam them up in a matter of seconds. And one of the best … Read More

Top 10 Best Stunning Rhinestone Nail Art Designs

January 26, 2015 |

One way you can accessorize your nails is by trying out some nail art. Another way you can make it even better is by adding rhinestones to it. It will not only dazzle up your hands but will also give … Read More

Top 10 Best Easy Ways To Cleanse Your Skin Naturally

January 23, 2015 |

There are many cleansers available in the market. Most of them are quite pricey if you go shopping for something high quality. And not to mention the chemicals present in those cleansers that might do more damage to your skin … Read More

Best Ombre Nail Art Tutorial With Steps & Pictures

January 22, 2015 |

We all wear nail polishes of numerous colors. Sometimes we match it with our dresses and sometimes we contrast the shades. But when you are looking to spice things up with something new, why don’t you take a look at … Read More

5 Different Eyeliner Styles For Beginners – Tutorials

January 22, 2015 |

I know how dreadful it is to attempt to do your makeup for the first time. It mostly ends up in a disaster and there is no way on the planet you can get it right the first time, something … Read More

How To Make Your Nose Look Thinner With Makeup – Tutorial

January 22, 2015 |

It is completely frightening to go through cosmetic surgeries to modify your features. It gives me a shudder just thinking about opting for such a drastic and rash measure. Not to mention the long term effects of these plastic surgeries … Read More

Top 10 Best & Easy Ways To Remove Upper Lip Hair Naturally

January 19, 2015 |

Our entire body is covered with hair follicles. At some parts, the hair is┬áthick while at others it is almost non-existent. Everyone loves a thick haired head with shiny, healthy and lustrous locks! But what every woman absolutely hates is … Read More

How To Do French Manicure At Home – Detailed Steps With Pictures

January 12, 2015 |

Wearing a single toned nail polish is an easy task. Almost all girls can easily pull this off. But a more sophisticated, somewhat natural and totally chic way of wearing your nails is undeniably the French manicure. And our love … Read More