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Latest Tikki Style Mehndi Designs For Hands 2017

Latest Tikki Style Mehndi Designs For Hands 2017

Here we are back with the latest tikki mehndi designs for hands 2017. When applying henna on our hands, we have infinite patterns to choose from an immense combination. There are just so many! The more creative and passionate you are about this, the more ideas for designs will pop up in your head. From extremely detailed and complex ones to beautifully simple ones, we have a wide variety here for you.

In the past whole decade, there was a prevalent trend among girls of getting deeply detailed mehndi designs on their hands. The more intricate the pattern was, the more they loved it. However, recent trends have shifted towards the tradition side with big and bold patterns. We are back to the circular Tikki style 2017. This was one of the most favorite in the ancient era all over the world, especially in the subcontinent.

Years back, girls used to dissolve henna in water and let it rest, after letting it gain color for a while, they used to grab match sticks and tooth pick to apply henna from the bowl they mixed it in. And the end result was commonly the very loved design of various patterns of the circular style. Since, it was difficult to apply complex styles and the women committed enough to want those precision didn’t put too much of those in it.

There are, however, elaborate designs even in the Tikki mehndi design 2017┬ábut the sparse it is, the more beautiful it seems to look. Floral mehndi patterns have always been a top favorite when it comes to mehndi styles and people always assume these are rarely ever found it in round Tikki mehndi style but as you can see below, you can even incorporate floral and leafy designs in the circular style as well. It’s all a matter of creativity and imagination.

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Best Gol Tikka Mehndi Designs For Hands 2017

Nowadays, many women also started using colored henna along with the Tikki style even though it was previously used with the more elaborate ones. The most common colors used along with them are green, peach, orange, blue, purple, silver and golden etc. You can also find a series of geometrical patterns embedded among these designs. These may contain dots, little circles, squares, diamonds, triangles, criss-cross, diagonal mehndi lines and half circles to fancy up our modest Tikki. And the fun doesn’t stop here. Well, the basic circular style starts off with a plain circles in the middle, may be big or small. It’s mostly filled in the center, but many times women add designs in the middle of the circle too.

Amazing Floral Tikki Mehndi Pattern 2017

If you aspire a good mehndi design, go for the tikki mehndi design like in the image below. This style has a great traditional background and it obviously appears simply amazing. Nowadays, Pakistani brides go for the tikki mehndi designs as it appeals the sight. You can also check out latest floral mehndi designs 2017.

floral tikki mehndi design for hands

Detailed Round Tikka Mehndi Design

If you are going to be a bride soon, this mehndi impression will look fabulous for sure. You can get the detailing up to the requirements of event! When it comes to eid and other occasions, you can get a less detail with your tikki henna design 2017.

detailed round tikka mehndi design for hands

Diagonal Tikki Henna Design

If you want to look classy and traditional, you can wear this criss-cross print. To give yourself a traditional appearance, you can grab a small quantity of colorful stones. Wear some decent accessories and bangles and it will give you elegant persona.

latest diagonal tikki mehndi design for hands

Leafy Tikki Style Henna Design

Do you aspire to give yourself a pleasant and conventional appearance? Try this henna style and it will make your expectations up to the mark. Every Pakistani female desires a style that makes her a traditional yet pleasing mehndi look! Try the following latest Pakistani henna Design 2017.

latest leafy tikki style mehndi design for hands

Circular Eid Tikki Mehndi Design

These days, mehndi is transformed into such a way that it is losing its conventions! Being traditional, try this design and be the one who is stylish as well as traditional. This is a simple circular henna design which can be given a speck of a bit detailing and transforms into best stylo mehndi art.

circular eid tikki mehndi design for hands

Tikka Henna Design For Back Hand

Are you searching for best mehndi impressions? You can try this design that can be made instantly with an instant henna cone. It leaves a pleasant and eye-catching impression on your back hand. You can transform a simple circular mehndi in the floral format and it looks amazing.

Enchanting Henna design with tikki

Shaded Tikki Mehndi Pattern

If you desire to appear charismatic and more attractive on the coming eid, then be the stunner by trying this design. If you are trying it as a wedding mehndi design, extend it to the wrists or slightly above the wrists.

Latest Instant mehndi pattern

Traditional Wedding Tikka Mehndi

Back in 60’s, we had a trend of circular tikki henna styles. It is still there but a bit renovated as you can see in the image below. Go to the salon and ask the henna artist or expert to get this on your back hands. Details ought to be neat and clean.

traditional tikki mehndi art

Glittered Black Tikka Mehndi Design

Good glittered mehndi designs really appeals the eyes. If you are tired of old tikkis, go for this style. It’s not a great deal to apply it on your hands but needs a bit practice. if you really desire to give you a perfect and paramount conventional look, you should give it a try.

Tikki design with blue glitters

Tikki Mehndi Design For Brides

An instant one can be a good and endearing choice to use as your henna design. Every female here in Pakistan craves for a best design that makes her beautiful and sight grabbing. Try this as your style and rock the floor with the beautiful and best instant henna design.

Bridal Tikki mehndi design

Easy and Simple Tikka Henna Designs Image Gallery

Have a look on more designs like tiny leaves, small flowers, half spheres, twisted lines and much more depending upon our choice. Once we are happy with the tikki, we move on to the fingers. In the case of fingers in this circular center, we usually fill the first block of our fingertips and add the same complimenting designs from the center onto the fingers in smaller proportions. Many new brides only opt for the Tikki style now because there is a sense of tradition and familiarity added to it. So, inspire your hands with these gorgeous Tikki Style henna Designs For Hands 2017 !!


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